Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TYL Giveaway Day 5 - Grant Morrison's Final Crisis HC

The final offering for our Two Years Later anniversary giveaways is the Grant Morrison penned Final Crisis. Unlike the previous trades, this one is actually the hardcover version of the NY Times top selling graphic book. While it's difficult to find any two fans that agree on what they thought about the title, it is hard to argue that this isn't a unqiue and rewarding experience that will be discussed for years to come as to the relative success or failure of the writing style Morrison chose.

Eric reviewed the hardcover recently in his Trade Waiting column and I was covering it in singles as it came out, for those interested in our reviews of the book. I also did some annotations for the entire series, which should prove quite useful to the eventual winner of this contest, and which you can find in our free, downloadable magazine, TMC - The Monthly Crisis Vol 1.

Tired of our jibber jabber? Hit the jump to find out how you can win this beautiful hardcover!

But first, don't forget to sign up for our Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4 giveaways to win a copy of Jason Aaron's Scalped Vol 1: Indian Country, Joe Kelly's I Kill Giants & Darwyn Cooke's Parker: The Hunter, respectively.

How To Win

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with your:
  • name
  • email address (use username AT email DOT com if you are afraid of spammers getting your email address. ex: weeklycrisis AT gmail DOT com =
  • Tell us how you came across the Weekly Crisis for the first time (did you follow a link from a forum, another blog, followed Ryan or I from our review posting on the Newsarama forums, random Google search, etc)
That's it! Simple enough, right? Be sure to check out the contest rules & regulations for information on things such as which countries are eligable, if shipping costs apply to you, etc.

Contest has ended. Good luck to all who entered and stay tuned for more contests in the future!

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Will said...

Will Froeber

I found the weekly crisis from the PA forums, sometime right around the beginning of the site. I always enjoyed Kirks comments so I clicked on the banner and have been a fan ever since.

Even when I was without a computer, I checked the site everyday from my sidekick.

brandan said...


I found weeklycrisis on another blog, I believe it was Rokk's Comic Book Revolution. And the name was catchy so I clicked. Moments of the Week kept me here, and everything else is an added bonus.

Prime Minister Whaley said...

Brandon Whaley
primewax AT gmail DOT com

I found the Weekly Crisis forums through one of my friends ReTweets on Twitter...followed the link and been checking it daily since.

PMMJ said...

Paul Jacobus
paul at otd dot com

I'm pretty confident it was a link from the ISB.

Scott said...

Scott Beyer

I had seen Weekly Crisis mentioned in alot of other sights, so one day I decided to check it out. Ever since that day, I check the site a few times a day. And I always look forward to moments of the week.

James said...

James M
sl1.james at

I found the Weekly Crisis through the Penny Arcade forums in the Graphic Violence comic book subforum where KVW posts not frequently enough.

Flip The Page said...

Max Barnard

God, how did I find this place? I think I was looking for a decent comic blog, following some annoyance at ign comics for being unsurprisingly lame. First place that came up in my look for a decent site was this. Never looked back.

Kelson said...

Kelson Vibber
Kelson at pobox dot com

I stumbled across TWC last summer when I was trying to get Speed Force going and made a concerted effort to find other sites that discussed DC books regularly and interestingly. I think I found the site through someone's blogroll or one of those lists of recent blog posts on comics blogs.

Ramon Villalobos said...

Ramon Villalobos

I came across Weekly Crisis about a year or so ago when I did a google search for something like along the lines of "Michael Turner sucks" or something like that because I really hated Michael Turner's art and I knew I couldn't have been the only one that felt that way. That google search somehow came up with the link to this really insightful article exploring just why Michael Turner's art is so bad... Well after that, how could I NOT come back.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I'd be stupid not to be in this contest, even though Parker is clearly the superior prize!

I came here because I was chatting with Matt on Twitter and went to his site and then saw that he was now on this site. And a rainbow connection was birthed into the world.

Ryan Lindsay

jwcraw said...

