Sunday, November 8, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/04/09

It's time for another round of the Comic Book Moments of the Week, you're favourite column featuring the best and worst moments from the past week in comics.  Strange Tales, Assault on New Olympus, Black Widow: Deadly Origins & Captain America: Reborn all make appearances in this week's moments.  Hit the jump to see why!

Assault on New Olympus Prologue #1

Has Herc ever met the Juggernaut before?  Seems like he should know him, but probably just throwing out a one-liner about not knowing him.  Spidey is of course referring to the classic Nobody Stops the Juggernaut story.

This was a sweet Hebe and Hercules moment and Spider-Man unable to get out while referencing the old Doc Ock underwater base story was a nice bit, too.

Why is Jocasta naked?  Hank Pym has issues.

From the Agent of Atlas backup, this was the first time I'd really thought about how people understand all the old gods in comics.  A god language makes sense. 

Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1

Liked the way this scene was composed.  Not often you see the vertical panelling in comics. 

Another great scene.  It's hard to see from the thumbnail, but take a look at the Logan and Taras (dead guy) and you can see how the gun and Logan's hands in the first panel and Taras in the second one are sharper and more in focus than the rest of the panel.  It's subtle, but really draws you're eye to those points.  Very nice technique that isn't used, well, I can't recall ever seeing it used in another comic. 

Captain America: Reborn #4

Hitch draws a great Dr Doom.

I'm a Baron Zemo fanboy, so I loved seeing this rendition by Hitch.  Based on these moments I'm seeing, was the entire issue composed of nothing but splashpages? 

Mirroring a previous cliffhanger splashpage, this one shows the Red Skull inhabiting Steve Rogers's body.  Brubaker started his run by killing off the Red Skull who was inside a Steve Rogers clone, so it's odd to see it come full circle. 

Deadpool Team-Up #899

I love the images of Herc and Deadpool sniffing Herc's armpit while Nightmare tries to play up how formidable these two are. 

Deadpool stabbed himself in the head, severing the connection to the left and right sides of his brain, effectively making him sane.  [insert witty comment here]

That really was uncalled for. 

I wish I was there.

Dr Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #2

Marvel really needs to get some editors.  Combined with how Ares and Phobos are showing up and having the same story told differently in Secret Warriors, Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers, Nightmare is now appearing in Avengers: The Initiative, Dr Voodoo and Deadpool Team-Up, all with different looks and MO's.  The Initiative has been hinting at his story for a while with Trauma's backstory, so I'm not sure why they even let the other ones tackle him. 

Strange Tales #3

The Fantastic Four are assholes, but did you see the car?  He flipped the bitch! (a cookie for whoever gets the random reference)

This story made no sense whatsoever, but I dug it for the Hostess Fruit Pie reference.

The Watcher was put injail for, uh, 'watching' She-Hulk undress.  I love his flipping the table after the Leader beats him at checkers.

Such a horrible, horrible joke, but I still loved it. 

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Anonymous said...

Wait , hang on , I'm a little confused by the Black Widow chronology here...

In Wolverine Origins , Logan first meets BW when she's just a little girl , which was somewhere around the turn of the century.

But around WW2 , in a classic issue of Uncanny X-Men , Logan and Captain America rescue a STILL teenage BW from the Hand.

I know BW has the infinity formula ( or something ) running in her veins but shouldnt she have aged somewhat between those 2 appearances?

Gah! I'm getting a geekgasm from all this continuity overthinking!

Flip The Page said...

I freakin' loved the longshot story in Strange Tales (mainly because I just straight up love Longshot) save for the adamantium joke so I had to chuckle when I saw that's the part you put in.

Anonymous said...

love the clone high reference

Matt Ampersand said...

Damn, Anonymous beat me to it, but I got the Clone High reference too. I saw a scan of that scene earlier and oddly, I thought the same thing too.

Something I didn't notice the first time was that Arcade is the piƱata in the greeting card that Deadpool and Herc send to Amadeus.

Andrenn said...

My god, someone thinking Limbaugh and Hannity have valid points?! Does not compute! I will make sure to never stab that part of my brain.

and why is Jocasta naked? Never even thought of that really. Does that mean Vision is naked as well or does he technically wear clothes?

My head hurts now...

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Vision wore a cape and a speedo. So technically , not naked.

Phillyradiogeek said...

I know Jocasta's a robot and all, but...I'd hit it.

Fan4Fan said...

Phillyradiogeek said...
I know Jocasta's a robot and all, but...I'd hit it.

And it would probably end up bent!

Angelica said...

Oh man Jeffery Brown is so cool.

Anonymous said...

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