Friday, October 2, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/30/09

Welcome back to another round of the Comic Book Moments of the Week!  We've got Red She-Hulk identity ponderings, Editor Girl, Sinestro vs Mongul and more for you this week.  I won't bore you with preamble, so hit the jump for the moments!

Amazing Spider-Man #607

I thought this was a well done representation of Black Cat and Spider-Man sleeping together.  Still not sure why the Spidey costume is all black and blacker than Black Cat's black leather that is black.

Blackest Night: Titans #2

Donna Troy is dumb.  When your creepy, dead ex-husband shows up with a floating zombie baby, you don't coddle the damn thing, you strangle it.  Jesus, this is zombie 101 stuff. 

Bomb Queen Vol 6 #1

I mentioned Editor Girl on Twitter earlier this week.  I've never actually read Bomb Queen, so don't know if she's a recurring character or not, but saw her when I randomly flipped through this new volume.  She has the power to break the 4th wall and 'edit' the comic panels she's in, as seen by the red editor's pen changing text to manipulate events in her favour.  Pretty cool and original power there.  Now to have her meet and edit Deadpool's yellow narration boxes. 

Gotham City Sirens #4

Liked the juxtaposition of what Bruce "Hush" Wayne and Harley Quinn were thinking during this page.

Green Lantern #46

Mongul vs Sinestro.  This was the conclusion to the fight.  You can see more scans of it and a full description in my review of the issue.

Looks like Ash and Saarek didn't survive their encounter with the whatever it was on the Black Lantern homeworld back before Blackest Night started.  I believe this is the first time we've seen them since that fade to black ending.

Hulk #15

This is what Elektra and Domino were wearing before Red She-Hulk showed up at the end. Note the sai, Domino's Liefeldian rocket flamethrower gun thing and black leather jump suit.

Here is Red She-Hulk.  She has Domino's gun and Elektra's sai.  However, her black leather jump suit is different from Domino's, particularly in the giant belt holding her boobs together, zipper crotch and collar area.  Doubtful either is Red She-Hulk.  Most likely, not even Loeb knows who Red She-Hulk is at this point.

Marvel Zombies: The Return #5

And here we have the Marvel Zombies version of the JLASentry = Superman, Moon Knight = Batman, Quasar = Green Lantern, Namor = Aquaman, Quicksilver = Flash, Super Skrull = Martian Manhunter, & Thundra = Wonder Woman.  They even have their own round table and 'trophey room'.

Secret Warriors #8

Phobos vs Norman Osborn

Druid is right, girls her age do have body image issues.  Not usually about having their arms cut off by crazy Hydra mutant nutjobs, but body issues nonetheless.

Thor #603

Ze doctor is in, yes.

Noooo! Not Bill!  Anyone but Bill!

Thunderbolts #136

Scourge is Nuke.  Soon as he started with all the duty and country nonsense once he took over the Thunderbolts, it was pretty obvious this was who it was going to be.

And Yourfavourite Bologna or however it's spelled is still alive somehow.  Could have sworn she was vaporized in the Savage Land arc of New Avengers.  Bought her surviving the first time, but that was revealed as Natasha Romanov posing as her.  Norman's got some 'splainin' to do regarding her surviving and being kept on ice. 

Wolverine: Weapon X #5

Really enjoyed the 'normal' means of killing used on this member of Strikeforce X.

X-Force #19

Can you read a comic with one hand?  I'm not sure, but this page from X-Force #19 is probably the litmus test for that.

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Randallw said...

In my case I recognised Nuke when he said he needed a 'red'. Before that I had trouble, because the art gave him dark skin and I naturally thought he was black.

Anonymous said...

I think Peter is seeing more action in the last 5 or so issues than the last 30 years combined! Then again , he was married...can't have sex when you're married...I think that's a rule.

Tyler said...

MJ and Peter used to have sex during JMS's run all the time

Alan Gabriel said...

My Moment of the Week would definitely have to be the Phobos/Osborn scene. From Norman trying to bribe Alex with toy trucks to the look of genuine fatherly pride on Ares's face, it was perfect. I do hope they follow up on Ares's response to Norman threatening to kill his son though.

Matt Ampersand said...

I thought they had sneaked in a nipple shot in that X-force moment, but it's just shadows. Funny how they can have a little girl's arm sawed off (among many other things), but they have use a shadow to cover one nipple. *sigh*

And what the hell is wrong with Red She-Hulk's calves? Does she have tumors in them or something?

Salieri said...

The first one is based on the repeated pose in One More Day with Peter cuddling MJ, then waking up alone in the same pose.

Editor Girl is based on Kristen Simon, the wonderful and belaboured real-life editor of Image's Shadowpact line, who was brave enough to attempt to ask writers to compete for their ideas for a new superheroine 3-issue-miniseries...via Newsarama.

Daryll B. said...

Phobos > Donna Troy's baby....only prob I have is fitted this in with Dark Avengers #9..unless Ares is just 'playing dumb'

BTW Zombie rules don't count because according to DC Black Lanterns ARE NOT ZOMBIES. *rolls eyes* How can this company be so dumb???

( )

The look quake gives druid in Secret Warriors is priceless...but he was right.

Black Widow 2 was brought back back the Skrulls (since they were the manipulators) I think in a New Avengers Annual totally suped up or something. She burned out on said power and was literally left as a puddle. So how Osborn has her I don't know...

Daryll B. said...

um that was supposed to be "brought back by" sorry for the typo (stupid stubby fingers)

JP said...

My Moment of the Week
Indigo-1 makes Mongul feel all the pain he has caused others throughout his life, Mongul simply replies, "It itches" and then headbutts the leader of the Indigo tribe.

P.S. Moment #2
After besting Mongul, Sinestro drops the whole Sinestro Corps Central Battery right on top of Mongul.

Kynn said...

"Doubtful either is Red She-Hulk."

Could BOTH be?

Anonymous said...

Hot Selene... I now understand Eli.

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