Jacob Crawford

jwcraw180 AT GMAIL. COM

It was so long ago...I think when another site I check shut down for awhile they recommended some other sites and this was one of them. Thanks to them.

Anonymous said...

Lee Johnson

j-j-s AT juno DOT com

I found this site because I was looking for reviews through google of some comics. Justice Society of America, I think. And your site came up. I have been hooked ever since.

Klep said...

David Kleppinger

dkleppin AT vtDOT edu

I was linked to this site in a completely unrelated irc channel I guess about a year and a half ago, maybe a bit longer. I was still just getting into comics at the time, and I saw it as a valuable resource for keeping up with what was happening. I bookmarked it almost immediately and have since been an avid reader.

Rawnzilla said...

Ron Cacace

rawnzilla AT gmail DOT com

I first discovered this site when it was on the link section of Nerd Rage Report. I checked it outand after that, I come here every day.

Anonymous said...

Blaven Jaramillo

blaven_jaramillo AT hotmail DOT com

I first stumbled on the site when I was looking for a comic book reviews site on google. After that, I was hooked, and I check back here daily.

Anonymous said...

Neal Barnett

I found Weekly Crisis when I did a google search for a good comics blog. I thought there would be tons and tons of good ones but there really isn't. Luckily, after sorting through a top 20 blog listing I found this one and are now hooked!

El Sr. Lado Brillante said...

Francisco Torres

My good friend Christian (a natural born nerd) linked me to the post "what i think dc is doing wrong" and since that day i been an avid reader.

Matt Ampersand said...

You know, I was reading all these comments, trying to remember how I first got to this site, and I think it was the same way as Rawnzilla. I think it was the Nerd Rage Report that linked me to this site.

Andrenn said...

Andrenn Jones
I came here when I found a review by Kirk on a Newsarama review forums.

Anonymous said...

Bill Steger
bsteger AT gmail DOT com

I forget where the link was from, but it was the Atomic Robo giveaway, which earned this place instant cool points in my book.

Anonymous said...

David G
davidscottg at yahoo dot com

I can't remember how I first came across this blog. I suspect I was doing a google search for something comic related.

Michael said...

Michael Gomez

I found the site a long time ago (I think back in September or October '07), I'm pretty sure it was by random google searches for comic reviews. As you can tell I've been hooked on the blog ever since.

Anonymous said...

Zach Marcus
zach.marcus at gmail dot com

I found it from searching for any SDCC news last year. I spent all my free time trying to learn about comics to be prepared for the event.

jushin53 said...

David Martin

I found the site quite at random through a google search I would say sometime in February of 2008. I bookmarked it that day and have checked it basically every day since!!!

Lansan Johnson said...

Lansan Johnson

I came across this great website on google while searching for good comic book review and discussion websites as i've just gotten into comics in the past year since The Dark Knight came out.

Anonymous said...

Ben Sunde

I followed the link in your PA Forum sig.

Anonymous said...

Okman Zeng
unvrknew AT gmail DOT com

Like someone else earlier, I found this website thru Rokk's Comic Book Revolution and was hooked immediately.

ModernTenshi04 said...

Matt DeGoey
degoeym AT me DOT com

Some friends who helped me get into comic books ealier this year recommended this site for reviews.

about me! said...

Mathew Quitney

I found the site through a google search. I was looking for reviews of a certain comic and your site was there. I found that I enjoyed your writing and perspective the most, then I started checking back on the site every day and really enjoyed/appreciated the different columns you do outside of reviews.

jonathan said...

Jonathan Soweidy

I found weeklycrisis a while ago when you would put up reviews on another site can't remember if was it cbr or newsarama in the forums section. Been coming almost everyday since then.

MEATMAN said...

Raymond E. McEntire

Was on /co/ and saw a link. Been going here every since then.

Anonymous said...

Obi Chukwu

I came across your website via CBR about a year ago. I was loking for a website that gave better reviews of what was being published with more detail. I added yur link and the rest is history

Anonymous said...

Lawrance Choi

I found Weekly Crisis through a tweet on Twitter.

