Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Secret Warriors #8 Review

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Alessandro Vitti

+ Phobos vs Norman Osborn.  This confrontation was the highlight of the issue and an easy candidate for a moment of the week.
+ Same scene, but this time for the prideful fatherly look on Ares's face as his son takes down Norman.  
+ Druid's comments on young girls having body image problems in reference to Go-Go's recent loss of her arms during the last mission. Quake's reaction to it was great, too.  "Stop talking, Sebastion."
+ Love the crossover-but-not-a-crossover nature of this story.  Reading both this and Thunderbolts gives a better picture of the events, but neither is necessary to get the entire story.  Much better than the typical 'to be continued' way of forcing people to buy other books.

-  Having difficulty reconciling the current events in this book with what happened in the recent Dark Avengers when Ares confronts Fury over Phobos being on the team.  I suppose I could ignore Bendis's contribution, but I actually enjoyed the work he did with Ares, Phobos and Fury, so don't want to just disregard it. 
- Nick Fury is always an LMD.  Seriously, you can't fake out anyone with Fury being killed if, every single time, he's an LMD.  I'm of the mind that Fury doesn't even exist.  He was probably uploaded to a computer when SHIELD was created, died long ago, and simply uploads himself to LMDs all the time.
- Speaking of Fury, he doesn't get much face time.  As he's my favourite character and has been the focus of this series since the first issue, I'm a little disappointed he only showed up on a few pages.  Thankfully, he's getting the spotlight in The List one-shot next week, so I can forgive his taking an issue off. 

- Ares doesn't care that Norman claims he will kill his son?  Even Bendis managed to understand how much Ares cares for his son, yet Hickman has him stand by like some Yes Man as Norman claims he'll kill his boy?  Ares should have destroyed him on the spot.  Thankfully, previews for the The List - Secret Warriors show Ares helping Nick Fury break into Avengers Tower, giving me hope that inconsistency will be addressed.

Verdict - Check It. Despite the number of negatives on this quick shot review, I still enjoyed this issue quite a bit.  In fact, the negatives are mostly nitpicking on my part.  Not the best issue of Secret Warriors, but definitely a solid read worth checking out. 

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Mikey Donuts said...

Life Model Decoys. There are few story tropes I despise more than characters that can perfectly impersonate other characters. It feels like Marvel is keeping these things very rare which is good. But the first time some c-lister gets killed and it turns out to be an LMD I'm going to riot.

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