Saturday, September 19, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/16/09

Welcome back to another edition of the Comic Book Moments of the Week. Top honour this week has to go to Moon Knight road surfing a car as he showboats for the onlookers. It's just so random and awesome, it's hard for anyone to really compete with that. Hit the jump to see this moment and more!

Amazing Spider-Man #605

While there was a bit more subtext throughout the issue, these were the two pages that explain why (not really) MJ and Peter broke up.

Peter's current relationship troubles don't seem to be going too well either. And, apparently, Chameleon only made out with Michelle on the floor of the apartment instead of having sex like was implied.

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: White Venom #1

Yo dawg, I herd you like White Venoms so we put White Venoms in your comics so you can comic while you comic.

We need a House-like Anti-Venom show/comic where he diagonsises villains and random people.

Atomic Robo: Shadow From Beyond Time #5

Note Jenkins in the bottom left corner.

Banana oil.

Batgirl #2

Wait, did they just steal my "he/she got better" joke?

Batman and Robin #4

And here I thought Morrison didn't like All Star Batman & Robin, yet here he is paying homage to it with the hood talk.

And this passes for 'normal' in Gotham City.

Blackest Night #3

*#$% yeah, Indigo-1! 'Bout time they showed up.

God, I liked you better when you couldn't speak English.

I think there are people behind those text balloons.

Bitchin' death, man.

Dark Avengers #9

That is one sweet bike.

Loved Ares this issue. Bendis has treated him like a pure meathead in most appearances, but this was the first time he's felt like the Ares from his miniseries a few years back.

Is Sentry going to be the new Kenny from South Park? I imagine he'll be back next issue similar to Deadpool with the "Respawn LOL" sign.

Dark Wolverine #78

This was perfect in light of the news of Disney buying Marvel.

Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil #1

Wonder what Lady Bullseye's plan is working with Kingpin. Just revenge on Daredevil and Izo?

The new Hand footsoldiers from the preview for DD #501 look amazing. This art style is much better and suits Daredevil compared to what Tan produced in the main story, too.

Invincible Iron Man #18

Yes, Tony just punched that kid in the face.

Ultimate Armor Wars #1

Words fail me at how perfect that painting of Tony in the background suits his Ultimate Universe counterpart.

Vengence of Moon Knight #1

Holy crap, this is easily my moment of the week. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Moon Knight kicked that car over on its side and then surfed it down the road.

X-Factor #38

Cyclops trying to boss the addled Dr Doom...

...and the aftermath of Cyclops's actions.

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Klep said...

That really is a great moment with Ares. It fits his character so well. I like how even though he's working for Osborn, he clearly respects Fury enough to trust the man to look out for his boy.

Deicide The Everliving said...

Wow, that X-Factor moment was pure GOLD! I've been waiting for someone to put Scott in his place, even if it's in an alternate future.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with your comments about Blackest Night, Johns did the same thing in the last issue Flash Rebirth; unleashed a devastating info bomb. Keep f@#king that chicken Johns.

Flip The Page said...

funnily enough my moment of the week was the one directly below yours! X-Factor generally dominates moments wise though with me so I'd say all of Anti-Venom instead as one massive moment.

Fenris said...

Re: Dark Avengers:

How do artists get away with copying panels on the same page like that? Shoddy.

Matt Ampersand said...

This makes me sad that I'm not able to pick up Vengeance of Moon Knight. That moment was awesome.

Kirk Warren said...

@Fenris - You should have seen the first 2 or 3 pages and last in the book. It's the same panels over and over with Hand maybe moving her head up or down slightly.

Greg A. said...

Glad to see Ares acting like a real character again. As a fan of his 2006 mini, it's been painful to see him acting like a moron and getting jobbed out anytime the Mighty Avengers/Dark Avengers faced an enemy.

Kirk Warren said...

@Greg A. - While I haven't hated the "new" meathead Ares, it has been my biggest pet peeve since Bendis started using him. His miniseries that redesigned/established him was great. He was a multi-layered character with obvious shades of grey, but a deep sense of responsibility towards his son. Up until now, Bendis has seemingly ignored that aspect of the character. I even liked his rationalizing of working with Osborn,w hich I actually agree with at this point (barring the odd writer painting him as a complete badguy like they did with Iron Man).

Anonymous said...

That Moon Knight moment was great, but I thought the part with the Osborn billboard was a much cooler moment.

Syoyocool said...

I think the X-Force moment took the week for me. Still, the moonknight moment was pretty awesome.

Other than that, does anyone else get the feeling that Blackest Night on a whole going to be one big mix bag collection for a trade? Idk, i was planning on buying it as something to show my friends (when it eventually comes out) to see how far green latern has come. But now, i'm thinking maybe i can get away with just the Regular GL/GLC for the even.

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