Ben said...

Ben Wu
nonregulator AT gmail DOT com

I was looking around for good comic coverage and I think I found you via a google search

Zdenko said...

Zdenko Voloder

I found out about Weekly Crisis, following Matt's Blog, which I've stumbled upon on dmstarz Top 250 Marvel Covers List, I believe. Anyway, when he mentioned he's moving here, I've followed to see what's going on here and thus became a regular reader, and not so frequent poster. :D

Chris said...

Chris Bilko

Back in 06 I saw Kirk arguing with someone on the old Newsarama boards. He had a link to his site as his banner and I've been a reader ever since

glspotlight said...


Found the site while on forum. Someone posted a link back to one of the GL reviews, and maybe a scan.

J. Charles Brister said...

Jeffrey Brister

I came across the site about a year and a half ago while stumbling at 2AM. I liked what I read, and I checked the site often, then subscribed to it when I figured out how to use RSS feeds.

Juan said...

Juan R Gonzalez

I found this site through the Newsrama link

Anonymous said...

david DOT miller AT corepoweryoga DOT com
David Miller

I followed a link over from Kirk on Newsarama but didn't start reading regularly until Ryan joined up.

pat said...

pat nash

I was looking for a site with comic book reviews and loved this one. Been visiting this site everyday for about a year and a half now!

richsaint421 said...

Richard St.John
Newsarama PreImaginova

Anonymous said...

Rich Richardson
richeather AT sbcglobal DOT net

I happened upon Weekly Crisis last year while looking for sites that reviewed comics. I was just getting back into comic and what to know what was out their. This site and G4's Fresh Ink are my to favorite blogs in regards to comics. Thanks for the good work.

Between the Panels said...

William Goodman

I found Weekly Crisis through the old Newsarama fourms one day during class, and have been coming ever since. The site is a blast to visit and a must hit for me every day.

Patrick said...

Patricio Rubilar
ruuudes AT hotmail DOT com

always read your reviews in newsarama, when you announced this project i decided to follow you. since that day, weekly crisis is a must read for me.

donjuanfreeman said...

Terrence Freeman
newsarama message boads
saw the link on the boards been a big fan since way back great contest

Mike said...

Michael Doyon

newsarama message boards just today =)

blackeyes said...

Pham Duy Ngyen
phamduynguyen AT gmail DOT com

Like others, I was looking for a good comic review site, and the moment I saw your "Moments of the week", I knew I found it

Mike-El said...

Michael Ledford
bodega1027 at yahoo dot com

I ran across this site back in March, through Rokk's Revolution. He ahd just won a Dardos award and was talking up the blogs he really respected. I checked them all out, but I remember this one had a glowing review of War of Kings #1, which I honestly thought was just going to be a crappy spin-off of some third tier X-Men/Fantastic Four characters. I picked it up on you advice, and never regretted it. Later I came in and someone wrote about how Adrian Veidt's climactic line had lost impact in the Watchmen movie. I was so impressed that someone else noticed how "neutered" it felt! Finally, what got me coming back EVERY day was a Soapbox post about Spidey's OMD, and how it was really the third time we've been through all this. As someone who's been buying Spidey since Issue 400, I totally agreed, and when I saw Eric could at least cut them some slack as another long time Spidey fan, I figured I'd give the trades a shot. And I'm glad now, because I don't think I'd have picked up American Son if not for the trades, and I wouldn't have picked up the trades if not for Eric. So thanks for bringing me back to Spidey Eric!

Yossarian said...

Evan Flietner
evflietner AT hotmail DOT com

Was looking for comic book scans on google about a year and a half back and found a link to an old MOTW. I've been hooked on the site ever since.

Anonymous said...

Shane Micheal Gerlach

I did a google search for comic book reviews and you guys came up. You are currently the third site I check daily (Facebook, CBR and you) moving ahead of Newsarama and the Daily Spoiler. Love the strides you guys have made just in the year I have been reading.

Andrew said...

