Friday, October 23, 2009

Thoughts On Solicitations for January 2010

The first month of 2010 is an eventful one for comics. Over at Marvel, the long awaited end to the story that started with Avengers: Disassembled begins with the release of Siege #1. Marvel also kicks off it's latest Hulk event, Fall of The Hulks, and sees the end of Captain America: Reborn.

Over at DC, while Blackest Night skips a month, there are still plenty of tie-ins with the "resurrection" of eight previously canceled titles. January also sees the end of Geoff John's run on Adventure Comics, Dan Didio and Philip Tan taking over as the creative team for The Outsiders and Grant Morrison's latest Vertigo project launch. Hit the jump to see what we though of these comics and more.



Eric: I'll probably be getting this. Aside from all of the good things I've heard about the series I'm also looking for more comics from Europe to check out right now. The subject matter also looks like something I'd enjoy as well.

Matt: I have heard many great things about this series, but I haven't really checked it out. The whole anthropomorphic animals is a bit of a turn off, honestly, but the the critical acclaim this series has can't be ignored either. Maybe I'll check out this hardcover when it comes out.

Chew #1 Collector's Edition

Eric: No, just no. I really do wish Image would stop putting these out.

Image United #3


Mesmo Delivery

Eric: Not sure if this the same work that was originally published by AdHouse but I'm looking forward to it none the less since I have been impressed by the pin-ups and such that I've seen from Rafael Grampa online and I'm want to see how an actual comic by him holds up.

Orc Stain #1

Eric: I may be interested in this series depending what I hear about. The solicit and preview don't offer much but I'll definitely keep an eye on the series to see how it develops. Also, that's a fantastic title.

Proof #28

Eric: Kind of surprised to see that the series is ending and it reminds me that I'm behind on my Proof reading.



Batgirl #6

Ryan: I like the idea of Stephanie teaming up with Damian in a twisted version of the old Batgirl and Robin team-ups. This seems like an ample opportunity for Bryan Q. Miller to slip in a lot of big action and, potentially, big laughs into this series.

Batman and Robin #7

Matt: "Blackest Knight"? Really?

Detective Comics #861

Matt: Wow, Jock is doing the art of this book now? Is he going to be the ongoing artist or is this a one-time thing? Either way, good for him.

Outsiders #26

Eric: I'm actually going to go to a comic shop the day this comes out and actually buy this, just for the sheer curiosity factor. I'm also hoping this is actually really good so it'll enrage all of the Dan Didio haters.

Ryan: I’ll probably take some flack for this one, but I cannot wait to see what DiDio has in store for this series. I was pleasantly surprised by DiDio’s Metal Men story in Wednesday Comics and I’m really hoping that it wasn’t a fluke.


Eric: I'm looking at this and I'm reaction is pretty much "Really? That's it?" I guess it is kind of a novel idea that they are "resurrecting" a bunch of series but it also helps give the idea that the best idea DC has right now is to mine their past, which is already a strong undertone running through Blackest Night. They all seem like a massive amount of who cares or mind boggling choices to me.

First off, why are plot lines from Blackest Night: Superman continuing into Blackest Night: JSA? If it's an explicit as the solicit sounds, BN:S doesn't actually wrap some plot lines and they continue directly into BN: JSA, that's pretty low.

Second, a lot of the rest of the books either focus on mostly obscure or marginal characters. I mean, the Phantom Stranger? Bat Lash? Even the more well know characters, like The Question or Suicide Squad haven't supporting an going in a long while and their tie-ins could honestly be apart of a current ongoing series, Detective Comics and Secret Six, the latter of which could have simply double shipped.

Or take Blackest Night: Wonder Woman in which the titular character possibly dies and then fight's Mera? Mera, a character who I had never heard of in the comics until Blackest Night. I guess I'm past the point where I am interested in these types of characters because I realize that, outside the hands of a writer like Warren Ellis or Grant Morrison, they are forgotten for a reason - most writers can't actually do anything interesting with them.

