Sunday, August 2, 2009

TYL Giveaway Day 2 - Scalped Vol 1: Indian Country

The first contest for our Two Years Later anniversary sees us giving away a copy of the first volume of Jason Aaron's & R.M. Guéra's critically acclaimed creator owned comic, Scalped, from DC's Vertigo imprint. The reason I chose this title is that I'm a huge fan of Jason Aaron's writing and wanted to introduce people to his creator owned work outside of Marvel and figured this would be the perfect introduction to the crime/noir/western Scapled series.

With that said, hit the jump to find out how you can win your own copy of Scalped Vol 1: Indian Country!

How To Win

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with your:
  • name
  • email address (use username AT email DOT com if you are afraid of spammers getting your email address. ex: weeklycrisis AT gmail DOT com =
  • one or two sentences on why you should you win
That's it! Simple enough, right? Winners will be chosen randomly, so be sure to check out the contest rules & regulations for information on things such as which countries are eligable, if shipping costs apply to you, etc.

Contest has ended. Good luck to all who entered and stay tuned for more contests in the future!

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John said...

John Murphy

I should win because Im the first to enter.

El Sr. Lado Brillante said...

Francisco Torres

I should win because i'm a huge fan of the weekly crisis.

brandan said...

Brandan Edwards

I believe I should win because Scalped would be my first full on venture to "indy" comics. This will most likely spike my interest in them, and expand my comic library.

Anonymous said...

Bill Steger
bsteger AT gmail dot com

After Immortal Weapons #1, I kinda want to read everything Aaron's ever done (though I suspect fewer squads of Nazi ninjas in this one).

Flythe said...

Kevin Flythe

I should win because, even though I've never read Scalped, thanks to Jason Aaron, I bought, read and enjoyed runs of Black Panther, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine, all of which I previously thought were pretty much unreadable titles. If he can breathe life into a Secret Invasion tie-in, I'd love to see what he can do with his own material! Jason Aaron rules!!

wierddemon said...

Damon Friend
damonjfriend [@] yahoo [dot] com

I should win because I am very good at being picked at random.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't win because I haven't written my name and I m just spamming. Also you can give it as a no prize to be and thus get to keep it yourself [:p]

Anonymous said...

Mike Corradetti

I believe I should win because a) I'm Canadian (and who doesn't like a Canadian) b) my wife has used logic to get me to stop buying singles because storing them becomes a problem in our house c) my nine month old daughter needs to be exposed to the great hobby that is comics and this would be a great addition to a small but expanding library of graphic novels.

Anonymous said...

Warwick Johnson

I should win because I've helped increase traffic by 6 people single handedly and I've always wanted to read Scalped, especially after Get Mystique, the best Wolverine story arc in over ten years.

jwcraw said...

Jacob Crawford
jwcraw180 AT

It's always nice to get free things from a site I look at all the time anyway.

Anonymous said...

Matt Belford
mjb360 AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Ooops forgot my reason. Lets go with because Im slow, eh. - Matt B

JR said...

J.R. Nicholson

Never read Scalped b4, but would like to try it, so help a brother out.

Andrenn said...

Andrenn Jones

I've heard good things about Scaled from big time reviewers and friends. I have always been tempted to check it out but this seems like the perfect chance.

Matt Ampersand said...

We should give it to the guy that wants to expose his nine month old to Scalped. Now THAT'S dedication to a medium.

Ryan Schrodt said...

Matt - As soon as my wife gets pregnant (which hopefully won't be a while), I plan on reading comics aloud directly to her stomach, including describing the pictures. I want that baby coming out with a natural appreciation for Alan Moore and Jack Kirby.

Matt Ampersand said...

To win the Final Crisis hardcover, we should do a contest to see what father does the craziest comic-related with their child.

I'm naming my first daughter Elektra!

Jessica said...

I should win because I've about peed myself laughing at the comments others have left and should be compensated.
Meh it's as good a reason as any.