Andrew Trevelise

ajt5031 AT gmail DOT com

I'm not positive, but I think I found this site just through a google search for comic websites. Once I read the site, I kept coming back for more.

Parallax207 said...

Patrick Barker

I ran across the sight when looking up comics to buy in trades... Being a blogspot user already I was interested in a site that was so well put together that was about an medium that interested me... I've been smitten with the site ever since. Keep it up.

Nick G. said...

Nicholas Geoghegan

I heard about the Weekly Crisis over on Newsarama forums.

Mike Miller said...

Michael Miller

I originally found this website through Kristina Wight's blog
and interesting fact: Kirk was my first twitter follower!

Anonymous said...

Mike Bunn

I found this site through a link on Newsarama.

Anonymous said...

Jason Sambajon
sambajonj AT gmail DOT com

think I found it also as somebody mentioned early on in the PA forums.

Brian said...

Brian Spradlin

Found Weekly Crisis because Google Reader recommended it to me. Good call Google Reader.

Akylle said...

Akylle Mohamed
hypotherion AT gmail DOT com

I did a google search looking for information on the War of Kings, and found y'alls primer, which was real helpful.

Anonymous said...

William Lang

Found this wonderful site through Rokk's comic book revolution.

Joe Tutterow said...

Joe Tutterow

djtutterow AT mac DOT com

I know I found the Weekly Crisis through a Google search. When I got into comics (through trades) in Feb. 08, the first things I picked up was Green Lantern: Rebirth and Infinite Crisis. I stumbled upon the blog by looking up Final Crisis reviews and annotations, which coincedentally was the first comic I bought in singles. Honestly, this would make my year to win this. Keep up the awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Wright

I did a search for the biggest comic retcons out of boredom one day, and found a Top Ten Tuesdays list. As a man who loves him some lists, I fell in love.

wierddemon said...

Damon Friend
damonjfriend AT yahoo DOT com

Daniel Woburn said...

Daniel Woburn

danielwoburn AT hotmail DOT com

to be honest, I can't remember the exact site I linked from. I reckon it was the Newsarama blog, a post on there somewhere. but, the post that I was linked to was Kirk's list of characters most likely to be Skrulls, and I think said post was made some time before Secret Invasion #1 came out. It was really interesting, and he made a good case for Dr. Strange (so much so that I was actually expecting him to be a Skrull). I then started checking out other posts, and i'm still here today!

Chuck Radford said...

kingofpain AT insightbb DOT com

I found you through the Newsarama site. You guys do good work. Keep up the good work!

brandon said...

brandon b
geekgoggles AT gmail DOT com

i first heard of the site when kirk posted something about it in february on newsarama in ryan's reviews. then when ryan came left newsarama i started visiting daily.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Slutz

I am a follower of Rock's Revolution comic's blog and he mentioned this site. So I decided to check it out and now I am also a follower of this site. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Dave M.
imbatman_tab AT hotmail DOT com

I actually came across the site through some random comic-related Google image search about 4 or 5 months back. I continued to read ever since!

Anonymous said...

Chad Bowen

I came across this wonderful site while i was reading the comments over at Newsarama. I was looking at a story about Blackest Night that had very little content and in the comment section someone basically said 'this sucks, weekly crisis is doing a way better job. So i've been here for jsut a few weeks but i love it. Keep up the good work.

Matt said...

Matt Jackson

Would you believe I found the site via the Final Crisis annotations you did for The Monthly Crisis? Someone posted the pages on Scans_Daily (or Daily_Scans, I forgot when that change over was) and I was totally enthralled. It helped me make sense of this confusing series and get more out of it.

As I scoured the pages for information, I found the website address, and decided to check it out. I've been coming here daily ever since.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Chiariello

Found the site with a google search when I wanted more back story about the whole final crisis. Now I hit the site daily ever since.

workin on it said...

matthew serban
matthewserban (AT) GMAIL (DOT) COM

I believe I first came accross weekly crisis while searching for review sites random;y last fall.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Manning
rt_manning AT yahoo DOT com

I believe I came across weekly crisis as a link in an article on either newsarama or cbr and it has become one of the sites I check daily.