Third, some only seem to exists to "fix" or tinker with continuity, again. Take The Atom and Hawkman #46, which is another dive into the quagmire that is Hawkman's past. This is something that is completely unnecessary. Or The Phantom Stranger #42, which is about the true origin of the character, which completely misses the point! And yes, I am aware of the Secret Origins issue the character but they were only possible origins.

Finally, some just seem to exist for no reason other than DC wanted to bring back X books and they were drawn out of a hat at random. I'm thinking The Power of Shazam #48 and Catwoman #83 here, simply by going on the solicit information.

That said, Green Lantern Corps #44 looks fantastic and Guy becoming a Red Lantern is one of the few instances of an established character getting a power ring that makes sense.

Catwoman #83

Ryan: Catwoman + Fabian Nicieza = Me wishing this was an ongoing and not a one-shot.

Green Lantern #50

Matt: That sound you just heard is the thousand fanboys screaming at the sight of Paralax Jordan. Weird how the solicit doesn't mention him at all.

Ryan: Black Lantern Spectre? Well, as long as he doesn’t have a goatee, count me in!

Suicide Squad #67/Secret Six #17

Ryan: This sounds ridiculously awesome. I just hope that it either leads to a new Suicide Squad ongoing series or, at the very least, a Suicide Squad co-feature in Secret Six!

The Power of Shazam #48

Ryan: The fact that this solicitation makes no sense to me jus shows how poorly treated the Marvel Family has been with DC. Ugh.

Weird Western Tales #71

 Ryan: I think this might be the most creative of the “revived series” one-shots. Bringing back some of DC’s most beloved Western characters in a modern setting as Black Lanterns sounds like pure fun to me.


The Brave and the Bold #31

Matt: I haven't been reading this, but at least JMS sure is mixing up the characters he is having appear on the book.

Justice League: Cry For Justice #6

Eric: Look out! Prometheus has a CD! A CD! The Justice League is doomed! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMEED!!!!

Justice League of America #41

Ryan: I understand Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and the Atom. Heck, I’m willing to even accept Cyborg, Donna Troy, and Starfire graduating up to Justice League status. But Mon-El, Guardian, and Congorilla being part of the team as part of some pet-project of James Robinson is…well…stupid?

Teen Titans #79

Ryan: As awesome as it is to see DC finally acknowledging the existence of Dakota and taking Static there, this really should be written by Dwayne McDuffie. For shame, DC.

Titans #21

Ryan: If J.T. Krul is going to be the ongoing writer of the series and if this is kicking off the new Deathstroke-led direction for Titans, this could be the biggest surprise for January in terms of awesomeness.


Adventure Comics#6

Matt: Can you really call an issue "spectacular" because it has 30 pages instead of the usual 22 and it's charging you one dollar more?

Supergirl #49

Eric: This is the most asinine solicit I have ever read. Well, at least recently. I don't necessarily have a problem with solicits that try to hide what's going on to build excitement, I think they are stupid but I don't have a problem with them being used since I can ignore them, but this is just so...poor. It is both incredibly crass and stupid.

Ryan: Pete Ross and Lana Lang had a baby named Clark?

World Finest #4

Eric: Um, no. Despite the Composite Superman/Batman robot coming from Jeph Loeb's abomination of run on Superman/Batman, it is a solid idea with potential if used right. Having it used as genocide machine by Mr. Freeze and Toyman is not using it right, by any stretch of the imagination. I guess this is just another example of writers trying to add some "seriousness" to an Silver Age-esque idea for seemingly no reason other than they seem to be embarrassed by it.


Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #3

Ryan: This is just your monthly reminder that Chrissie Zullo’s covers for this series are totally awesome.

Joe The Barbarian #1

Eric: Well, now the countdown to the trade collection begins for me! Definitely excited about this series and it looks like more fun from Morrison.

