Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventure Comics #2 Review

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul
Co-feature written by Geoff Johns and Michael Shoemaker
Co-feature art by Clayton Henry

Adventure Comics #2 is pretty much exactly what you would expect after seeing that cover of Superboy and Wonder Girl. Hell, the scene on the cover even happens in the comic.

However, while I thought Johns did a good job with the dialogue and general feelings between the two characters and their previous relationship, it just glossed over too many things that occurred in the past year to make it meaningful.

For reference, the biggest glaring omission has to be Wonder Girl's little Superboy cult and general insanity during 52. Johns at least touched on the Wonder Girl/Tim Drake Robin relationship that was taking place in Teen Titans during his short-lived time in the grave, but event hat was only a panel or two of Cassie reflecting on it and then it being washed away to put the two characters back together.

As such, while there's some strong dialogue and a good foundation for a relationship/return to status quo for these two characters, it just rings hollow to me and felt like a bunch of pretty pictures and talking heads. The only really interesting moment for me with this issue dealt with the Lex Luthor/Brainiac escape and Luthor's discovery that Conner was still alive. But even this was only a short subplot to the book moving forward.

As for the Legion back-up, there was no Starman and it revolved around Lightning Lad's evil brother, who was supposed to be the only member of his race born without a twin, revealing he does, indeed, have a twin and wants Lightning Lad to track him down for him. Longtime Legion fans may like it (or hate the fact they made him have a long lost twin now), but it did nothing for me.

Verdict - Check It. There's some good dialogue and beautiful art in the Superboy part of the book, but it fails to address the previous year of in story time and events in favour of getting the two characters back together. With Johns and Manapul off the book with issue six, I may just drop the title as well.

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