Anonymous said...

Frank Ojeda

I first found Weekly Crisis a few months back when I started collecting comic again and I did a random google search for comic book information.

Anonymous said...

Juan Calvimontes

I google it. I was tired of waiting for reviews, and even more tired of baaaad reviews.

Now I read it more than my mail.

Anonymous said...

Frank Krulicki here at

Please enter me to win the Final Crisis HC

I found out about you guys from Newsarama...and am glad I did.

Anonymous said...

ed gibson

found weekly crisis through the comics 2am on CBR...


Anonymous said...

ugh...meant the comics a.m on CBR lol

KentL said...

Kent L.
k_t_lorenz AT yahoo DOT com

I had read some of Kirk's posts on Newsarama and saw on another blog (I forget which one) that he'd started a blog of his own, so decided to give it a try. I've been following ever since.

Sahil Ganguly said...

Sahil Ganguly

sahil.ganguly at

I came across WC when I just googled comic book blogs. I'm so glad that I did! :)

Shana Jean said...

Shana Jean Hausman

Someone linked me saying you were giving away free stuff. I think I'm gonna stick around, though.

Anonymous said...

Was at work looking to fill a lunch break. Was just starting to get back into comics via trades and was snooping around the web looking for some info. Was at Major Spoilers and they highly reccomended the site. Have been an avid fan every day since!! But not at work............only use the work computer for work............. Congrats on the anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

through a link on comicbookrevolution's blogspot and it has been one of my favorite sites since

randy_at_matisse AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

jason kimble

i found the link at i found it in the fourms

Alex Van said...

Alex Van
nav.xela AT gmail DOT com

I started using NetNewsWire and wanted to find a website that does review for comics. I found a couple but this is one of the two (Weekly Comic Book Review was the other) that gives you the full review and not a link to the review. I love this website!

Anonymous said...

Mark Evans

mrevansrm AT yahoo DOT com

Entered "Comics, Spoliers" into Google. First couple of hits didnt get me what I was looking for. Yours was 3rd or 4th. I've been hooked since. I come here before Newsarama and CBR.

Great job!

Mike Davidson said...

Mike Davidson
andhereswhy AT gmail DOT com

I was looking for spoilers on all those "Origins and Omens" backups, since there was no way I was paying for "Green Lantern Corps". Stuck around ever since.

Budd Lloyd said...

Budd Lloyd
BuddLloyd AT yahoo DOT com

There was a link off of the forums at Comic Book Resources about a Blackest Night Primer. Now I check the site every other day or so.

Anonymous said...

Brian Thomas

zeno-man AT hotmail DOT com

I used I stumble through the internets until I found this site.

Anonymous said...

Sam Montrose

I was doing a google search on Blackest Night reviews and got hooked with the power rankings and covers of the week!

detectiveman said...

Chase Warren

Found a link on Newsarama, added to my RSS Feed, been following ever since.

Quantum said...

Joseph Garcia

jgarc139 AT fiu DOT edu

I'm almost sure I found you while looking for comic reviews on google. This was well before the last anniversary you had, so it's hard to remember.

Flythe said...

Kevin Flythe

I first found the Weekly Crisis when I did a Google search for "weekly comic book reviews". It was one of the first few hits, and I loved the title, so I clicked and have been hooked since. Kirk gave us a big scare last winter, but the WC has emerged stronger and better than ever! Viva la Crisis!

Brad said...

Brad McKinney
bradmckinney AT yahoo DOT com

I have no idea. With the demise on The Fourth Rail a couple years ago, I was looking for a review site that sounded like me - fans enjoying the medium.

Anonymous said...

Rolando Gallegos

After exhausting all resources looking for intelligent and well-written reviews/comments about the comic literature genre, I found the Weekly Crisis. It also involved the same level of soul searching relevance that the 0'Neil/Adams run on Green Lantern-Green Arrow had in the 70's.