Matt: I wonder how much this is going to sell. It's another one of those $1 first issues that Vertigo has been putting out, and it is written by Morrison, which would in theory mean big sales, but I don't know if it is going to translate into a reality.

Wildcats #19

Ryan: I really want to believe that you’ve changed, Wildstorm Universe, but every time I give you a shot, you just let me down. I want to believe that Adam Beechen and Tim Seeley could make this worth reading, but I’ve been burnt too many times before…



Amazing Spider-Man #619

Matt: Still not picking this up, but I wonder if they are going to follow up on Mysterio's last appearance, where he was some kind of undead version of himself.

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot #1

Eric: Jackpot II? Really? REALLY?!

Ryan: I’ve been avoiding all of the Amazing Spider-Man stories (Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Anti-Venom, etc), but the combination of Marc Guggenheim and Adriana Melo on one of the more interesting post-OMD supporting characters is enough to rope me in.


Captain America #602

Matt: Damn, another back-up feature added in one of the ongoings I follow? Well, I guess it could be worse, as the Nomad back-up sounds interesting, and we are going to get extra material to justify the price increase.

Ryan: I just now realized that Captain American hasn’t come out since issue #601. Weird. I’m glad to see Marvel picking up on the backup idea from DC though, as it makes the higher price tags much easier to swallow.

Captain America: Reborn #6

Matt: Now this is odd, Brubaker is a master planner, so the extra issue has me questioning if there is editorial involvement in this. Also, funny how Flash: Rebirth also got an extra issue. Guess writing superheroes coming back to life takes longer than we thought.


Fall Of The Hulks: Red Hulk #1

Eric: This book raises a lot of question, a lot and lot of questions, the most important question here is why the f#$& is Red Hulk getting a second book?! Why?! Seriously, why?! And why is Marvel wasting Jeff Parker's talent on this book?! ...I'm going to go in the corner and cry now.

Matt: Um, why does the Red Hulk need a mini series? He has his own series already! Oh, Jeff Parker, we are really sorry not enough people bought Agent of Atlas, but please stop committing to stuff like this! It sounds horrible!

Hulk #19

Eric: AARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!! Do the editors at Marvel do not know what the word "no" is and that they can, nay!, should use it on occasion. Like when Jeph Loeb turned in the script for Hulk #19, they should have said "No, re-write it." See, it's that simple. Also, whoever thought up the word "Hulkventure" should be ashamed of themselves.

Incredible Hulk #606

Eric: I might, might, have been interested if John Romita Jr. was doing the interior artwork, instead of just the cover.


Avengers vs. Agents of Atlas #1

Ryan: If the recent X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas miniseries is any indication, this one should be a lot of fun. Plus, it’ll be really cool to revisit a time when the Avengers were about being awesome superheroes and not about revolving door lineups.

Guardians of the Galaxy #22

Matt: Creepiest. Cover. Ever. And did they really need to mention Octo-Mom on the solicitation blurb? Who the hell wrote that?

Ryan: The “Octo-mom” joke in this solicit made me throw up in my mouth a little bit, but I’m totally okay with that if it means more Guardians goodness in January.

Hulk: Road To Fall Of The Hulks TPB and Siege: Road To Siege TPB

Eric: Man, Marvel is getting more and more obvious with their unnecessary cash grabs. I mean, what was so bad about those free Saga issues they used to give away? Oh, right. They were free. And really, what's a better way to get possible new readers caught up on your big events with expensive trades that probably won't explain everything they need to know anyway?

Iron Man: I am Iron Man! #1

Matt: Silly title aside, that's a pretty strong creative team for a two issue mini series. Has Peter David written Iron Man before? And what has Sean Chen been doing all this time?

Strange #3

Matt: That cover definitely lives up to the name that is going to be on it.

