Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/10/09

Welcome to another round of the Comic Book Moments of the Week. These highlight the best and worst panels from comics for the week and can range from the big 'oh sh--!' to comical to downright groan inducing moments from your favourite comics.

My personal moment of the week was Hercules acting as Thor and his trials with the beautiful Dark Elf Queen. On the negative side of things, Hawkeye being a dumbass in Dark Reign: The List gets my anti-moment of the week.

Hit the jump to see these and more and feel free to let us know what your own personal moments of the week were!

Adventure Comics #2

Does Lex have Superboy's dead body that's supposed to be regenerating in a tank in the arctic for the next 1000 years or am I looking for too much of a comic book-like solution to this mystery "family" man?
It would also explain the shocked look Lex has here at the realization that Superboy is alive...

Amazing Spider-Man #604

Peter thanks Chameleon for the fixing his relationship with MJ...

But quickly regrets it when he gets home.

Dark Reign: The List - Hawkeye Being A Dumbass #1

The 'kill Hitler if you could' card? Seriously? Maybe I'm just still too hung up on everyone in America calling everyone a nazi for wanting to give people healthcare to give this cliche a fair chance, but that's the dumbest reason to use for killing Norman Osborn, who, technically, has done a rather good job so far, all things considered. He's even got mental illness as a legitimate explanation for past crimes that automatically disqualifies him for Hitler-hood.

At least they played it for comedic effect with Bucky.

Bullseye getting brutally maimed AGAIN? Jesus, how is he not dead yet? Wolverine doesn't get beat up, shot, stabbed, arrowed, bitten, blown up, etc, etc as much as this guy does. In the past couple months, Deadpool gored him, he blew himself up to get back at Daken, Elektra skewered him, Hawkeye shot him, and countless other "near death" experiences going back to his first joining the Thunderbolts. Just give him a damn healing factor already because this is getting ridiculous.

Just wanted to point out how stupid Hawkeye is. He blames Spider-Man for not killing Norman when he was back in high school to save us all this grief, yet Spider-Man did, if we want to argue technicalities, kill him by engaging him in that fight after Gwen's death. If he can survive getting impaled by a glider and, later, blown up by a sack of pumpkin bombs, what the hell is shooting him with some bullets or arrows going to do? At least come up with a legitimate plan for killing him that doesn't involve trying to kill someone with an Iron Man armour and Spider-Man-level strength combined with a Wolverine-like healing factor. Clint deserves to get captured for being a dumbass.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4

Executioner's relationship with his mother went south after he found out she was a criminal. And here I thought he knew she was a villain (Princess Python). Interesting pay off to that subplot.
And Melter gets credit for having the most traumatic origin ever. Take THAT Spider-Man.

I'm thinking the Dark Young Avengers are going to turn on the Dark Avengers to prove they can be heroes, too.

Green Lantern #40

Bzzd, awesome in life and death.

Salaak to lead Guardian-less Green Lantern Corps post-Blackest Night with Guy and Kyle as right hand men? I'm for it. Can't possibly screw it up any worse than the Guardians.

Incredible Hercules #134

I want a Hercules t-shirt with the Real Men Wear Skirts tagline.

Clubwakk is the best sound effect for a club wacking something. Herc's lack of knowledge on trolls was great, too.

I like where this is going...

It's "hammer" time!

But, first, a test of knowledge!

And then the wenches of waiting!

Poor Thor, you obviously aren't a real man if you can't wear a skirt.

Kick-Ass #7

Comic books. The ultimate secret weapon of Big Daddy.

We will pray for a resurrection.

Red Robin #4

Batman's cave paintings found. DC didn't even make a big deal or promote this issue in any way. Does DC even care anymore?

Secret Six #13

30 seconds left to live. What would you do?

Couple smart guards here.

Oh, Ragdoll, never change. Wonder Woman, however, will need a new costume after this. I don't care if it was made by a goddess or whatever, you don't wear something after Ragdoll has had it on.

Grendel unleashed. Curious how this will play out. Will Beowulf show up?

Thunderbolts #135

Wow, and here I thought it was cool with Nick Fury setting this all up for Black Widow and it turns out to be Norman being pretty freaking smart for a change.

Nick Fury shows up and gets captured due to Norman's plans. My guess is that it was a LMD. Of note, I hope that tagline at the bottom is a misprint and it's not the same story again from a different perspective.

Ultimate Comics Avengers #2

Hawkeye is the only cool one in the bunch.

War of Kings: Who Will Rule? #1

Seems Talon was impersonating one of the Shi'ar and manipulating Gladiator into taking the throne. Interesting. Glad to see they didn't just toss the new characters aside this time like with Wrath in Conquest or quickly ignoring Warlock (the technarchy one) after bringing him back.

The return of Magus has been the highlight of the War of Kings for me and it didn't even happen in the main title.

