Saturday, October 24, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/21/09

Despite being a relatively light week for comics (well, my pull list was rather lacking compared to usual at least), the Comic Book Moments of the Week are filled to the brim with comedy, action and otherwise great moments for your viewing pleasure.  Hit the jump for the moments.

Blackest Night: Superman #3

Kandor was basically re-bottled at the end of Blackest Night: Superman as the Kryptonians pulled a magic gun out of their ass that is calibrated to the exact frequency of the Black Lantern rings, creating an invincible bubble that the Black Lanterns cannot break through, but also trapping the Kryptonians inside.  This was the best image I could find of the new bottled planet of New Krypton.  If it wasn't so absurd a premise, I'd actually commend Robinson for the irony of their new bottled planet. 

As a splashpage, this works well enough, but Superboy's dialogue on the previous page consisted of, "No, I won't let you.  I'll-- touch down!".  Not sure how that makes a lick of sense nor why touchdown is spelled with two words.

Dark Avengers #10

Karla was never this slutty in the Busiek or Fabian eras of the Thunderbolts.  It's a bit more over the top than her portrayal by Ellis, too, but at least Moonstone's showing some kind of personality now. 

Quite the cast of power houses in this splashpage.  Let's do a quick head count.  We've got what looks like the Dragon of the Moon on the left, Beyonder and his jheri curl behind Mephisto, Molecule Man on the throne, Zarathos next to him (I think, it's not Dormammu for those judging by the flaming head) and Enchantress on her knees below him.  Oh, and naked Norman Osborn. 

DC Universe Halloween Special 2009

Wow, is this the most awkward 2 page spread for a holiday special or what?  We've got comedy abound in the present day sequences, from Sodam Yat dressed as Bizarro Superman to Kilowog scaring recruits while dressed as the Anti-Monitor, and it's all drawn by Mark Bagley, yet it's then broken up with flashbacks to Guy Gardner as a child getting beaten by his drunk father on Halloween.  Is it supposed to be a serious look at Guy's past or light hearted Halloween fun?  Scary would be one way to describe the thought process behind this.

Ice dressed as the only Guardian of the Universe I'd be willing to listen to.  

Dark Reign: The List - Hulk #1

Norman "kills" Bruce Banner by infecting him with gamma radiation knowing full well that he'll eventually Hulk out and Skaar will then kill Banner for him.  Pretty creative way of crossing off his list.

Incredible Hulk #603

How does that work?  Wolverine I can see.  He has adamantium laced claws.  Daken has bone.  His third claw in the wrist has the muramasa blade or whatever, but he's not using it here.  Is this some weird anti-durability power of Skaar's that allows the equivilent of a butter knife to cut his gamma thick hide?

The Hulk can't come back soon enough to save us from the evil Dr Bruce Banner.

Invincible #67

Invincible's dad is crashing on Allen the Alien's couch while they do missions and collect anti-Viltrumite weapons.  I don't think I have to explain much more about this scene or why he's covering his ears with both pillows.

Turns out the secret Viltrumite leader created the virus that wiped out most of the Viltrumite population and is working on a new strain that could prove even deadlier.

Invincible Iron Man #19

Poor Norman, can't even gloat about co-opting Tony's armour now that he's gone full retard.

Okay, maybe not full retard since he realizes he's won.  Not sure how he won since he didn't make it to the last site to wipe his mind.  Maybe he somehow knows the media is watching and that Norman can't kill him?

Justice League of America #38

Can't have a new story arc or creative team without killing off a C-lister!

Mighty Avengers #30

Herc uses magic door from Pym's base to enter Avenger Tower and request help.  Cho makes him leave.  We get a 'Sentry throw something in the Sun' joke.  Win-win.

Ahaha, wow, Dan Slott's crush on Hank Pym just got real.  I like the idea of a Scientist Supreme, but, seriously, Hank Pym?  The issue explains away Reed Richards and Tony Stark in a believable fashion (Reed = explorer first, Tony = engineer focus), but Bruce Banner, Dr Doom (oh, he's gonna be pissed when he hears about this, he's mad enough over not being the new Sorceror Supreme) and several others are easily smarter than Pym.

If Slott (and Gage I guess is helping him on this these days) had at least made Pym do something or gave him some clear victories that could only have happened because Pym was there, ya, I could go with it, but he's failed every time.  Cho saved the team on their first mission.  Pym got beat down the minute he tried to stop the big bad.

So, while I like the idea, it's just too sudden to have Pym be chosen for something like this.  Needed more build up and Pym has not proven himself worthy of something like this.  Hell, dude is in love with a robot that worships him as a god.  Warning bells should be going off for everyone around him. 

Power Girl #6

Terra - 1, Power Girl - 0.

Thunderbolts #137

Osborn is running some Iron Fist Kills the Avengers scenarios.  Yes, he punched bullets back at Captain America.  Yes, Iron Fist is that awesome.

Wolverine: Origins #41

Ahaha, this was almost funny enough to make me want to buy this issue, especially with what happens after Skaar bashes Wolverine in the head, which you can see in the next moment...

Gold Jerry, gold.

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Klep said...

Karla may be more slutty now, but I think it's also apparent that she's become a lot more unhinged since taking up the Ms. Marvel mantle. Becoming more slutty could easily be an extension of her increased psychosis.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why Iron Fist is running through "killing the Avengers" scenarios? I mean...really. Danny would never do that.

ModernTenshi04 said...

That moment in Blackest Night: Superman is what made me regard it as my worst pull of the week, the whole TOUCHDOWN thing.

God I hate Robinson's writing so much, and now I have to deal with three more issues of it with the JLA tie-in.

I seriously hated that issue so much, so FRIGGIN' much. Horrible dialog, horrible pacing, just horrible everything.


Akylle said...

Isn't that Sodam Yat, not Mon-El, dressed up as Bizzaro?

Randallw said...

Iron Fist was captured by Osborn and is stuck in a VR scenario where he must keep killing people until he has been brain washed. He keeps failing because he refuses to kil his last target, Cage.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - Iron Fist isn't; Norman Osborn is. It's not smoe paranoid Batman contingency thing for Danny, just Norman trying to use him to take down the Avengers.

@Akylle - Ya, don't mind me. It's int he page and everything. I'll fix that. Brain lapse while looking at Superman moments or something.

Flip The Page said...

must explain again. Pym is the creator. what he's done has always been so much more than the others in that he doesn't understand or utilise science, he's always been creating with it.

as such, scientist supreme. makes perfect sense to me.

Matt Ampersand said...

Damnit Tony, you went full retard, man. Never go full retard.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Man, I don't know if Iron Fist had ever punched bullets before, but I thought of that a while ago and really hoped no one would do it, and then I could write it.

Guess that dream floats away now, off into the sun, maybe the Sentry threw my dream away, bastard!

smkedtky said...

BN: SUPERMAN: Did the hand with the Black Lantern ring get trapped inside New Krypton?

THUNDERBOLTS: Too bad that bullet punching was the best part of an, otherwise, awful issue. Danny Rand's company still existed, yet, by the fact that Misty was pregnant, it took place after the last issue of IRON FIST. Glaring continuity errors aside, this issue was still plain BAD.

JLA: Like a bullet being punched, Blue Jay's death was the highlight of this issue (except for Bagley's first shot of Zatanna). Do we know who the boot belongs to (I know it isn't but I keep thinking Monarch)?

Kirk Warren said...

@smkedtky - I believe the ring was on the other hand. You can see him reforming the hand as he bangs on the 'glass'.

Re: JLA, not sure who the boot belongs to. Sounds like he knows who Blue Jay is, so maybe someone from the older teams gone bad.

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