Anonymous said...


I should win because I'm as special and individual as a snowflake.

Matthew said...


nathandarcy AT gmail DOT com

I should win because I'll put out.

Chris said...

Chris Bilko


I should win because I will be forced to see the GI Joe movie if I don't.

Anonymous said...

Shane Micheal Gerlach

Why should I win? I grew up on a South Dakota reservation (Flandreau Santee Sioux Reservation). I worked at a Tribal Casino (Royal River Casino) and will bring a world of Res Hurt down on your ass if you don't give me this.

Brad said...

Brad McKinney
bradmckinney AT yahoo DOT com

Reason: The number of titles I'm regularly reading continues to decline, and by all accounts Jason Aaron could reverse that trend. Help get me hooked.

Anonymous said...

Name: Bill Mayew
email: b.mayewATnbDOTaliantDOTca
Reason: Comics in Canada cost too much and I could use a freebie.

Anonymous said...

jill thompson
jilliegirl at hotmail dot com

im a girl!

PMMJ said...

paul at otd dot com
I should win because this was totally on my to-buy list already, and if I win it instead, I can buy a different comic book, probably Queen & Country volume 1. Or that Mouse Guard thingy.

blackeyes said...

I'm not sure if I'd win, but what the heck, it's not gonna hurt to join, right?
blackeyes1989 AT gmail DOT com

Jeremiah D. Allan said...

Jeremiah D. Allan
jeremiahvedder at yahoo dot com

I should win because I'm a huge fan of Jason's work at Marvel but purposely avoided him at a con because I hadn't read SCALPED and didn't want to look like a fool. With this volume, I'll never have to make that same mistake again.

Joe Tutterow said...

Joe Tutterow

djtutterow AT mac DOT com

I got into comics last February and have been reading trades of a bunch of DC and Marvel stuff since but would like to branch out into creator owned stuff. This would definately help out a relative newbie find some good stuff!

lawrance choi said...

Lawrance Choi

I should win, because this would introduce me to Scalped

about me! said...

Mathew Quitney

I should win because (____________________)
*Psychic paper*. It shows you the best answer to why I should win...I've been watching way too much Doctor Who

Anonymous said...

I should win because .......... er are multiple entries allowed ?

Quantum said...

Joseph Garcia

jgarc139 AT fiu DOT edu

I've read this before but I NEED the trade. Mostly so's I can lend it out to friends and family and the sheer awesome power of Jason Aaron will hook them on comics!

Anonymous said...

Okman Zeng
unvrknew AT gmail DOT com

I should get it because I trust your opinion as a reviewer.

Hector A. said...

Hector Araiza

Over a year ago, My LCBS closed down. A couple of months later, I was fired from my job. Since then, I have not been able to buy comics or take a trip to the closest shop, save for Free Comic Book Day. It'd be a really great treat to recieve a trade from the place where I'm able to keep track of where the comic book worlds are going.

Anonymous said...

Justin Farer

I should win because my shelf always needs more trades.

Flip The Page said...

Max Barnard

I should win because it'd be a real middle finger to everyone who's put real thought into this whole reason they should win thing

James said...

james AT kidinfinity DOT co DOT uk

I should win because if I get the first taste for free, I'll likely buy the rest of the series so you'll effectively be putting food on Jason Aaron's table.

Anonymous said...

Mike Panetta

mikedlp AT gmail DOT com

I've heard really good things about Scalped and I've been wanting to read it for a while now.

Justin said...

jto6 AT Humboldt DOT edu

i should win because i recently got into vertigo and want to read more gritty realistic comics... and this one would look great in my vertigo trade section.

workin on it said...

matthew serban
matthewserban AT gmail DOT COM

I should win because I'm reading every other vertigo title besides this one and it would be nice to snag a trade for free before i pay down tons of cash for the rest of the series. And, I love you, man.

Anonymous said...

