Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TYL Giveaway Day 4 - Darwyn Cooke's Parker The Hunter

Day 4 of our Two Years Later anniversary celebration sees us giving away a copy of the recently released Darwyn Cooke adaptation of the Parker novels with the first volume, Parker: The Hunter! I'm a huge fan of Darwyn Cooke and love the Parker novels, so I actually have my own copy of this on the way as we speak and I believe Eric ordered his own copy of it shortly after it was released, so a Trade Waiting is likely in the works even as we speak. Curious as to how you can win a copy of this bad boy? Hit the jump to find out what hoops we have you jumping through this time!

But first, don't forget to sign up for our Day 2 and Day 3 giveaways to win a copy of Jason Aaron's Scalped Vol 1: Indian Country and Joe Kelly's I Kill Giants!

How To Win

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with your:
  • name
  • email address (use username AT email DOT com if you are afraid of spammers getting your email address. ex: weeklycrisis AT gmail DOT com = weeklycrisis@gmail.com)
  • Suggest a comic the Weekly Crisis should be reading (with the call for indie comic reviews in yesterday's contest, I'm curious what book(s) you think we should be reading or what you'd like to see us review)
That's it! Simple enough, right? Be sure to check out the contest rules & regulations for information on things such as which countries are eligable, if shipping costs apply to you, etc.

Contest has ended. Good luck to all who entered and stay tuned for more contests in the future!

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Anonymous said...

Mark Hill
hillkram AT gmail DOT com

Not much of an indie reader, but never would have picked up Atomic Robo if you didnt recommend it. Maybe more from Red 5 or the Robo creators if they have anythign else?

Walnut said...

Molly McIsaac

heyheymamawolf AT gmail DOT com

I just read Locust; it was a good'un. Also Goodbye Sticky Rice is awesome (by Craig Thompson, the guy who did Blankets).

brandan said...



You guys are already reading the most popular titles, which are what I read for the most part. You could talk a bit more about the Superman titles.

wierddemon said...

Damon Friend
damonjfriend AT yahoo DOT com
read greek street and unwritten

Andrew said...

Andrew Trevelise

ajt5031 AT gmail DOT com

You already read most of what I do, but you might want to give Invincible Iron Man another look. It's not the best book I read, but I think it is a consistenly good read every month.

Prime Minister Whaley said...

Brandon Whaley
primewax AT gmail DOT com

I agree with the poster who said anything by Red 5 comics...Brian Clevinger and his Atomic Robo is a blast. Asterios Polyp? Did you guys read that one?

Rich Barrett said...

Rich Barrett
rich AT richbarrett DOT com

How about Empowered by Adam Warren from Dark Horse? One of the most underrated superhero books out there.

Daringd said...

Dalton G.
Daringdg AT aol DOT com
Chew, Invicible, The Walking Dead. All top books that never get reviews on sites like CBR or Rama. Or even IGN anymore.

wirehead4ever said...

John Cole
johntcole AT bellsouth DOT net

One word: SCALPED

El Sr. Lado Brillante said...

Francisco Torres


You should be reading The Mighty by Peter Tomasi, and of course, Unwritten.

The Dangster said...

Sam Dang
SSamdang AT aol DOT com

I think you guys should check out Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink (even though its a limited series). The storyline is starting to get interesting and from what I know the writer and the artist are new but the story is interesting and follows the Tattooed Man and his transition from villain to town protector (the story is a bit darker than most DC stories). The artwork is also stellar.

jwcraw said...

Jacob Crawford

jwcraw180 AT GMAIL.COM

I'd be interested in seeing some GI Joe and Star Wars(I know Legacy has made it on the power rankings a few times) reviews. I might by Parker: The Hunter anyway.

Andrenn said...

Andrenn Jones
I give Invincible a high recommendation over most comics but I also suggest Witchblade and Jersey Gods. All 3 are excellent comics.

