Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #607 Review

Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Mike McKone & Adriana Melo

+ Really liked that opening page.  The two empty costumes embracing each other just gets across so much more than showing Spider-Man and Black Cat engaging in relations. 
+/- Art is good when McKone is handling it, but Melo's parts (maybe the inkers) are really jarring and pull me out of the issue.  Either the two should have collaborated more to add some consistency to the book or Marvel should have brought on someone with a similar style to McKone.
- Spider-Man's fine giving Black Cat some spider loving, but is petrified of showing her his face.  That's some creepy stalker/rapist-like mentality there.
- Did we need the room service to make up the bed joke?  Nothing like the thought of spider juice on the bed sheets to add some comedy to a book...
- Black Cat still reads like someone glossed over a few issues from the early 80's and is ignoring the other 20 years of stories.  The return of her bad luck powers makes no sense and the only reason for it seems to be for weak jokes of the "damn, I stepped in rat poop, Black Cat must be here somewhere" variety.  The powers never worked like they are being overly shown to do here either. 

Verdict - Avoid It.  A completely forgettable comic that is the poster boy of why I've been having trouble getting into the Brand New Day era of comics.  Was hoping it would follow the lead of the enjoyable Red-Headed Stranger arc and focus on new stories and growth of the characters.  Instead, it's a regression to the past.

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