Friday, October 30, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/28/09

Okay, some quick words before getting into the Moments of the Week. Had some vehicle problems earlier this week that prevented me from getting to the shop until today.  As such, reviews still aren't up.  I'll have a big batch of them up for you tomorrow though.  For now, you'll have to suffer through one long ass set of MotW as my apology. 

However, even with how long these moments felt putting together, I still couldn't post all the moments I wanted for lack of scans online.  I couldn't find any scans of moments from the Necrosha one-shot or a handful of other comics from my usual channels.  Was really bummed at that.  Even scans_daily came up short for me on that end.  Anyways, there's still lots of Blackest Night, Dark Reign, Fantastic Four and other moments for your enjoyment, so hit the jump to get at them!

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Anti-Venom - New Ways to Live #2

Punisher shot Anti-Venom in the face last issue.  Kept trying to kill him until they established a truce this issue.  On their trip, the above happens as Eddie finds out Frank lied to him about not trying to kill him anymore.  That card, stuff like that'll kill him one of these days...

Blackest Night #4

And thus, you have my thoughts on the entire warping Hal Jordan off of Earth plan in comic book form.

Noooooo!  Why'd you have to do this Johns, why????  I could hold out some small hope for the original Azrael still being alive (didn't see the body, ambiguous death, etc, etc) up until now.  Why'd you have to go and make him a zombie? We can't be friends after this.

And another JSA'er bites the dust.

While I actually liked this "he's the goddamn Flash" scene, this is also the kind of stuff that turns me off of Johns's work.  It's like everyone mysteriously has to start spouting how great so and so is, typically about whatever character Johns is currently the main writer of, such as Hal Jordan or Barry Allen. 

Nekron's back.  Like the new look.  Not sure why he has the chain on his neck and arm other than for flair though.  Also, why isn't he the giant version that was in the old Green Lantern stories that featured him?  Was also expecting more to go down when he appeared.  After all the charging of the black rings, I expected some big rip in space to Nekron's dimension.  Just sort of shows up and raises more dead, which we've already seen.

Blackest Night: Titans #3

Yes, she's "killing" her baby, but it's hard to really feel anything with how Blackest Night has progressed.

Getting bit turns you evil?  Definitely not zombies though!

Dark Avengers: Ares #1

Damn it feels good to be a gangster...

Man, falling into one's own food is the worst.  Happens to me all the time. 

Dark Reign: The List - Punisher #1

Yes, Daken just sliced Punisher's arm into pieces.  But wait, there's more... 

Along with Kick-Ass, I believe John Romita Jr is the new king of gore in comics.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #5

While the rest of the issue was a let down, this ending almost made up for it as Coat dreams of doing a dance number with the Green Goblin

Detective Comics #858

Batwoman's origin consisted of fun family times with her twin sister and the difficulties of moving with a military family.  Was all good until she, her sister and mother were abducted and we flash to this scene where she was saved.  The red head being covered by the blanket is/was her sister and the woman with the bag on and bullet in her head is/was Kate's mother.

Fantastic Four #572

Damnit Reed, clearly your front foot wasn't in the way, yet you had to go to the effort to show off about how you could have avoided the blast that killed the other two Reeds. 

One Reed taps into his own universe by using another Reed with cosmic powers as a power source.  It kills the other Reed, but gains access to his Infinity Gauntlet for a brief moment in which he wipes out half a dozen Celestials

The other Reed was the one that had his mind messed with by the Celestials.  He's a broken man and explains to our Reed how this was all he had and how it will be the same for our Reed.  While Reed turns away from this life and goes back to his family, I hope we see more from them in the future. 

Gotham City Sirens #5

When Catwoman found out they were going to go take down the Joker, she called in a specialist - The Carpenter!  However, it turns out Catwoman just wants her to remodel the hideout that Joker trashed on them.  Turns out the Carpenter is actually a certified carpenter.  Who knew?

The classic, comical Joker that has been appearing in Paul Dini's Detective and Gotham City Sirens turns out to be Gagsworth Gagsworthy, Joker's original sidekick that was impersonating the Joker and was much more enjoyable than the actual Joker.  Funny how that works out.  I'm not sure if this was planned by Dini or an editorial "fix it to sync up with Morrison's version" or what.  Also, not sure if Gagsworth is a new or old character that Dini dusted off. 

Green Lantern #47

The recently risen Black Lantern Five Inversions rip out Atrocitus's heart after realizing he's always filled with rage and nothing they say can make his emotions any greater. 

Seems Atrocitus got better.  Who needs a heart when you've got rage?

Really liked what Johns did with Sinestro this issue.  Sinestro has been so great and humanized in Blackest Night that I'm almost able to forget he's basically space Hitler.  Almost.

Even here, Sinestro won't allow himself to be seen caring for another person in front of Hal, despite his wife and only woman he ever loved "dying" again. 

This could be interesting.  I wonder if Atrocitus can wield both the red and orange rings at the same time.

Guardians of the Galaxy #19

It was so worth Adam Warlock becoming Magus if only to see Martyr get killed not once, but twice. 

Kang "fixed" Starlord's and company's little aging problem, but it led to some funny no clothes moments for Cosmo and Mantis.

Whole bunch of time travel nonsense occurred in this issue, but basically we're back at the end of War of Kings where Magus appears.  Instead of allowing that to happen, which destroys the future, the Guardians try to stop him at the moment before he turns into Magus.  That went south real quick and Starlord was forced to use a Cosmic Cube that Kang gave him to kill Adam.  However, as you can see above, Gamora, Mantis, Cosmo (NOOOOOOOOOO!), Martyr (YEEEESSSSS!) and others all died in the process.  Not sure how this will be resolved or if DnA are just clearing the board for some reason. 