The List HC

Eric: Okay, this is just plain stupid. Most of these comics have nothing to do with each than Norman Osborn shows up but that describes over half of Marvel's output nowadays anyway! So, what's the point of this trade considering that all of the stories would read better as part of a collection for their respective ongoing series? Can someone give me a rational explanation that doesn't involve $$$?


Dark Avengers #13

Eric: Brain Bendis's use of the Sentry over the past few years has been both controversial, as these things go, and seemingly haphazard. I'm kind of curious to see what Bendis's grand plan for the Sentry is though but I'm not expecting much. Like a lot of things from Marvel and DC, this is probably going to end up being something that was thrown together at kind of the last minute. I suspect Bendis didn't have any real plan for the Sentry until at least Secret Invasion, with Might Avengers #14, and didn't even begin to work on it until Dark Avengers started up.

Ryan: I’m pretty sure this is the same plotline of every other Sentry story ever.

Dark Wolverine #82

Eric: "While he is counted among the greatest gathering of villains the Marvel Universe has ever seen..." Since when?! When has Daken been anything other than the completely awful pet character of Daniel Way? Daken, one of the greatest villains of the MU? The only reason why he was even on the Dark Avengers was because Bendis needed an evil Wolverine and Sabertooth was dead. Daken is just one of the worst characters to be created in the past decade. X-23 needs to shank the waste of paper ASAP. And, for the record, I did read Dark Wolverine #75 on Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited and it was honestly one of the most insufferable comics I've ever read. So, in short, f&#^ Daken!

New Avengers #61

Matt: Well, as if last month's solicits didn't spoil it enough, Steve Rogers is back for sure. Although is it just me or do Steve's eyebrows look a little gray there? Could be a coloring mistake.

Ryan: Wake me up with the line-ups are solidified so I know which Avengers books to pick up. Then, let’s keep it that way for a while, okay? I’m growing really tired of these yearly shake-ups!
Siege #1

Eric: I feel like buying this for a sense of closure. I got back into comics partial because of Avengers Disassembled/New Avengers/House of M, in trades of course, and I've mostly read all of the big stuff that's come afterward. My biggest problem with Marvel's output of late, aside from asinine ideas like Dark Reign, is that there are never any actual endings to their events or stories, they just seem to move on to the next event or story. I have no faith that the end of Siege will address all of those linger plot lines from previous events though since it's only purpose seems to be to have the heroes fight the villains again. So, on the one hand I do want some closure on all of the story lines that I've been reading for the past couple of years but, on the other, I have no expectation of getting that.

Matt: At four issues, at least this mini (although it's already looking kind of big) event won't suffer from dragging out too long like it happened with Secret Invasion and House of M. I still haven't made up my mind if I am going to get this or not.

Ryan: This seems like an odd plot for a Marvel mega-event. I mean, I admit that Asgard’s a big deal that should be dealt with in a big way, but I wouldn’t expect it to be Marvel’s big event of 2010. I’d expect it to be something more on the level with Annihilation. Still kudos to Marvel for keeping it at 4 issues and a handful of tie-ins.

Siege: Embedded #1

Eric: Not sure why Marvel is continuing with the Front Line style books for this event. The only thing they seem to garner is scorn (Civil War: Front Line) or apathy (the rest of them). This just strikes just as a waste on about every possible level.

Ryan: I can’t say that I’m tremendously excited about Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers invading Asgard, but I’ll be picking this one up for Chris Samnee’s art. It’s great to see Samnee finally getting the recognition he deserves through these big projects!


Ultimate Enemy #1

Eric: That cover = facepalm. It just looks so...amateurish. Not to mention the story just way too little way too late if it supposed to be anything "important" to the Ultimate Universe.

Matt: This sounds just like Ultimate Secret, doesn't it? And Bendis is writing it too.

Ryan: Did they forget the plot in this solicitation? Oh, it’s just Heroes vs. Villains? Well, that is “an adventure unlike anything seen in Marvel Comics,” isn’t it?

