Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cover of the Week - Blackest Night & Mighty Avengers

Cover of the Week nominations go out to Blackest Night #3, which both Matt and Ryan chose as their covers, and Mighty Avengers #29, which was my pick. Hit the jump to see these covers and find out why they were chosen.

Matt's & Ryan's Cover of the Week - Blackest Night #3 (Variant Cover)

Matt: Funny story about this cover, I thought this was the regular cover, because it kept showing up in all the previews and reviews of the comic that I've seen. Hell, it's even on DC's site as the main cover. I think it's a great cover, and I particularly love the contrast of colors between the top and bottom of the image. I was pretty disappointed when I got home and realized that I had gotten another cover.

Ryan: I have to agree with Matt. This was easily the boldest and most eye catching color of the week. The color contrasts, great take on the characters, and strong connect to the story made this an easy choice. This really should have been the regular cover.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - Mighty Avengers #29

Kirk: A simple cover, but I love how it has the female Loki so casually revealed as the Scarlet Witch. I'm a little disappointed with the final version, mostly due to the trade dress covering up most of the contrasting bits showing it's Loki, but still think it's one of Marko Djurdjevic's best covers for the simplicity and story it tells in a straight up portrait image.

Runner-Up: Dark Avengers #9, Captain America: Reborn #3 (Yu Variant), Batman: Streets of Gotham #4

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Matt Ampersand said...

Heh, the Mighty Avengers cover would have been my runner-up choice, but I just couldn't say no to the manliness that is Nick Fury shooting Ares, The God of War in the chest while he swings a big honking axe.

Flip The Page said...

you guys had a leinil yu cover as a runner up? oof (but then i'm not a fan of his sketchy style and 'everyone has a butt chin' mentality)

Also I'm agreed on Mighty Avengers running away with the cover of the week, it'll really shine when it's printed sans other crap in trade. Or in an ideal world, on the cover of the HC as well.

Kirk Warren said...

@Flip The Page - I just really liked the Cap Reborn variant. Not sure why. Just a really striking pose and line work.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I liked the Loki cover, the Batman cover, and the Ares cover... the other 2 are alright. Nothing new about the Cap cover and as for the Blackest Night cover it looks like Firestorm is in drag and his long golden locks are falling to the side.... very dramatic. Reminds me of a damsel in distress who has just been *slapped to the ground by the villain.

Jason D. Manger said...

I love how the different Lantern Corps logos are integrated into Firestorm's flames. Good stuff. I was pretty disappointed too that this was not the regular cover. Oh well.

smkedtky said...

I also liked the cover to "Batman and Robin" #4. Nice way to feature the stars of the book while also staying true to the story. I also liked the "Blackest Night" cover (regular). It reminded me of the old promo's/posters for Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Regardless, I'm just happy that DC didn't somehow commission Arthur Sudyam to do these covers.

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