Ryan_the_Iowan said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Quite a few books listed I do in trade (Walking Dead and Scalped most notably) and there are a few on here I've been meaning to check out (Empowered, Atomic Robo, Unwritten).

JWCraw--You mentioned GIJoe and Star Wars. I do check out IDW's regular GIJoe series and Star Wars: Legacy in the Comic Book Review Power Rankings. They are both great books!

Chris said...

Chris Bilko

I read most of what you read but I think you should take another look at Mighty Avengers. Dan Slott has done a great job since he took over and I'd like to see what you guys think about it.

Anonymous said...

Bill Steger
bsteger AT gmail DOT com

I'm gonna go with Tales Designed to Thrizzle. Might be totally hated though, but I've loved Michael Kupperman's stuff since that Captain Marginal short he did for TV Funhouse.

Anonymous said...


Invincible also has my pick for books others hould be reading.

Anonymous said...

David Warren
d.t.warren AT gmail DOT com

Agents of Atlas. Yes it's mainstream Marvel, but it's got laughs, action, good characters, nice cameos (including a brainy Spider-Man that's always good to see) it's really got it all. Check it out, I think you guys would like it.

Anonymous said...

Blaven Jaramillo
blaven_jaramillo AT hotmail DOT com

Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka. It's old, but its a really interesting read. The stories are deep and the development of Black Jack's character kept me hooked.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Irwin
agirwin AT ozemail DOT come DOT au

I'd be very interested to hear your opinion on x-factor - the Madrox mini was an excellent, humourous, noir story and the opening to x-factor was good but then it got bogged down in Secret-Decimated-Dark-Messiah-Civil-War edicts that really hurt.

I'm a trade-reader on it and wasn't that impressed with the secret invasion arc, so would really like to see your thoughts on how it's going now that it's been left alone for a little while.

Anonymous said...

d'oh - sorry, that should obviously be 'DOT com DOT au"

Anonymous said...

Okman Zeng
unvrknew AT gmail DOT com

Y'all should read Astro City. It's hands down the best superhero comic book in the market right now, but it never seems to get any buzz.

If any of you guys are intrsted in manga, I'd also suggest reading anything by Naoki Urasawa; he's excellent.

Shana Jean said...

Shana Jean Hausman

I recommend Boneyard. Don't read many indie titles, but I love that one, even if it doesn't come out all that often.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey guys,
Here's a few suggestions for stuff I'd like to see more press about.
First, the great stuff that lots of people do read but you never hear enough about it.
Gødland - I have read the celestial edition and it rocks the f@*%ing shit. If Basil Cronus can't make you smile then I'm sure your lips were surgically rotated with your ass.
The Boys - this series is just good fun, and the build between the battle of Butcher and Homelander is going to be earth shattering and anyone reading it knows that. Probably not for all tastes, but for those who like some boundaries pushed, this is the place for it.
Incognito - possibly one of the best put together comics to come out in a while. What's not to love, the back matter about pulp icons, the page of insight from Brubaker, or the kick ass story that really does have a lot going for it. I'll include Criminal in this one because I felt that Bad Night was the strongest story they had had in a while.

Now to some not-so-lauded titles...to a degree.
Viking - this series is pretty darn good, and Nic Klein's art is amazing. It's an experience to pick up and I'm happy to see how the first arc goes, plus I'd love to know who else is reading it with me.
Proof - I'm reading in the trades and really enjoying the characters and the cryptoids. A fun series that doesn't seem to be getting enough words for my liking.
And finally
Resurrection - I drop this one because I am a big fan of the new artist Justin Greenwood. I worked with him last year on a series proposal and he did some stand out art for it. Sadly, it hasn't been picked up yet, but I still pick him as someone who is going to shine in coming years. To check out his character sketches he did for me click here: http://www.stinkbrown.org/paper-street-publishing-house/fate/fate-character-sketches/ or not, it's your choice. Even before Greenwood I was a fan of the series, even got a letter published in issue 2, so that was fun.

