Saturday, October 17, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/14/09

Kirk here back from my week off for your weekly dose of Comic Book Moments of the Week. On tap this week is a whole lot of Incredible Hercules goodness for you. There weren't enough adjectives to describe how good that book was this week and I haven't seen a comic with this many moments since Green Lantern #25, but that was an oversized issue. I actually feel kind of bad posting this many images from the book, but they were all just too good not to post. Buy it if you haven't yet. You won't regret it.

Hit the jump for the moments of the week.

Adventure Comics #3

Bad dog.

Batgirl #3

Batgirl has a new costume.  It was already shown on upcoming covers, but I figured someone probably hasn't seen it yet, so here it is.

Booster Gold #25

Brings back memories of the JLI and the whole "WE'RE NOT GAY!" blue and gold days.

Deadpool #900

Yes, he bit through his own arm.  I'm not sure how he threw it at them afterwards though.  Maybe used it to pick the lock to free his other hand and then threw the severed one?  However it happened, it was funny.

Deadpool had to have cheated.  I just can't see him beating Doc Ock in ping pong. 

The mimes are using some psychic power thingy that makes thoughts real, such as fake swords and guns. To be fair, they're mimes, so had this coming.

Green Lantern Corps #41

This was a perfect opportunity to use a fridge instead of a coffin.  I wonder if editorial changed it or if Tomasi/Gleason just didn't think of it.

This was the last we saw of Kilowog in the issue.  I wonder if he actually dies (again).  It could be what sparks the rage for Red Lantern Guy Gardner.

Incredible Hercules #136

Hercules had been making fun of Thor in the last few recap pages, so it was funny to see Thor trash talking here.


The dreaded purple nurple attack.


New pain.

More pain.

Ah, the elven tickler, fond memories of my youth.

Mead party on the hill while Herc gets the queen and Zeus demands to know of the elven tickler.  I don't think you could end on a more perfect note.

Secret Six #14

Ragdoll was a naughty boy this month.

Bane takes over and kicks Scandal out of the Secret Six?  Shit just got real.

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Flip The Page said...

Krypto is officially the best male DC character. Seriously prove me wrong

Radlum said...

And Incredible Hercules is the best Marvel title right now; I mean, they could drop 80% of the other stuff they publish and I wouldn't mind, but if something happens to Incredible Hercules I would set Marvel's main building on fire...ok, I'm overreacting, but still, it's my favorite series right now.

Monch said...

Incredible Hercules has the best recap page and FX of all comics :D

Michael said...

Actually, a couple of pages earlier in GL, Kyle was being forced into a fridge by all his Black Lantern Girlfriends.

Matt Ampersand said...

My favorite sound effect from this issue of Incredible Hercules was SUKKKAPUNCH

Radlum said...

"Actually, a couple of pages earlier in GL, Kyle was being forced into a fridge by all his Black Lantern Girlfriends."

Maybe I should start reading the Blackest Night tie-ins.
Also, my favorite sound effect in this issue of Incredible Hercules was NUHHKKRACK, nothing beats a good old kick to the groin.

Marc said...

Greg Pak has a gift when it comes to writing sound effects. One of my favorites was in the final issue of World War Hulk, and went something like GPJRKJCS...the initials of all the creators who had worked on the issue.

RK said...

Hm, I don't know how I feel about the new Batgirl costume. While I'm glad they've gotten rid of Cassandra's faceless mask, I always thought it was silly for a street-level hero to have a mask with no sort of lenses/other eye protection. I mean given the type of situations they encounter daily and how even just a little dust in our eyes can be incredibly distracting it seems odd not to have some sort of eye protection. But on the other hand, Batgirl on The Batman cartoon looked weird with lenses and I think Barbara's costume would also look silly with them

...Or I could be overthinking things here >_>

Stephen said...

While I loved the scene of Deadshot killing Smyth at the end opf Secret Six, I just don't see how the guy was even alive after that beating Ragdoll gave him. That wrench was embedded in his head.

The Dangster said...

haha! That Ted and Booster gay doll moment was priceless.

Booster Gold said...

I'm not gay, damnit!

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