Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/11/09

A little late, but here are your Moments of the Week for last week's comics.  Some funny moments from Amazing Spider-Man and Deadpool as well as a great deal from the much talked about Green Lantern Corps and even Kingpin MAX, er, Punisher MAX gets in on the moment fun.  Hit the jump for more.

Amazing Spider-Man #611

Really liked the perspective used in this image.  Also, poor Lady Stilt-Man...

...Spidey (with help from Deadpool) reduce the poor girl to tears.  It was a homage! A homage!  And they terrorize the poor thing.  Such wanton misuse of powers by villains like Spider-Man is why we had a SHRA in the first place.

*This is Kirk Warren and I approve this image.

Batgirl #4

Livewire is reduced to a joke by Batgirl and a rubber suit...

Batman #693

Speaking of jokes, here we see what happens when an artist with no previous writing experience (sorry, mustn't forget The Tenth) is given free reign to write.  For those wondering, that's the Riddler becoming a badguy again, despite a universally well received and liked stint as a private detective matching wits with Batman on occasion.  Why'd he become a bad guy again?  He got blown up in a building.  I kid you not.

Batman and Robin #6

I was going to write a bunch of stuff about this image, how it's a good representation of what I dislike about Morrison's Batman in general and other nonsense, but let's just go with a simple explanation that this is the same setup that killed Jason Todd the first time.  How meta of Morrison.

Another bit of symbology (symbolism for those that want a real word) in an issue filled with parallels to Batman: The Killing Joke.  I imagine Talia will just clone new parts or fix Damian up with whatever mad science she's been using to fix him up the other times, making this a rather pointless paralyzation of Robin

Booster Gold #26

A wired controller?  Big screen TV and everything and he can't afford batteries for a wireless one?  Oh, and there's no way in hell I'd go to a cat show.

Blue Beetle's Black Lantern costume came out quite nice.  One of the better looking ones.

Dark X-Men #1

I like that Nate Grey is back, but wished it was the blue and yellow costume/non-Sun God/shirtless shaman status quo.  Really disliked that change up.

Deadpool #17

HAMMER Agents 4 Life!  For those wondering at the ineptitude, Osborn wants Deadpool to kill this guy and assigned two idiots to guard detail and told them to keep him company out in the open like this so he'd be killed and the X-Men would look bad.

I always get those two confused as well. 

In case you are wondering, this sequence has a purpose...

...and it's proving that Deadpool has Batman-level preptime and intelligence. 

Green Lantern Corps #42

Loved this sequence with Kilowog.  Favourite part of the issue.

Must...resist...urge to make Power Ranger joke.  Aw, screw it, we need the other Rangers to show up so they can form a Zord of some kind to fight back against the oversized bad guy.

Or we can just have Kyle Rayner blow himself up.  Whatever works.

Punisher MAX #1

Oh, a fat joke, eh (admit it, you've all been waiting for me to end a sentence with 'eh' ever since you found out I'm Canadian)?

Well, let's just see how you make a fat joke with no eyes!

For a little context, the other mob thugs took eyeless Joe out back and were going to shoot him before Punisher got the jump on them.  It then led to him attempting to put his eyes back in his own head and having the worst luck possible.


Vril Dox, aka Brainiac-2, is almost identical to Sinestro in mentality.  He wants to instill order in a cold, calculating manner and is a bit of an egomaniac, though a good guy at heart compared to Sinestro.  Would love to see the two butt heads at some point or Vril to keep the ring for the foreseeable future.

Strange #1

Goddamn it, Dr Strange, this is why you can't be Sorceror Supreme anymore!  Stop being 'that guy'.  You can't even wear a clean shirt or get a haircut you bum and now you're off ruining the ball game for everyone else with all that free time. 


SWORD - the comic about an alcoholic dragon.

Death's Head is a cyborg bounty hunter from the old Marvel UK Transformers comics.  He actualy is Transformers-sized for those wondering.  The hologram image above is just lacking perspective, to which our heroes find out later.

I don't even know half of those aliens, which saddens me for some reason. 

X-Force #21

Banshee's return reminded me of Martian Manhunter's recent return from the dead in Blackest Night in that it showed me he can be powerful and hold his own instead of just being that guy with the horrible Irish accent.

