Friday, October 30, 2009

Mark Millar & Steve McNiven's New Project - Nemesis

Mark Millar has been busy hyping his upcoming projects on the forums, which is par for the course for him, and today was the day we were set to hear about his and Steve McNiven's next big project.  Turns out all we got was a name and and a date.  It's tentatively being called Nemesis with the ambiguous release date of 2010.  No details other details were released, but I have some speculation after the jump.

Update - Millar posted more clues to the mystery of Nemesis.  More after the jump.

Red, White & Blue

While it's a simple enough "image" consisting of nothing but text, the colours used seem to imply Captain America with the red, white and blue theme.  I'm doubtful on this one since Captain America is Ed Brubaker's baby and he's already handling his big return over in Captain America: Reborn.

Borrowing The Family Car

Bleeding Cool reposted an announcement by Millar recently stating the following about an upcoming meeting with Joe Quesada to discuss a major project he wanted to pitch at Marvel:

I’m basically wanting to borrow the family car for a little while, take it on the scariest ride ever and hopefully hand it back in one piece.

Hopefully the fact that this has the potential to be bigger than Civil War will convince him. Here’s hoping as I love this. I just have that crazy good feeling about it when you know you’re onto something big. I knew we had it with Old Man Logan, Kick-Ass and Ultimates and I smell it here. This has the potential to be absolutely crazy.

Millar also mentioned that he wanted to "move the artist on my next creator-owned gig back into the Marvel stable and do what’s very possibly going to be the most commercial and yet radical Marvel project I have ever done.” 

Speaking of Creator Owned Project

As this has no markings of an official Marvel event or announcement, not even a watermark on the teaser image above, it's possible this is the creator owned project Millar hinted at in a Kick-Ass interview with CBR back in August.  I'm not sure if he'd be allowed to hype a creator owned project using Marvel properties/events like the above image though, but I suppose you're allowed to list "from the creators of so and so" on different publishers' titles, it isn't a problem so long as they don't use the art or characters.  If it is the creator owned project, it would be set for summer 2010 based on what was said in the interview by Millar. 

What Do You Think?

There's not much information available outside of random musings by Millar, but I'm curious what you think Nemesis will end up being.  Marvel event?  Out of continuity like Old Man Logan or next big event for Marvel?  Creator owned?  Let us now in the comments below.

Update - Millar updated his original post with more information on Nemesis.

Three more clues:

1/ We're doing this for Marvel.

2/ The main character driving this is in the name.

3/ It's going to be awesome and very big indeed.

Next month Steve and I will be doing a massive interview for this and releasing the cover image plus maybe some interior pages too. You will like these A LOT. McNiv has a more Travis Charest style lined up for this project and it's just incredible. He's doing the best work of his career here.

Civil War was good, Old Man Logan was better, but Nemesis will be the best of the lot.

We're very excited.


Looks like it is in fact a Marvel event.  Nemesis was Apocalypse's son, better known as Holocaust from the Age of Apocalypse.  There's also a few random Alpha Flight characters that have taken on the name.  Finally, there's that horrible EA Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects game to consider.  Let's hope it wasn't released in Scotland and that Millar has no knowledge of it.

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brandon said...

Unless it's a one-shot I am not excited. I dont want to wait months between issues like most of his other projects.

Klep said...

I guess my interest is piqued, but I can't be excited about this yet with such scant information. Of course, if it turns out that this is another thing tying into the future timeline he's created with Old Man Logan and his FF run, then I could end up being quite excited indeed. Future history almost invariably interests me.

Marc said...

Maybe Millar is finally going to develop the idea of Marvel's villains working for the government that he introduced in Marvel Knights Spider-Man. This would fit with all the clues he's provided, even the one about the title. The main characters will be the various "nemeses" of Marvel's superheroes.

smkedtky said...

There was also a DOCTOR Nemesis at some point (I think he was a Silver Age, Ant-Man villian).

If, "The main character driving this is in the name" is to be taken literaly, then I can't imagine any of Marvel's past characters w/ the name supporting an event like this. Then again, Millar/McNiven could probably make any property a number one seller regardless of who starred in it.

Maybe NEMESIS is an anagram or the name is in the word somewhere. Anybody see anything there?

Maybe "driving" has something to do w/ it.

I'm sure I could sit here all day trying to figure this out and will never come close to doing so.

mugiwara said...

smkedtky > There IS currently a Dr Nemesis in the X-Men's Science Team. I don't know if it's the same you're talking about

Primewax said...

I'm game I guess. Old Man Logan was really good. Wasn't a fan of Civil War so much, but eh, I'm probably in the minority there.

Matt Ampersand said...

Maybe Marvel bought the rights to do Resident Evil comics?

Also, what about this?

Sounds like the kind of thing Millar is talking about here. And there's also this...

"In June 2005, when asked by Newsarama whether Marvel had any plans to revive the Ultraverse, Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada replied that:
“ Let's just say that I wanted to bring these characters back in a very big way, but the way that the deal was initially structured, it's next to impossible to go back and publish these books.

There are rumors out there that it has to do with a certain percentage of sales that has to be doled out to the creative teams. While this is a logistical nightmare because of the way the initial deal was structured, it's not the reason why we have chosen not to go near these characters, there is a bigger one, but I really don't feel like it’s my place to make that dirty laundry public."

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