That's a nice fatherly way to break it to your recently back from the dead daughter Drax.

Incredible Hercules #137

Let's ignore the fact that Aunt May knows that Hebi is coo coo for cocoa puffs and still setting her up with her loser nephew, Peter, for a moment and focus on how they are letting this crazy lady serve the homeless people "Soap" brand soup.  I know times are tough, but that's just wrong. 

New Avengers #58


Punisher #10

The Hood successfully raises Frank's family from the dead and Frank promptly orders their executions.  Not pictured is how he then shoots that flame using villain in the head as soon as he torches his family.  Probably feels like dying after that.  If only Daken were around.

Ultimate Comics Avengers #3

Tony Stark's brother is pretty much the perfect anti-Tony Stark and exactly how I pictured him acting.  Love the degenerate line at the end. 

Any ideas who this Spider-Man is?  I'm thinking Ultimate Deadpool, but not sure why.  Doesn't seem to fit the 'so smart, he can make you commit suicide' angle though.  Maybe it's just an evil Spider-Man clone.

Ahaha, Captain America's disguise for blending in France is a Canadian baseball team hat.  That just tickles my fancy for some reason.

Ultimate Iron Wars #2

First rule is we don't talk about 4chan!  Second rule is we don't talk about 4chan!

X-Force #20

I love Kimura.  Yost & Kyle should just do another X-23 miniseries with her and Laura. 

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Anonymous said...

The Spiderman clone seems like Tao from Wildcats and Sleeper.

Andrenn said...

I didn't find the DR: Young Avengers conclusion to be unsatisfying.

Flip The Page said...

Guardians of the Galaxy has the best closing line of any comic EVER this week from Drax, glad you highlighted it!

Randallw said...

Ultimate Avengers is more like Ultimate Dark Avengers or Ultimate Thunderbolts. Since I already get those two I'm glad I started picking it up. As for Tony's brother, I read that Orson Scott Card series they did and I don't remember any mention there of Tony having an older brother.

Ethereal said...

Happy I didn't pick up Ultimate Avengers, I guess I can keep skipping it. Upset that I didn't pick up FF I think. Probably the same with X-Force. Damn it.

GotG was full of crazy moments. I don't know what the plan is there.

Nova had alot of great moments, especially starstalker figuring out he's not a real boy. Nice touch.

Geoff Johns should just work for wrestling companies and write storylines, he's good at pushing characters and making anything somewhat interesting. That being said, thank you for making The Atom matter.

billy k said...

Gaggy appeared in Batman #186, Nov. 1966, not to hard to do some research, otherwise I really enjoy your blog

Anonymous said...

Stupid soldiers. Why the hell would you mess with somebody sitting at the same table as the GOD OF FREAKING WAR! That's just inviting disaster.

Daryll B. said...

already mentioned the night nurse confronting Ms Marvel and Patriot confront Iron Patriot in the first half of Ryan's list but also there were:

Jerry absorbing the properties of Ares' axe then hitting him with it in Secret Warriors.

The Cypher part of X-Necrosha was full of win...especially with Beef's puns about him...

Power Girl just loves destroying JSA conference tables..

Taskmaster is the main reason I pick up Avengers The Initiative now. His playing both sides is really awesome

Finally back to New Avengers...the scene with Jessica and her mother...nicely done Bendis

Marc said...

Interesting, I never knew that Tony Stark's brother was Daniel Craig.

Ruuudes said...

with respect to Azrael in BN#4, can not necessary be Jean Paul, remember, he had a "brother" who had the same skills and Jean Paul had to kill him in azrael#75. even we can expect the return of the original Azrael.

Anonymous said...

That GotG art is painful , especially considering the subject matter. Magus running Phylla thru with a sword should not look like a saturday morning cartoon.

Primewax said...

I enjoy Ultimate Comics: Avengers. It's nice to have a different take on what a superhero team could be.

ModernTenshi04 said...

I was REELING in my room when I was reading Detective Comics, particularly the end. The whole thing just comes out of nowhere. Rucka was great at getting you to drop your guard, and then having most of it play out in complete darkness was just brilliant.

And yes, Williams switching art styles FOUR TIMES in ONE comic book is just beyond awesome, and shows a level level of dedication I haven't seen in any other comic I've read.

zoora said...

for those keen on Gagsworth Gagsworthy.

I was reading that entry some time back and it had the line "But alas, Gaggy was, to my knowledge, never seen again." So kinda tickled me to see him back.

Anonymous said...

I imagine the GotG roster cleaning was because there were 14-15 members last I checked. Even the X-Men had sennse to whittle down the roster after Giant Size X-Men Annual #1.

It's probably for the best, as the original Star Lord mini-series portrayed his nascent Guardians as a space-based Suicide Squad, even if the only true casualty was Captain Universe. (Why bring Moondragon back when they could have brought him back?!)

Sad to see Mantis go, especially since this iteration of the character was the first version I actually liked. (Her previous incarnations in the 1970's Avengers and 1980's Silver Surfer were abominable.)

Mike-El said...

I was just re-reading Ultimate Iron Wars, and something I didn't catch the first time was the panel showing the flight map from Prague to Darmstadt, including the point where Tony got the pilot drunk. That, for me, was the moment of the week :)

Mikey Donuts said...

I'm going to call that the Ultimate Spider-Man who can talk you into killing yourself is Dr. Emil Burbank from squadron supreme. Not sure why. But yes, his character seems VERY Tao from WildCATS. Nice call, Anonymous.

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