Friday, October 9, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/07/09

Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Matt Ampersand here! Your usual host, Kirk, is out on vacation this week, so that means I get to take out the car for a ride. So what can you expect from this edition of Moments of the Week?

The big winners this week are Batman and Robin #5 and Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire #3, as they introduce some crazy villains into the series. Deadpool, Daredevil, and the Justice League crying for justice make appearances as well, among others. And although it wasn't released this week, I will also have some moments from The Field on the Edge of the Woods, which I reviewed earlier this week. Hit the jump for more!

Batman and Robin #5

Silly Oswald Cobblepot, penguins don't fly!

Worst. Bachelor Party. Ever.

I thought that Jason Todd had blond hair before Crisis on Infinite Earths, not red.Weird. Also, someone on Twitter (can't remember who) mentioned that he looks a lot like Rorschach, and I have to agree.

Meet Flamingo. I like that Morrison is introducing more original villains rather than just using old ones.

Daredevil #501

Master Izo! Noooo!

A little bit of context, Daredevil has to make a sacrifice to officially join The Hand, and they want him to kill Izo. Also, the new Hand costumes are pretty cool.

And after finally killing Izo, The Hand proclaims Daredevil as their new lord. Just what a psychologically imbalanced supehero needs, a messiah complex.

Deadpool #16

Apparently Deadpool really loves pancakes. Maybe he should team up with Hellboy...

Well, it's not as bad as the time he wore Marvel Girl's outfit (with mini skirt and all) during Cable and Deadpool.

The Field on the Edge of the Woods #1

I'm sure there's a little corner of hell filled completely with people that wore "Vote For Pedro" t-shirts while still alive.

Here's something that I mentioned in the review, that parts of the speech and dialogue are included as parts of the artwork.

Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire #3

Big Wheel looks a lot like General Grievous from Star Wars, doesn't he?

Behold, Trull The Mighty! From what I understand this is an old character being revamped. He is some kind of alien that takes over machines. If he is destroyed, he can just take over another machine, such as...

This giant chain saw vehicle. Trull is awesome like that.

I look forward to Trull the Mighty rising again. A mini-series perhaps?

Justice League: Cry for Justice #4

Not the most visually appealing moment of the week, but I thought it was an interesting rule about coming back from the dead.

Again with the torture? They might as well rename this mini series to Justice League: Torture For Justice.

Strange Tales #2

The sad thing is that Baloney-Head and Liver-Wurst Face are the 5th and 6th most memorable villains Iron Man has faced.

(I'm going to get some hate mail from Iron Man fans for that one, aren't I?)

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

Hey, it's like in that movie Eight Legged Freaks (I wasn't the only one that saw that movie, right?). Also, if I lived in the Ultimate Universe New York City, I would seriously consider moving.

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #2

First of all, that's some pretty art, a great combination of the pencils, inks and colors. And I like that they are playing up the rivalry between Moon Knight and Sentry a la Batman and Superman.

Super villains have Twitter and so do we over a The Weekly Crisis! Look over at the sidebar and you can find all of our Twitter accounts and follow us.

X-Babies #1

Poor X-Babies, now they are all grown up and being replaced by the All New All Young X-Toddlers. Look, X-Babies, we have all been there, you are 6 or 7, and all of sudden you have a new baby brother/sister and no one pays attention to you any more because you are just not as cute as them.

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Flip The Page said...

x-babies being replaced screams mini marvels/super hero squad

also chainsaw vehicles will forever be awesome.

Oh and surprised Black Panther #9 didn't sneak in here with some cool stuff throughout (though I'd struggle to call one a stand out moment so I should shut up)

Zdenko said...

Although, Way's Deadpool is usually not intereting for me, this issue was great. Cyclops's face you posted, the Is it bad? was great.

As for Trull the Mighty I really think he should be this year's best villain. I mean, he's a giant malevolent steam shovel. How is that not awesome? :D

That X-Babies scene was great, but the rest of issue was boring.

As for Master Izo, I really don't think he's dead, White Tiger's and Black Tarantula's reactions were a little too over the top for someone that's not brainwashed anymore.

As for Flamingo, I hated that ''He eats their faces.'' bit, it seemed just like gore for gore's sake. But we shall see how it plays out...

JP said...

Great moments.
However, Im pretty disappointed and the lack of moments from the R.E.B.E.L.S. Annual. The Starro vs Despero battle at least woud be contender for moment of the week.

Space Jawa said...

If TRULL THE MIGHTY truly is an alien "from beyond the stars", then we need to see to it that D&A pit him against the Guardians of the Galaxy at least once.

Also, no, you're not the only one who saw Eight Legged Freaks. I saw it on DVD. Not too bad a movie, if I do say so myself.

Sleepy Eyed John said...

Good old Big Wheel, he was in one of the first comics I ever read (cover below)... and even then I thought he was rubbish! But I like rubbish villains!

Daryll B. said...

hehe X-Babies...

Deadpool making pancakes...what will we get next? The X-Men getting a baseball game together using their powers. That'll be the...*gets handed note* um never mind....

Jason Aaron + Ghost Rider = Gold to me

I laughed all through Eight Legged Freaks but put a tape of Arachnophobia in front of me and I cring....

Nicely done Matt

Matt Ampersand said...

Haha, TRULL THE MIGHTY vs. Ultron. I'd read that.

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