Friday, August 7, 2009

TMC Vol 6 - July Edition

July was a busy month for us here at the Weekly Crisis and it's all due to our cover story for this month's TMC - The Monthly Crisis, our fake comic book magazine/month's end post. Blackest Night dominated our content as we provided a comprehensive primer, speculation, reviews and even the odd top 10 post dedicated to the event. This was all in addition to our regular coverage, which included Comic-Con round-ups, number crunching and even debates on super hero fashion. Hit the jump to see what you may have missed last month!

For those unaware, TMC is a fake comic magazine I put together earlier this year as a free download that featured my year end awards, reviews and even some Final Crisis annotations.

While the act of creating a magazine was too much to do a monthly basis, the fake magazine proved so popular that I just couldn't leave it alone and, thus, these month end posts were born and have become a staple of the blog. If you missed any news, reviews, moments of the week or any of the numerous opinion or editorials posted here at the Weekly Crisis, these posts provide a detailed account of everything we've done for the month in a convenient and easy to navigate post.

Cover Story - Blackest Night



Weekly Crisis Comic Book Reviews for 07/01/09
Weekly Crisis Comic Book Reviews for 07/08/09
Weekly Crisis Comic Book Reviews for 07/15/09
Weekly Crisis Comic Book Reviews for 07/22/09

Ryan the Iowan's Comic Book Power Rankings for 07/01/09
  • 08. The Boys #32 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 07. Captain America: Reborn #1 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 06. Uncanny X-Men #513 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 05. Marvel Divas #1 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 04. Batman and Robin #2 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 03. Green Lantern Corps #38 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 02. War of Kings #5 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 01. Secret Six #11 - by Ryan Schrodt

Ryan the Iowan's Comic Book Power Rankings for 07/08/09
  • 11. Batman #688 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 10. War of Kings: Warriors #1 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 09. Drafted: One Hundred Days - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 08. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 07. Booster Gold #22 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 06. Green Arrow/Black Canary #33 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 05. Red Robin #2 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 04. X-Men Legacy #226 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 03. Wednesday Comics #1 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 02. Green Lantern #43 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 01. Elephantmen: War Toys - Yvette - by Ryan Schrodt
Ryan the Iowan's Comic Book Power Rankings for 07/15/09
  • 10. Amazing Spider-Man #599 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 09. Incognito #5 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 08. Batman: Streets of Gotham #2 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 07. Captain America #601 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 06. Dark Avengers #7 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 05. Dead@17: Afterbirth #2 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 04. Mighty Avengers #27 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 03. Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 02. Superman/Batman #62 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 01. Blackest Night #1 - by Ryan Schrodt
Ryan the Iowan's Comic Book Power Rankings for 07/22/09 Part 1
Ryan the Iowan's Comic Book Power Rankings for 07/22/09 Part 2
  • 17. The Boys: Herogasm #3 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 16. Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 15. Immortal Weapons #1 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 14. Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 13. Gotham City Sirens #2 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 12. X-Force #17 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 11. Guardians of the Galaxy #16 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 10. Runaways #12 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 09. Red Sonja #46 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 08. Supergirl #43 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 07. Powergirl #3 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 06. Nova #27 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 05. GI Joe #7 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 04. Incredible Hercules #131 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 03. Green Lantern #44 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 02. Dark Wolverine #76 - by Ryan Schrodt
  • 01. Amazing Spider-Man #600 - by Ryan Schrodt
Ryan the Iowan's Comic Book Power Rankings for 07/29/09
08. Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3 - by Ryan Schrodt
07. Wonder Woman #34 - by Ryan Schrodt
06. Justice Society of America #29 - by Ryan Schrodt
05. Star Wars: Legacy #28 - by Ryan Schrodt
04. Detective Comics #855 - by Ryan Schrodt
03. Teen Titans #73 - by Ryan Schrodt
02. The Stuff of Legend #1 - by Ryan Schrodt
01. Mice Templar: Destiny #1 - by Ryan Schrodt

Moments of the Week

Cover of the Week

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