Saturday, September 5, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/02/09

Moments of the Week? Moments of the Week! As it was such a light week, this is actually more like a Strange Tales Appreciation Post, as I was tempted to just scan the whole issue and post it since every damn page was a moment for me (review later today!), but I did manage to find a few other moments from the slim pickings this week. Hit the jump to see for yourself!

Batman #690

Damn it Two-Face, do you know how hard it is to get a giant penny down here?

Okay, I thought the whole Bat-Face costume was a joke for Battle for the Cowl promotion. I don't think I can take this seriously, even with Bagley drawing it.

Deadpool #15

Was lazy, so didn't bother merging these pages all together. It's Deadpool in San Francisco.

High fives for everyone!

I'm actually curious as to why Deadpool isn't horribly disfigured. I know he's not looking too hot here, but he usually looks like burnt hamburger. Looks more like a mild case of jaundice mixed with a skin rash.

As long as he doesn't wear the Marvel Girl costume again, I'm fine with him joining the X-Men.

Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire #2

I don't know who this is, but he's my new best friend.

Similarly, I have no idea who these people are, but it looks cool and I assume it's all the villains from Aaron's run on the title, so looks promising.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #3

She's crying. For justice.

Bruce is Batman in case you were wondering. Since he's dead, Hal obviously believes there's no way that information being said in front of a villain could possibly come back and hurt Dick or Tim or any of the other Bat family members. They were probably going to mind wipe or kill him anyways. They were torturing him anyways and have done the whole mindwipe before, so I guess if the building hadn't blown up, it wouldn't have mattered anyways.

Let's kill promising foreign super heroes, the Global Guardians, so we can put over a character that is a complete joke outside of his Grant Morrison written early appearances. Sounds like a plan, also adds that edgy violence and gore factor all the kids love.

Marvel Zombies Return #1

Zombie sense. That's brilliant. However, where'd Mysterio's head go? Is he just brains in a jar in this universe?

Sandman got so freaked out by the zombie Spider-Man, he went crazy and attacked the real one with full force and, well, looks like he's been taking it easy on Spidey all these years...

Strange Tales #1

The Inhuman story was mostly about Lockjaw not being able to get his gormet dog food for supper as the Inhumans were interrupted by different villains over and over. Each time, Lockjaw would show up to put the beat down on the villain, such as the above Annihilus showdown.

It ended with Lockjaw taking down Maximus and using his crown to open the dogfood himself.

Spidey moves to a new spider people town. MJ makes him special jello...

That makes his webs pink. Everyone laughs at him. This story was one big WTF of crazy goodness.

Cyclops peeping in the girl's locker room is my favourite. Wolverine wedgy problem is up there, too.

Pimpin' ain't easy! Actually, this Modok story was crazy, mostly due to the ending. It follows his life through the years as he tries to perfect a weapon, each new time period has him with some lady AIM agents in a tub post-hero battle.

If my magic soup told me something, I'd believe it, too.

All unicorns are evil, making the evil part of his evil unicorn statement redundant. Seriously, a horse with a horn and magic powers and crap? He doesn't have that for self-defense. Unicorns freak me out man.

Dr Strange uses all his powers to suppress the urge to yawn. Truly the most heroic thing he's ever done.

Finally, we learn why Namor keeps coming back to the surface, despite his constantly letting us know how much he hates us.

Easy Watcher joke, but great little short for a credits page.

Poor Beast...

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Matt Ampersand said...

Man, that Wolverine/PBF strip is great. Will be eagerly waiting for the collection of Strange Tales.

Regarding Ghost Rider: The Kowalski guy is the new Vengeance, I think, and he appeared in the last arc of Ghost Rider. He's a former cop who lost a hand and that wants to kill Johnny Blaze. He also has a shotgun that shoots hellfire(goddamn I love comics).
Also, I am surprised the guy with the demons for hand trying to eat breakfast didn't make it to the MoTW.

And those four little panels of Spider-Man carrying Sandman in his belly better make it to!

Salieri said...

Of that Ghost Rider rogues gallery there would be Vengeance (Ghost Rider's Venom equivalent), the Ghost-Rider-type-guy with the hook-hand; along with Blackout, new villain the Deacon, and various small-timers such as Big Wheel, Scarecrow, the new Orb, the Steamshovel With Eyes On It described in the issue's solicitation, and judging by the stetson, The Highwayman - last seen in Weekly Crisis Moments as a disembodied head on insect legs with an eyepatch, being set on fire by Danny Ketch.