Nah, I saw a link somewhere and just got to it!

Sebastian said...

Whoa, guys. 95 comments. Heavy stuff. Congratulations! Hopefully this OYL kick really increases your subscribers.

I was looking for some comic review sites about a year and a half ago and this site really stuck out. The format looked incredible and the posts were even better. LOVED the Comic Book Moments of the Week. Bookmarked it, and now, it's on my reader. It's hard to forget a site like this.

spillingbloodin8mm AT gmail DOT com

kyle said...

Kyle Morrison

scrybe18 AT yahoo DOT com

I'm pretty sure it was off the Robot 6 blog from Comic Book Resources.

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Dan Robinson

came around two years ago following a link on newarama

Anonymous said...

Spencer Salyers

I did the same thing you did. I saw the web address in ASM#601 and tried it to see if it was real. I followed the link on that page to this page.

Matthew said...

Matthew Morrison
nathandarcy AT gmail DOT com

I always thought that Kirk's posts on the PA forums were interesting - even when I didn't agree with them - so when he let it be known that he had started up a blog I decided to check it out.

James said...

James Wheeler
james AT kidinfinity DOT co DOT uk

I came via the link on the Standard Attrition boards.

Matt Ampersand said...

Wow, 100 entries!

Anonymous said...

Warwick Johnson

Heard about the site from my friend Dan, and then googled the name to find it.

Anonymous said...

skye roseboom

skye DOT roseboom AT gmail DOT com

Found this excellent site from a google reader suggestion. Read one article and was hooked.

Anonymous said...


morpheus1382 AT gmail DOT con

I first came across weekly crisis when I couldn't afford my weekly comics at my local comic shop. It sucked a lot but once I found this site (through google search) I got hooked and never looked back.

Justin said...

Justin Ono

Slayeroni AT yahoo DOT com

i came across the weekly crisis by typing comic book blogs into google because i wanted more to read.

Devon said...

I think I was googling for comic book blogs, I was looking for something that covered a lot of basis, reviews, TBP stuff, etc etc. Good thing I found this!

Neil said...

Neil Blumengarten
nblumeng AT gmail DOT com
I'm pretty sure someone linked to your Comic Book Moments of the Week from Scans Daily and I followed that link. I think someone was linking to the scan from the issue of the Atom where he takes on Nazis with jetpacks.

btownlegend said...

Trying to be a better reader...
Rubin Gonzales
Followed you from the Newsarama Reviews Boards. Before the reboot.

D. Lee Grooms said...

D. Lee Grooms
dleegrooms AT gmail DOT com
Was linked via Newsarama and got hooked!

Eric said...

Eric Brown

I found a link on Comic Book Resources, and like a fool clicked on it. A year later, I'm hooked, checkng it about once a day. Thanks a lot.

Tyler Maher said...

Tyler Maher

I found your website back when Newsarama v.1 was still around, i've been a fan of your reviews ever sense.

Anonymous said...


clarissa1230 AT cox DOT net

I found your website through The Monthly Crisis, I downloaded it and really liked what I read and found out about your blog. It's now my favorite site.

DoctorMarmalade said...

Matthew Perutz
I found your site on a signature on the penny arcade forums, and I needed a site that was more comic based than ign, and there you were. My hero.

Chad said...

I found your site by using Google Reader. I signed up for a couple of comic websites and yours was suggested.

Julian said...

Julian Vasquez
Actually, I ended up here through Rokk's comic book revolution. He listed some of his favorite comic book websites, and you guys were in it. Ever since, I got addicted to you...

Anonymous said...

Anuj Patel!
aapgemini AT aol DOT com

Well, when I first started getting into comic books about a year and a half ago I needed some recommendations on what comics I should be reading. So I did some searching and stumbled upon this site and haven't looked back since!

Anonymous said...

Jim Daffner

I found The Weekly Crisis when I was randomly searching Google for reviews of Batman comics. Once I stumbled upon your site, I've been returning nearly daily!