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 22, Ultimatum TPB

I'll be getting this and it will probably be my last foray into the Ultimate Universe unless the Ultimate Comics trades are offered at a reasonable price, $3 per issue or less, but I'm not expecting that.


Cable #22

Eric: The messed up time jump is obviously a delay tactic until Nation X and Necrosha wrap up but man, it's a lazy and obvious one.

Dark X-Men #3

Eric: I think this might have launched a month or two late since the same month X-Man decides to take on Osborn is also the month that Siege #1 is released which makes this comic look completely unnecessary

Deadpool Team-Up #897

Matt: Deadpool having a team up with the Ghost Riders and this is not written by Jason Aaron? C'mon! This sounds like a missed opportunity, although I have no idea who the writer is.

Nation X #2

Ryan: Jubilee was one of my favorite characters of the 90s, which has me pretty pumped about this. The only problem is that the quality of the stories in these X-anthologies really varies, so its going to be a crapshoot if her return is even going to be enjoyable.

Sword #3

Eric: Awesome cover aside, this comics looks like a lot of fun and I think Gillen is more than capable of delivering so I will definitely be keeping an eye on this series and, if any of those characters listed are recurring characters, that will only be another incentive to pick this book up.

Matt: You know, I was doubting my decision to follow this series for a second there, but that cover just confirmed I made the right decision.

X-Factor #201

Eric: Yep, this is actually what I was expecting to happen with this new status quo and I'm definitely not interested in this book any more. I don't really care to read a comic about X-Factor Investigations interacting with the Marvel Universe at large so this book as no appeal to me anymore. 

X-Men: Legacy #232

Ryan: I’ve never cared for the potential romance between Magneto and Rogue, but that is one of the coolest Adi Granov covers I’ve seen in a while.

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Ryan Schrodt said...

I don't think it really hit me until I saw all of our thoughts at once, but damn we are snarky this month.

Flip The Page said...

@eric: man i disagree a lot with you this time around (loves front line series and has a fondness for dark wolverine and daken's appearance this week in incredihulk)

Also i'm surprised by any skepticism being levelled at X-factor investigations when it's only been an example of Marvel's best work outside of crossovers

Also Ryan, did you ever read New Warriors post civil war? Jubilee was pretty awesome in that. i'm a little put off actually with the idea of her rejoining the x-men powerless whilst Chamber and his potential Omega-level Apocalypse derived power is ignored... Still a proper costume on her again!

Klep said...

I love that Granov cover and the one he did for that month's issue of the Black Widow mini. He's not that great for interiors and sometimes even his covers look too stiff, but often enough his cover art just hits it out of the park.

Servando Gomez said...

Hmm my post isn't up. I assume i exited out my window and it didn't save rather than it was deleted. If the latter was true then i guess i did come out to harsh ha.

Anyways, my first post here was about how you guys not be looking forward to "The Sword" by Image? It's like the best comic after Mice Templar and Elephantmen being released by them.

Especially at 2.99 and without advertisements.

Still, good job on the commentary though no ultimate Iron Man? i thought you guys were Warren Ellis Fans

Matt Ampersand said...

@Flip, oh I love X-Factor. I just didn't have anything to say about it this month.

Eric Rupe said...

Flip The Page- I love the pre-MC issues of X-Factor but this new direction for X-F just doesn't sit well with it. I think it pushes suspension of disbelief a little to far. I can't see the FF asking Madrox for help or X-F taking on Doom.

Servando Gomez - I love the Luna Brothers work but I read it all in trades and have fallen behind, as I have with a bunch of other stuff.

As for Ultimate Iron Man, I don't really care about any of the Ultimate spin-off minis even I'm a huge Ellis fan.

Flip The Page said...

I suppose you have a fair point Eric, they haven't really done anything to establish themselves in the greater marvel u yet. but haven't the solicits been saying Franklin asked them to? disbelief falls away to me when a stupid ex-mutant child is involved.