Matt Ampersand said...

Also, the more I see of Cry For Justice, the more it reinforces my belief that this is a very elaborate joke. It has to be.

PMMJ said...

I had such high hopes for Cry for Justice, too. How could this be the same person that rocked Starman so?

Ryan Schrodt said...

I hate to say it, but I think that Robinson has just lost his touch. Since he started making a big come back at DC over the last few years, I've been really disappointed by his work. It reminds me a lot of how Jeph Loeb went downhill after jumping to Marvel.

The Dangster said...

HE KILLED THE GLOBAL GUARDIANS?!!! NOOO! Robinson lost his damn mind.

David Miller said...

Wow Cry for Justice looks as terrible as Strange Tales was good.

Andrenn said...

Vengeance is finally back? Arrrrggghhhh, now I wnat to be reading Heavens on Fire...this is painful. Damn.

kwaku said...

I don't think Robinson has lost his touch. He was very very rusty when he made his comeback but I feel he's gotten better and better. Cry For Justice is the exception not the rule, imo.

On Batman, are they in the Bat-cave or does Two-face somehow know to have a gaint penny in his Face-cave. IF they are in the Bat-cave, isn't that a pretty big secret he has found out?

Kirk Warren said...

@kwaku - It's the Batcave as far as I know. Two-Face subbed for Batman in One year Later, so probably knew about the penny. Why he's asking who Batman is when he's shown in every other issue (from scans I've seen) that he knows its Dick/Boy Hostage in the costume kind of confuses me though.

Anonymous said...

@Salieri.....The guy with th stetson is Madcap. Think you're spot on with the rest though.


TheGoose said...

Sad to see the Global Guardians go. I really liked them during the Geoff Johns penned, "Hal Jordan: Wanted," arc from Green Lantern. I had high hopes somewhere one use that new Crimson Fox.

Kevin said...

Back in Tomasi's run on Nightwing Two-Face told Nightwing that he knew he was the first Robin that Two-Face himself beat with a bat in Robin's first failed mission as Batman's partner. And so far I think this is what Two-Face has hinted at when he says that is not the original Batman as he knows it is Nightwing under the cowl. The question is if he actually knows Bruce was the first Batman and that Dick is the current Batman.

Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

I've added your fantastic website to our author's resources page as a great source for comic book and graphic novel reviews.

If this is not okay with you, let me know and I will remove your link. It's really, really hard to find websites dedicated to comic reviews. Thanks so much for this.

rollenspiel said...

Well, I was not very happy with that specific scene from "Cry for Justice", too. Sometimes I really think it is sad, that all the superhero stuff is so USA-centric. I mean, I can somehow, on a rational level understand the view: American Superhero teams count a lot, things outside america don't really matter that much. But I live in europe, read comics, and it actually hurts me, if someone comes up with a scene like that, telling me (once more) that we simply don't matter and are not able to put up anything remarkable.

I guess if we had more buyers for such stuff, and those buyers would lose interest in comics because of the (explicit or implicit) anti-european attitude, that would probably have an effect on the comic industry. However we don't. And now it's a doom loop: The comics almost always solely focus on american super heroes (especially if you look at the really big titles and types. How many of them carry a stars and stripes theme?) and thus not many european fans are won. And because not many european fans are won, there's no need to change things.

It's a bit sad, but ... I still like Cry for Justice. Now I hope they're gonna pick a bit more speed. So far nothing much has happened. (Two issues to completely assemble the team?)

Médard said...

I intended to wait for the hardcover for the Strange Tales series, but today, while going to a local comicshop for a shortbox, I just couldn't resist and bought the first issue.
I have to work for a little less than two hours, and then I'll finally be able to read it. :)

This is a great feature on this site, keep it up. :)

Médard said...

@ rollenspiel: "(Two issues to completely assemble the team?)"

That's acctually not that long by modern standards. Remember the recent relaunches of JLA and JSA? If I remember correctly they both took about six issues to assemble the teams.

rollenspiel said...

I don't have a problem if it takes long to assemble a team, if the series is an ongoing one. But Cry for Justice is supposed to be a mini-series, isn't it? So get the thing rolling a bit faster, it would be, for me.

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