And that's my two cents.
Ryan Lindsay

btownlegend said...

Rubin Gonzales

Check the sight daily and occasionally comment.
Books I enjoy currently under the radar are Phonogram:The Singles Club and B.P.R.D. 1947. 1947 has Ba on art so it works for me.

blackeyes said...

Pham Duy Ngyen
phamduynguyen AT gmail DOT com

Been re-reading "Street Angel" by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca, very funny stuffs with some very inventive storytelling techniques. also, it's freaking hilarious and got ninjas. you should try it out

Hector A. said...

Hector Araiza


How about Irredeemable By Mark Waid and Peter Krause. Been hearing good things about it.

brandon said...

brandon b
geekgoggles AT gmail DOT com

Walking Dead is by far the biggest "gap" on this site but since it was already mentioned in a previous post I'll mention Hellboy and Flash Gordon.

James said...

James Wheeler
james AT kidinfinity DOT co DOT uk

If you're not reading Jeff Smith's RASL you definitely should be.

PMMJ said...

Paul Jacobus
paul at otd dot com

I'm a big fan of the Marvel Adventures line, and a great hook to get people reading is Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil. It even has the Circus of Crime!

Anonymous said...

David Miller
david DOT miller AT corepoweryoga DOT com

I don't remember if you read the first issue of Last Resort or not. If not, you should do- it's great disaster movie fun!

I love Doctor Who Classic Comics, some 15 issues of well re-colored Dave Gibbons artwork and fun Time Travel stories featuring my favorite Time Lord. Currently they've passed the Gibbons era, but there's still lots of good story and art.

The just completed Muppets Show mini was fantastic and well worth a looksee. The Tales of Asgard mini is some great re-colored Kirby. Also the newest Star Trek Countdown mini is off to a good start. Once Boom! starts their Disney series, anything by Carl Barks is a must.

workin on it said...

Matthew Serban
matthewserban AT GMAIL DOT COM

Jersey Gods, Chew, Impaler, Sherlock Holmes, The Mighty, Buck Rogers, The Great Unknown, Unwritten.

Anonymous said...

frank jarome

"fallen angel" once it relaunches

Nathan Aaron said...

Nathan Aaron
artist AT nathanaaron DOT com

Doom Patrol! First (new) issue out today! I'd love to see your review!

GoodGuyComics said...

Osman Portillo


Rapture by Dark Horse
love Oeming Art work!

scottyquick said...



You guys should be reading the Queen & Country series by Greg Rucka. It's finished now, but it's available in 4 definitive volumes for 20$ each, about 360 pages and with beautiful Tim Sale art. It's a spy thriller with amazing amount of detail put into the research by Rucka with beautiful Stevel Rolston art. There are also some prose novels later on in the series!

about me! said...

Mathew Quitney


When they are released, I recommend picking up Bad Dog,The Unknown, and The Great Unknown.
Bad Dog is just all kinds of crazy fun, The Unknown is smart/fast paced/and a little bit beautiful, and The Great Unknown is wacky existential goodness

Matt said...

Matt Brossard

fuzzbelly (at) gmail.com

One of my favourite indie comics is Wuvable Oaf. It's offbeat and really well drawn.

Bill said...

Bill English

englishw AT gmail DOT com

I'd like to see some Ben Templesmith comics reviewed. If you haven't read Wormwood, it's awesome! He just finished Groom Lake and Choker was just announced at SDCC. I also loved Welcome To Hoxford. Good stuff there.

Anonymous said...

Skye Roseboom

skye.roseboom AT gmail DOT com

Savior 28 from IDW has one more issue left, great mini!
Chew from Image is super fun!
Unwritten is good!
Four Eyes from Image is great (when it comes out).
Sherlock Holmes for your mystery jones!

Flip The Page said...

