Saturday, November 21, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/18/09

Some late night Moments of the Week for everyone this weekend punctuated by plethora of Invincible moments, most of which make up my personal moments of the week and I didn't even buy the issue!  I'm regretting the switch to trades on Invincible more and more with each of these recent issues, which have really picked up from when I made my switch to trades.  We've also got moments for Realm of Kings, Deadpool, Adventure Comics and more, which you can see after the jump.

Adventure Comics #4

Oh, there's some rage on my end alright.

Amazing Spider-Man #612

Wow, who thought this was a good idea?  It was stupid to have him get "drunk" in the first place, but this kind of back peddling is just groan inducing.  Just ignore it and move on next time.  What's more is that the letters page was ten times worse than this with the Spider Office trying to back peddle on the Chameleon as Peter "kissing" Michelle and how it wasn't rape and other things.  Couldn't find a scan of that or you'd be reading it as well.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #5

Dick Grayson is the biggest man whore in the DC Universe.  Is there no woman he won't date/hasn't dated yet?  Oh, for those wondering, the woman is Manhunter, the star of the back-up in Streets of Gotham.

Dark Avengers #11

That is angry water.  For some context, Molecule Man turned Bullseye into water as a solution to his more violent tendencies.

Ugh, bad dialogue is bad.

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #5

Ahaha, Bill: Agent of AIM doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Bob: Agent of Hydra.  I wonder if this is actually Bill or Bob just pretending to be someone else or just some mad 4th wall breaking nonsense.  Whatever it is, I'm in favour of it.

Jar Jar wasn't that bad in the third movie when he helped put the Emperor in power and pretty much screwed over the entire universe.

Flash: Rebirth #5

So, let me get this straight.  Liberty Belle is now a speedster and, when prompted to imagine her new costume so Wally can magically make it appear out of the Speed Force, she pictures Hooter's style hot shorts, a boob job and takes Power Girl's boob window costume to new extremes.  Got it.  Oh, and Wally's daughter somehow stole the Speed Force from her brother and then became Impulse for no reason whatsoever.  Did she even know Impulse? I thought he died before she even returned from the future or whatever retcon that was.  It's also weird that someone that predates, timeline-wise, Impulse is now wearing his costume, which would technically make her the first Impulse.  My head hurts.

But wait, there's more!  He also pushed Barry down some stairs when Barry was younger and kicked his dog and stole his lunch money and is basically Nelson from the Simpsons with speed powers.  I was expecting a big ol' HA HA at some point.

Invincible #68

Oh, dinner and a show. I wonder what they'll do for after meal entertainment...


And Mark's reaction to the father/boyfriend "talk".

Oh, and Conquest woke up.  Oh fu-- indeed.  Not sure why he leaves Earth though. 

And Eve is pregnant with, I assume, Invincible's child.  Pretty heavy stuff for comic books these days.  I think the last time a comic has tackled any modern issues was with the "oh, look, look, it's a lesbian/gay character!" or way back with Speedy or Harry Osborn on drug issues. 

Mighty Avengers #31

This is the first scan from Mighty Avengers that I've seen with a Hercules moment that reminds me of the same Herc from Incredible Hercules.

Eat it Quicksilver!  I'm glad someone finally called him on his Skrull story and it couldn't have been better than with his own daughter, Luna.

Punisher #11

Frankencastle for those interested. Morbius is the vampire thing in the foreground and the one responsible for reviving Frnak.

Realm of Kings #1

The IƤvengers of the Cthulhu-verse.  Not specificaly named that in the comic, but I'm stealing it from Golden Yak on the Penny Arcade forums who coined the name based on Cthulhu lore and naming conventions.  It was so perfect a name, it had be shared.

Speaking of the Cthulhu-verse, this is what it looks like and how Quasar described it as he tried to leave at the end of the issue. 

And it looks like either Quasar merged with the Cthulhu-Quasar or he brought back the taint of that universe with him to ours.  Don't know where Abnett and Lanning are going with this story, but I'm definitely intrigued.

Realm of Kings: Inhumans #1

Really liked this monologue by Medusa.  Seems fitting for some reason.  Definitely mirrors my thoughts on Black Bolts final plan, too.

Damn it, Maximus was so much better as the mad scientist.  Don't want him playing mind games and trying to take over the Inhumans again.  Just put him on the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Him and Groot get along fine.

Medusa's, "What?", is exactly what I said when I saw the Mighty Avengers show up.  However, after seeing the crystals being delivered by Quicksilver in scans of Mighty Avengers this week, I'm guessing it has something to do with that?

Wolverine: Weapon X #7

Oh god, this was great.  I can't help but picturing Jason Aaron (the writer) as the mad scientist giggling with glee about how amazing a man with chainsaws for hands is (and it really is) while his editors are the two gangsters tyring to figure out what the hell their looking at.

That looks completely sane to me.

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Andrenn said...

Conquest probably left to inform his other Viltrumite friends to invade earth. There will be a Viltrumite war that starts in March.

Also the Eve Pregnant reveal was my moment of the week, really left my jaw dropping.

Also while I don't like Liberty Belle's costume, I really like Wally's. Looks much better then Barry's.

Anonymous said...

Well, Liberty Belle is wearing pants. At first i thought that she was wearing shorts too, but they are pants which the colorist has put in an almost skin toned color. Look carefully :)

azuredragon16 said...