Wonder Woman #600

DC Nation column at the back of some books had this in it this week. Not a fan of renumbering in general, so a bit disappointed to see DC following in Marvel's footsteps on the matter. I hope they have something planned for the renumbering other than just an oversized issue of a book that has been relatively irrelevant for the majority of it's print run.

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Radlum said...

Great moments of the week. Incredible Hercules is my new favorite book and it's funny how Ult. Hawkeye can be awesome despite the awful costume while the original Hawkeye has become so stupid. Anyway, despite it's flaws, Dark Reign is quite good, specially when they show how smart Osborn can be

Eric Rupe said...

Pretty sure Red Robin in unimportant in regards to Bruce's return since it isn't by Morrison and DC is pretty willing to let him do as he chooses.

Also, who is Fury talking to in the UA panel? Danvers?

Kevin said...

The Amazing Spider-Man stuff from this week was great. Loved Peter reaction to finding out what Chameleon did to his life in the day he was gone. Also loved the ending building to a bigger story.

Tim finding Bruce's cave drawings from the end of Final Crisis felt like it was shoehorned in with no real natural progression to that point. And I agree with Eric since Morrison will probably do what he wants with Bruce's return story as he usually does.

Mike-El said...

Didn;t even catch the Clubwakk SFX on the first read through... that's priceless.

I'm getting really sick of Spidey putting up with Clint's crap. At what point does Spider-Man point out that HE'S ALREADY SEEN A WORLD WITH A DEAD NORMAN OSBORN IN IT. And what did it get him? Three Hobgoblins, two more Green Goblins (yes I know there were more, but that was AFTER PP:SM #75), and a Jack O' Lantern. JMS Spidey would have socked him in the mouth already (if he wasn't too busy dealing with Venom having love babies with Aunt May, or whatever).

Flip The Page said...

quick lesson for people who don't read secret warriors: Thunderbolts pretty much is 50% same stuff, different perspective. this pattern will probably continue.

Also with DRYA Melter's origin is not only the most traumatic thing ever but just makes the fact that he can't under any circumstances become a Young Avenger all the more tragic (The Heinberg rule: Nothing other than the most minute of details is allowed to change in Young Avengers until he returns. Seriously.)

ModernTenshi04 said...

The reunumbering thing is just to please fans and give them what they want, but it's clearly just a spectacle. I kind of can't blame them, but the funny thing is he only wants 600 post cards, something I'm sure won't be hard to do over what, 10 months? Wouldn't be surprised if 1200 are already on the way to Didio's mailbox.

I would have figured he'd ask for something like 6,000. 600 makes sense given it'll be issue 600, but still, at that point you may as well just do it.

I think Didio is bored or something.

Anonymous said...

I love the direction that Red Robin is going with Tim Drakes hunt for Bruce...I don't know why you think DC would have to promote this though...its been the natural progression of the story for anyone reading the book or even for those with a basic knowledge of the premise of the series.

Anonymous said...

Wraith got ignored after Annihilation Conquest because he was a terrible boring whiny character, and i'm pretty sure that Warlock died in Annihilation Conquest as well.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous1 - While, yes, Red Robin was solicited as Tim not believing Bruce is really dead, no one honestly expects a non-Grant Morrison title to do anything but go in circles until Morrison is ready to bring Bruce back. The fact it's the first confirmation of Bruce in the past at the end of Final Crisis and directly referencing his cave paintings seems like it would have been a pretty big deal.

They didn't even try and throw out some random promo images to blogs or news sites like Marvel does with things like Wolverine's death in Ultimatum or their promo ads for other smaller news worthy things. It just seems like wasted potential as this is still a satellite book that doesn't get much attention other than being one of Batman's sidekick's books.

@Anonymous2 - Warlock isn't dead. he and Wrath went off to cure the Kree on fringe worlds or something at the end of Conquest.

Matt Ampersand said...

Warlock is going to appear in the pages of New Mutants, if those ads I keep seeing are accurate.

As for Wraith, what a boring character. He was basically the Poochie of the Marvel cosmic line, appearing once, and then disappearing because his planet needed him only to die on the way.

I'm not sure if that's what really happened to him, but I'm going to act like it was.

AdamW said...

When did Bucky kill Hitler? Was that a Brubaker retcon thing?

Kirk Warren said...

@AdamW - It's a Bendis thing.

wwk5d said...

I've tried to like Normon Osborn...but I jsut don't care for him. Ever time they try to sell him as the foremost criminal mastermind genius of the Marvel World, I just roll my eyes. He's like Marvel's version of the post-Crisis Lex Luthor.

And yeah, the 616 Hawkeye has become a real schmuck.

Mike said...

I thought the original Human Torch killed Hitler...maybe Bucky was there and kicked his corpse, though?

AdamW said...

Yeah, I looked it up online. The Human Torch killed Hitler. It's weird that Bendis would think that no Marvel writer would have ever dealt with Hitler's death before.

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