Not the most dynamic of moments, but it shows off part of the sequence of reactions to the ballooning mutant population being revived on Genosha. 

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Matt Ampersand said...

That image of the guy putting his eyes back in his sockets cracks me the fuck up. Steve Dillon and Jason Aaron are a perfect team for this dark comedy stuff.

JP said...

Freaking loved these moments.

Kirk, don't worry about the delays because I would rather wait a couple of days and have great moments, than have you rush and the moments suck.

Agree with you on BL Blue Beetle's new costume, but I thought the image of him rising out of his grave in that costume was creepier.

I would love to see Vril Dox and Sinestro butt heads, and Dox is smart enough not to fall into the same trap Mongul did.

I don't know which is funnier, Deadpool mentioning the DC event Blackest Night in Marvel's flagship book, or that Geoff Johns would approve that message.

Deadpool is most definately the character of the week, between his Blackest night mention and the Batman-esque chicken stunt, he was amazing.

P.S.>> Your comparison of Deadpool to Batman suddenly wants me to petition Marvel and DC for a Deadpool vs. Batman crossover event.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you on Tony Daniel on Batman. I really don't know what DC was smoking.

Seriously they should have had Morrison do his thing on Batman and Robin, Rucka do Batwoman on Detective, and Paul Dini write the Batman main title. Even his weakest Streets of Gotham story is better than the crapfest Winnick and Daniel have given us.

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree about X-Man. I read the original limited series, but didn't stick around long after they folded Nate out of AoA and into the 616 universe. The only thing that brought me back into the fold was Steven Grant's run on the title, during the period when Warren Ellis revamped several of the 2nd tier X-titles. I would have treated Nate's return like a dog's lawn cigar if they treated Grant's run as non-canon.

Daryll B. said...

That Batman and Robin scene had the funny overtones of Chris Tucker standing over the felled Tiny Lister Jr. in Friday saying "You just got knocked the F*** out Man!"

Art aside, Joe Kelly working with Deadpool and Spidey in the same book was crazy fun...can't wait for the next meeting..

So the black rings can make constructs? I know I know I couldn't resist either because I had a couple of really bad Captain Planet jokes for that scene there too....

Kirk Warren said...

@Daryll B. - Ya, the only instances of constructs I've seen are with Scareface from the Batman mini, the baby carriage in Titans and Blue Beetle with his gun in Booster Gold. I think some Sinestro Corps Black Lanterns used one or two as well. It's rare to see them use any, so it was interesting to see them all combine their powers into one big construct.

Daryll B. said...

and now that it has been highlighted here and in other places...you can imagine Joe Q's anger at the DC free plug .....

That is until someone reminded him " you know Joe we still have that Avengers run by Johns that we have never reprinted aside from a brief 1st trade run"

Faster than you can say Kha-Ching....the next 3 months of solicitations have 2 of his 3 Avengers TPBs getting the reprint treatment..coincedence? LOL

Anonymous said...

Sigh...there goes all of Ennis' hard work on Punisher MAX , right down the drain... They should have just renamed this Marvel Knights Punisher if they're gonna go the dark comedy route again.

Flip The Page said...

As an english comics reader I'm required to go DEATH'S HEAD YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! at any point he appears. picking that up on thursday late simply because i found out he's in it

and spidey was chock-full of moments thanks to the first good deadpool showing since Cable and Deadpool, loved it hard

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - While that's a funny "dark comedy" (not sure what qualifies as dark since that's just funny to me), but Ennis had plenty of scenes like that from the few arcs I've read, particularly with regards to Barracuda (too many to count actually). The issue was mostly about establishing the "kingpin" and did its job reintrepting him for the MAX line in my opinion. For reference, that's the only dark comedy panel in the whole issue.

Steven said...

Eric - Warworld, Sinestro Corps Battery. Those were not a case of a GREEN power battery exploding. It is completely logical to theorize that a ring which utilizes green energy would not be able to use that green energy to contain a massive explosion made up of the same energy but in a much more concentrated powerful form.

Ivan Antonio said...

Vril Dox's uniform looks really nice.

Shame about Kyle's death. It was too "in your face" and unforeshadowed, tough. I bet he'll be back, if not by the end of Blackest Night, in one year's time.

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