You know, if the mighty avengers thing in Realm of Kings: Inhumans has to do with the part in Mighty Avengers i'll be surprised...but if it is, i have one question: WHY DOES QUICKSILVER HAVE A DIFFERENT COSTUME IN EACH BOOK?! Seriously, this is really easy to catch for editors here.

Akylle said...

Well to be fair Liberty Belle is just reverting to her Jesse Quick identity...but yea that costume is ridiculous.

PMMJ said...

Man, Luna is really Magneto's granddaughter in that scene.

Eric Rupe said...

Eve being pregnant isn't anything like Speedy being an addict because A)Atom Eve and Invincible are not on the same level as Green Arrow and Speedy because no one, relatively speaking, reads or cares about anything from Invincible and B)teen pregnancy isn't really that controversial, inside or outside of the comics world. Hell, I would honestly be shocked if the topic hasn't come up anytime before now. I would be even more shocked if Eve's kid ends up living. I expect yet another disappearing baby in the future.

And yeah, that page with Eve's dad is creepy as f$%&. I honestly don't want to have any idea as to why Kirkman thought that seen was worth including.

Matt Ampersand said...

@Anonymous: I looked closer and they don't look like pants, unless she's wearing the underwear on top of flesh colored pants.

@azuredragon: Here's my no -prize answer, he can changes clothes really fast in between appearances.

What the fuck? Peter Parker looks like a middle age man in that second panel.

Realm of Kings was creepy as hell, Thor especially, with his face tentacles. It's also kind of funny (and probably intentional) how Chtulu-Ms. Marvel appears to have a similar costume as Mary Marvel from when she was possessed by Desaad in Final Crisis.

And Atom Eve's parents remind me of my in-laws. I even got a similar talk like that when we were dating. *shudders*

Flip The Page said...

My anti-moment of the week is Molecule Man having created all these people to be his friends when he HAS A FUCKING SUPER-POWERED WIFE!

It's like Bendis never even READ either Secret Wars event! *kicks stuff over* SMAAAAAAASH!

Oh and it seems my thoughts that DnA weren't the people for an Inhumans mini-series seems to be paying off with stiff as anything dialogue throughout.. don't think I can call that a moment however...

*ahem* oh and Mighty Avengers has my moment of the week due to Son of M Luna closure. Emotional as all heck.

Flip The Page said...

oh and @matt: weirdly enough Ms. Marvel's costume look almost exactly like the woman from Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy.

Kirk Warren said...

@Eric - Spider-Man can't even have a drink without Marvel tripping over themselves to retcon it. Teen pregnancy is definitely not something we see everyday in comics. I'll give you that Invincible isn't really popular enough to make an impact in the news or anything like a Robin getting a random girlfriend pregnant.

Jon Halpert said...

Yeah, Liberty Belle's costume is dumb but it makes sense because it looks a lot like a slutty version of her dad's uniform when he was a speedster. The whole scene was crazy though -- creating the costumes out of the speed force. Speedsters have green lantern powers now? I liked the Impulse thing, though. Impulse/Bart Allen, while born in the future, was a hero in the "present" and became Kid Flash after Deathstroke blew out his knee. I don't think he was ever retconned. She would have undoubtedly been educated on him even if he weren't her uncle (or second cousin, or whatever) since she and her brother suffered from Speed Force related afflictions since birth.

Ray said...

Jesse is shown back in her Liberty Belle costume in future JSA stuff, so I'd assume this is just a moment of nostalgia for the many terrible, pantless outfits she wore as Jesse Quick in the 90s.

As for Wally's kids, Iris has been much more enthusiastic about the superhero business than her brother and in earlier Rebirth issues was admiring Bart. A preteen wanting to be like her cool older cousin is as good a reason for choosing a costume as any.

Anonymous said...

If you guys new your continuity instead of whining about everything, you would know that is the original Jesse Quick costume, she is wearing long pants, it is just that her right leg is coming forward, leaving a fold, should have been, they combined her fathers red top with her mothers tan pants, if your head hurts, how the hell can you read all that crap marvel has been printing, I have found Rebirth to be much better than I was expecting, you should really do some homework before b!?$%!^g about everything not marvel.

doron said...

Anonymous. exactly right man. exactly right.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - Jesse Quick is definitely wearing shorts in that image. The shorts are a completely different colour from the leg part, which is the same flesh tone as her other exposed parts.

The head hurts comment was a joke about time travel and how the daughter is technically inspiring Impulse since she now has his costume in the past, which he would later don in the future.

Not sure what my reading Marvel or DC comics has to do with a legitimate concern about Jesse Quick's costume. You realize Marvel puts out about 3 times as many books as DC, right? And that I read a higher percentage of DC books, based on books published, than I do from Marvel and that I rate DC books higher, on average, than Marvel books, right? Obviously, I'm some Marvel fanboy. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Quasar that shows up at the end of Realm of the Kings is the Quasar from the 'Cthulhu-verse'. On page 19, evil Giant-Man says to Cap "Our Quasar went out to find if this fault led anywhere."

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - I was thinking about that possibility, but he knows exactly who the people at Project Pegasus are and other details he shouldn't based on how Quasar didn't know what was going on when he arrived at the other universe. He even knew what his mission was in the Fault. That's what led me to thinking he's either corrupted by it or merged with that other Quasar's body, explaining why he's not energy form anymore.

Matt Ampersand said...

Yeah, Kirk, you are obviously a Marvel fanboy! Badmouthing DC, and you didn't even make fun of Amazing Spider-Man or Dark Avengers or ...oh wait.

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