@matt: goodo. i have to admit writing about the solicits i didn't really have much to say about this solicit other than 'ooh twist'

Andres said...

Talking about digital comics, has anyone check the ecomics that are selling trough iTunes? Red 5 Comics sell the first volume of Atomic Robo for less than one dollar each issue...and the first one and the one from Free Comic Book Day are free. There are a lot of independent comics to look for. I'm still checking out everything, but i think is an interesting option.

Tim_D said...

God, I want to buy Siege just because it sounds like a cool Thor/Marvel Universe event...but I feel like it might be another event to lead to another event and etc.

I'm just afraid this is Bendis and Marvel's way of bringing in Marvelman and after Siege will be "Wrath of Marvelman" where the heroes AND villains join up now or something.....

Michael David said...

Re: Siege: Road To Siege TPB - I started reading comics with Secret Invasion, and my LCBS owner suggested I get the Secret Infiltration TPB first. I'm glad he did, since it collects all the essential issues and serves as a good introduction for people who only have a passing understanding of the Marvel universe.

While the Sagas are free, they're just text summaries. Reading those things feels like doing homework.

Marc said...

I Am Iron Man: I'm not sure if Peter David has ever written Iron Man, but he writes all the novelizations of Marvel's movies, so it makes sense that he would write this. I'm surprised they put such a high-profile artist on it, though.

Siege: I was done with Marvel's events halfway through Secret Invasion. I'll wait to see what Marvel's inevitable next event after Siege is going to be before I consider wasting my time on it.

Klep said...

I agree with Michael David on the Road To... trades based on my experience with the Road To War of Kings trade which I picked up. Road To War of Kings contained some of the most important books for setting the immediate stage for the War of Kings event (Secret Invasion: War of Kings and X-Men: Kingbreaker), and was something I found quite useful as a prelude. I have no regrets over buying it and if I decide I feel sufficiently invested in any events in the future, I would certainly consider buying a Road To... trade again.

ModernTenshi04 said...

Normally I'm not one for variant covers, usually only picking them up if I get them on sale or something from a dealer who just wants to get rid of them.

But, being a big fan of Green Lantern (hell, Green Lantern is the reason I started collecting comics back in January), I think I'll open my wallet to this. It'll make a nice highlight to my collection.

Eric Rupe said...

Michael David, Klep - The reason why those two trades worked well as intros to their respective events was because they were designed to be. Most of the issues collected is those trades were explicitly created to be, and marketed as, lead ups to their events.

The random collection of issues in the new Road To trades only purpose seems to be to introduce the characters, maybe some status quo and not much else. I haven't read the issues but given the fact that the single issues were not marketed as lead ins only makes think they are not going to work well as intros.

Anonymous said...

This column is slowly devolving into the pair of you bashing the big two on every front. And giving ridiculously lacking reasons for anything that you do like the look of.

Marc said...

Michael David, Klep, Eric - I think some of these Road To trades are integral to the plot (Road To Civil War, Captain America: Road To Reborn) while others are just a hodgepodge of issues (Road to Siege), and that's the point. Marvel wants everyone to get into the habit of buying the Road To books, even when they're not essential.

Daryll B. said...

Flip I agree with you Jubes in New Warriors v4 was one of the three reasons I tolerated the book... the others was Beak and Sofia

Has Peter David ever written an Iron Man solo book before? Damn I thought he wrote everything Marvel at one time or another...

If you are gonna bash the column, at least have the stones to leave ya name. Sheesh.

I love the snark but yeah you guys were like Wade Wilson and Deadshot on too much caffeine, looking at gross chicks here. LOL

Parallax207 said...

What's the deal with no Runaways... Marvel's dropping the ball and just after the new crew got it's start.

Flip The Page said...

On the contrary I think it's a good thing. This numbering of Runaways has been awful start to finish, so I relish a relaunch again in the future where it might not suck so hard.

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