Max Barnard


You should ALL be reading THE GREAT UNKNOWN by Duncan Rouleau. It's suffered delays but it might well be the greatest mini of the year at the rate it's going.

Anonymous said...

Nafiun Awal

Nafiun.Awal AT gmail DOT com

I think the series you should focus on is Jonah Hex. It's the most consistantly well written book aside from Secret Six. The artwork manages to pull some of the best artists out there and Palmiotti and Gray tell some stark and cynical tales worthy of a Sergio Leoni film.

James said...

James M
sl1.james at gmail.com

You should review Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Issue 1 has already shown to be a very close adaptation of the original material, and I think that more reviews would help get the word out about a great adaptation of a really cool book.

Zack T said...

zwt74137 at gmail.com

I adore Cooke's work, he is honestly my favorite creator in the business. I have been checking your site on and off ever since you first started putting it in your signature on PA. While I don't always agree with you, you have done a pretty solid job. Keep up the nice work.

AJ Apelian said...

ajapelian at gmail.com

and it is old, but I find it criminal that there is not at least one mention of Matt Fraction's The Annotated Mantooth every week.

I don't care if you've reviewed it here and there.

Every page week needs another reference to Mantooth.

As for a serious answers:

Arrowsmith: So Smart in their Fine Uniforms was an amazing mini and you need to read it.

as for ongoings:

Mister, you better rethink you some Mighty Avengers. It is rad as all get out.

And I can't stress enough that you must read Chew.

You absolutely must.

Quantum said...

Joseph Garcia

jgarc139 AT fiu DOT com

You need to be readoing Tales Designed to Thrizzle. Very, very odd and surreal but very very funny. Pagus, Jesus's evil twin brother had me ROFL'ing all over the place. Have you been reading Fear Agent? Sci-fi with balls. Ellis's Gravel is pretty great. Dark Horse's Kurosgi Corpse Delivery Service is a very interesting manga. Strange concept but it works very well.

And we must not foreget Joe Hill's Locke and Key. Great Lovecraftian horror that doesn't have to rely on the mythos. One trade out and another on the way with the next mini starting in...September, I think.

Did you ever read Matt Fraction's Five Fists of Science. If you like Atomic Robo you'll like this.

Anonymous said...

Shane Micheal Gerlach

So I haven't bought a new comic in 18 months, since my wonderful miracle son was born. His needs overtake my needs, but I do rely on my local library and trades to read and keep up.

Y: The last Man. I would love to see you guys do an overview of this amazing series.

Punk Rock and Trailer Parks OGN. Holy freaking cripes...awesome.

Concrete...simply amazing...every single book.

Promethea is trippy and pure 110% Moore Madness.

The Un-Funnies. This one is just sick and twisted.

FreakAngels, Sleepless, Anna Mercury all by the great and talented and slightly sick Warren Ellis.

Anonymous said...

Jason Sambajon

sambajonj AT gmail DOT com

indies! I know Kirk reads the Walking Dead so won't say that but its a good non DC Marvel. There's Fables, DMZ, Ex Machina, RASL, Scott Pilgrim, the Killer, Fallen Angel, Fell, and others. You could also highlight a hot new indie graphic novel release like Darwyn Cooke's Parker the Hunter.

Anonymous said...

Raghu Menon
rmenon AT westpac DOT com DOT au

One title: FABLES
Its good enough to make me miss Sandman a little less.

Anonymous said...

Shane again
yanktonirishred blahblahblah
Just finished Mage and Strangers in Paradise. WOW!

If not for my library and my lack of funds I would have never gone beyond "capes". Now I have read Sandman, Preacher, Local and Bone and all are in my top 10 reads ever.

I've been reading a lot of auto/semi auto biographical stuff too like Perspolis 1 and 2, Blankets, the aforementioned Punk Rock and Trailer Parks, and Local.