Simon Card

Ive never read scalped but loved Aaron on Get Mystique. Should win so i have a chanec to read it.

Anonymous said...

Kim McDonald

I deserve to win because Ive been reading this blog for almost the full 2 years its been up.

Between the Panels said...

William Goodman

I've been digging Jason Aaron's Wolverine stuff, and I want to see where he really got his start.

Anonymous said...

Kevin McCloskey

Chuck Norris says I deserve to win.

scottyquick said...

the_islander_dude [@] hotmail [dot] com

I should win because I'm less of a wimp then Kirk. My daughter will be named Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira.

aughndibi said...

aughndibi AT zenbe DOT com

I should win because I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings, I have no rival, and no man can be my equal. Oh yeah, and I think Jason Aaron is the bee's knees.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Chin
kode_krackers@hotmail dot com
I should win because I enjoy reading Scalped and look forward to it when it gets released.

Mike Miller said...

Michael Miller

I'm Mike Miller, Robot Fighter... 'Nuff Said!

brandon said...

brandon b.

geekgoggles AT gmail DOT com

I should win for the simple reason that I hear Scalped is very good but I'll probably just never drop the $10 to try it.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hintze

mike DOT hintze AT sasktel DOT net

I work with Indigenous peoples everyday and have never seen a work of fiction get the surprising nod of approval from them like this series does. Many of the people I work with say they know of reservations just like what is shown in Scalped. A testament to the research done by Jason Aaron!

Sebastian said...

...because I will make everyone I know read it.

spillingbloodin8mm AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Mark Hill
hillkram AT gmail DOT com

I should win because I entered.

Walnut said...

Molly McIsaac

heyheymamawolf AT gmail DOT com

Because I have a vagina and I read comic books.
Wait, wut?

Anonymous said...

Blaven Jaramillo
blaven_jaramillo AT hotmail DOT com

I should win because I now know that what I want to collect in life is good comics.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Irwin
agirwin AT ozemail DOT com DOT au

Because when the zombie ninjas invade Australia, the last thing they'll expect to face is a RES beatdown, truly a fighting style I can use to save my nation (so I'll need to read this to study up on it).

Anonymous said...

* name
* email address (use username AT email DOT com if you are afraid of spammers getting your email address. ex: weeklycrisis AT gmail DOT com =
* one or two sentences on why you should you win

Mercado Lee

I should win because I love comics, and am always trying to get others to intensely inappropriately do the same.

James said...

James M
sl1.james AT gmail DOT com

Like others, I appreciate the book because it is a dark reflection of what life is like on the rez. It is the only book that I both love and hate to read, because it is such a quality book that also manages to distress me to the realities of the life it tells through fiction, and because of that I have been motivated to work with people to change that.

Anonymous said...

Neal Barnett

I think I should win because I havn't got the chance yet to read the book! I have heard great things about it and really want to check it out. Unfortunatly I am a poor grad student and lack the funds. I am studying American History and Native Americans especially so I have a particular interest in the subject matter. I might even be able to incorporate the material into some research ideas I am playing around with concerning popular media portrayals with historic connotations.

Anonymous said...

Raghu Menon
rmenon AT westpac DOT com DOT au

I m a very sad individual who has no life otherwise. I need the pity.

Sahil Ganguly said...

Sahil Ganguly

sahil.ganguly at

I came across WC when I just googled comic book blogs. I'm so glad that I did! :)

Neil said...

Neil Blumengarten
nblumeng AT email DOT com
I'm a mainstream comic fan of the "regular" universe, mostly DC, and very rarely venture into Vertigo, so this would be a good way to try a title I wouldn't normally buy.

blackeyes said...

Pham Duy Nguyen
phamduynguyen AT gmail DOT com
why I should win? because I'm awesome, and because Jason Aaron is awesome too.

Chad said...

Because winning feels good and we all need to feel good.

Julian said...

Julian Vasquez
I should win because I feel like winning, darn it!!!