Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Steve McNiven's Spider-Man

Steve McNiven is an artist that began his career in comics working on CrossGen's Meridian before moving on to work for Marvel, where he is now most widely known for his work on the hugely successful Civil War event. Currently, he's working on finishing up his stint on Wolverine with Mark Millar on the Old Man Logan storyline.

However, for our first edition of Crisis on Infinite Arts (blame Matt for the pun!), which is simply an artist spotlight post, I chose McNiven for his Spider-Man work, of which I "borrowed" his rendition of Peter Parker for my own online avatar and early banners for the blog. He's also one of my favourite artists and one of the few whose comics I'll buy solely for his artwork.

As this is the first edition of Crisis on Infinite Arts, aside from comments on the artist and his work, we're also open to suggestions on format for the posts. Would you like a handful of additional images 'after the jump' for spotlighting the artist? Are there any artists whose work you'd like to see us showcase? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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Ethereal said...

Images would be great, especially if you can find some that display multiple talents. A list of his work, and upcoming (known) work would be great too, since highlighting someone is basically a sales pitch.

The Dangster said...

1. Can you go over some of his work and maybe unappreciated works? Progression is always cool to note.

2. J.H. Williams III next?

Akylle said...

I agree with the previous comments that in that underappreciated works and upcoming projects would be great. As for some artists I'd like to see:

Skottie Young
Scott Kollins
Francis Manapul

Matt Ampersand said...

Oh, sure, blame ME for the pun. I may have come up with it, but you green-lit it! In the inevitable trials to ban all puns, you will be held equally guilty, Kirk!

Like Kirk said, we are still working out the details on this post, and all feedback is appreciated.

Jonathan M Perez said...

John Romita Jr, Frank Quitely, Jim Lee, Ethan Van Sciver--Why not some of the current giants.

Ditto the Skottie Young recommendation. Especially after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I also think Darick Robertson would be a good choice.

Frank Miller too, seeing as how his art has evolved so much over the course of his career. Always good to profile the legends as well.

Mikey Donuts said...

I probably shouldn't chime in on this as I run a blog that is dedicated almost exclusively to this idea but I think this is a great idea. I am of the opinion that great stories are far less common than great artists. There are some great, great pencillers, inkers, painters, and colorists out there. They are the reason I've been collecting for over 20 years.

I don't care how you do it Weekly Crisis, but I love this idea, bad pun and all.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

I'd say Marko Djurdjevic, Alex Maleev, David Aja should all get a run.

You could look at humble beginnings, Djurdjevic's original X-Men redesigns that caught Marvel's eye, things like that.

Getting a quote from them would be insanely cool.

Just some quick ideas.

mrpeepants said...

highlighted art, issues, characters would be good. Images that stood out for you. Iconic pictures. Also don't forget to vary the artists chosen- indie, legendary, popular in a genre, revolutionary, breakout, etc.

oh you can even extend this feature to colorists.
just some idea.

Jeremy said...

Favorite image, favorite story arc he did, perhaps a history of his work(with images of course). Maybe some reasons why you love his art. Frank Quitely's mastery of expressing kinetic actions and giving as much story as possible in a single panel. JH Williams III uncanny ability to do half a dozen different art styles. Bryan Hitch's heavily detailed, realistic pencils. Mike Wieringo's cartoony and expressive look.

Also, I totally nominate all the guys I just mentioned.

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