Walking Dead, DMZ, Ex Machina, Scalped, Invincible, Exterminators, The Escapist, Astro City (highly Reccomended), Top 10, Rising Stars, the Invisibles and many of the big 2 event books and trades I have been able to read all due to my local library and inter-library loan.

If you want to check out some new work and due to budget you can't then I would really suggest trying your library fellow readers.

*steps off soapbox*

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Josh Milligan

joshkmilligan AT gmail DOT com

Reviewing full books like Mouse Guard would be great.

Yossarian said...

Evan Flietner

evflietner AT hotmail DOT com

The Mighty and Unwritten are both great reads, with the latter being one of the most interesting comics I've ever read.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Frank Krulicki here at frankat@telus.net

Please enter me for Darwyn Cooke's new TP.

I thoroughly enjoy reading Scalped - got to be one of the best out there right now. Another book I can't wait to read every month is Proof. And I am really enjoy Chew.

KentL said...

Kent L.
k_t_lorenz AT yahoo DOT com

Honestly, I think you guys read pretty much what I read. I've been digging Roger Landridge's Muppet comics. The IDW G.I. Joe books aren't bad, especially G.I. Joe: Cobra (which I think is actually done). I'd love to see a focus on non-DC and Marvel titles, like those done by IDW, Boom!, Archaia, etc. Even if it is just in the Trade Waiting feature.

Sahil Ganguly said...

Sahil Ganguly

sahil.ganguly at gmail.com

I came across WC when I just googled comic book blogs. I'm so glad that I did! :)

Mike Davidson said...

MIke Davidson
raptorsg AT gmail DOT com

It's got to be "The Stuff of Legend". It actually manages to live up to the hype, which is usually hard for sold-out indy books.

detectiveman said...

Chase Warren

Found a link on Newsarama, added to my RSS Feed, been following ever since.

Flythe said...

Kevin Flythe

One I'm already reading (albeit in trades) that I think everyone should try is Terry Moore's Echo. One I'm not reading that I'd like to hear from you about would be Fear Agent. In fact, I'd just love for you to review any indie sci-fi you can get your hands on.

Brad said...

Brad McKinney
bradmckinney AT yahoo DOT com

Tough call - you can't miss with You Have Killed Me. Proof is worthy of more attention. I don't think Invincible counts as indie, but non-DC or Marvel.

I'm curious about Astro City's latest output since I've have stopped following it. Dynamo 5 seems like solid superhero piece, just not my cup of tea.

kyle said...

Kyle Morrison

scrybe18 AT yahoo DOT com

From Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources ...

Book looks good ... hope I win! :)

Anonymous said...

David Glidden


you should pick up Chew. the fact its been sold out especially at my store means it should get attention.

Mike Stalzer said...

Mike Stalzer

MikeStalzer02 AT aim DOT com

Incognito/Criminal: Brubaker and Phillips are the best team working in comics today.

Stumptown: Greg Rucka's long awaited (by me, anyway) PI series is finally starting in October.

Thunderbolts: Yes, it is a mainstream superhero book, but the last few issues have been absolutely fantastic, with some old friends showing up and some great interaction between the new characters.

Neil said...

Neil Blumengarten
nblumeng AT email DOT com
I only read mainstream books (I'm evil, I know), but I'd recommend JSA vs. Kobra. It involves the Justice Society, Checkmate (written by Rucka's co-writer on the series, Eric Trautman), and Kobra. What more needs to be said?

Kelson said...

Kelson Vibber
kelson at pobox.com

I'd like to recommend Perhapanauts by Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau. It's similar to the BPRD in concept, but very light in tone (most of the time). I guest-reviewed the first trade for Collected Editions.

DoctorMarmalade said...

matthew Perutz

You should really check out sea guy, its morrison writing to his craziest, and you'd love every minute! That or Chew, which is really maniacally witty.

Chad said...

I recommend RASL by Jeff Smith.

Julian said...

Julian Vasquez
Savage Dragon for the win!!!