Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thunterbolts #135 Review

Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Miguel Angel Sepulveda

I dropped this title during the Deadpool crossover as the tone and style of the book shifted completely and it did not read or feel like it fit the book and was merely a cheap money grab crossover. While I picked it up a few issues afterwards, primarily for the return of Songbird, I don't think I've actually reviewed any isues of it due to time constraints. That said, I have been enjoying the current storyline, but it's yet to really wow me or warrant it's continued spot on the pull list outside of my longtime love affair with the title since the Busiek days.

However, this issue doesn't change that current opinion of the title. I enjoy it on a fundamental level, but it's nothing mind blowing or what I'd consider a must read or even something near the top of a recommendation list. It's a solid read, but nothing to write home about either.

The are a few things keeping my interest in it, however, such as the return of Songbird, the upcoming Secret Warriors crossover and the promise of Techno, Mach V and other former Thunderbolts showing up soon. In that regard, Songbird has been handled well. She's competent and holds her own, never being a simple plot device for the other Thunderbolts to chase around. The Black Widow reveal was interesting, but hard to reconcile with other events in the Marvel Universe, like with her Iron Man and Captain America appearances, but I'm willing to overlook it.

As for the upcoming Secret Warriors crossover, it appears to be more of a guest appearance in each book that a full-on crossover like with Deadpool's book. As I'm reading both and each seems to be dove tailing into each other in such a way as to not feel forced, I'm nowhere near as disappointed as I am with when it crossed over with Deadpool.

The big cliffhanger in this issue also raises a few questions. It featured Norman Osborn revealing he was the one that imitated Fury and convinced Black Widow to infiltrate the Thunderbolts in order to lure out the real Nick Fury. This resulted in the capture of Fury and Osborn summarily executing him. My guess is that it's a Life Model Decoy and, based on the tagline at the end of this issue, that we'll see Fury's perspective of the events in the next Secret Warriors's issue.

Verdict - Check It. Solid issue, but does nothing to really distinguish itself from the pack. Current readers should enjoy it, but won't do anything to lure in new readers either.

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