Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/25/09

Sorry for the delay in this week's Moments of the Week.  Called out to work both nights just as I was starting to type them up.  Add in that it's a huge week for moments with all the great comics that came out and these just took on a life of their own.  They're done now, so enjoy!

Amazing Spider-Man #613

A kindly elderly couple knock on your door, what do you do?  Peter's roommate, Michelle, upset her hair dryer doesn't work, goes schizo on them and is only a couple cats short of being the Crazy Cat Lady

Blackest Night #5

All of the Lantern oaths on one splashpage.  Well, except Larfleeze's.  I could have sworn Johns said we'd learn his during Blackest Night, but unless it's just "Eh?", it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to find out what it is.

Captain Planet

"A Black Lantern attack.  A deadly Batman weapon...  Batman.  My god."

We are all $%^&ed now.

Dark Avengers: Ares #2

Yes, he's riding a bunker buster bomb.  Yes, that is the definition of godly work and the doing thereof.

Missing from this page - our narrator calling Ares a pussy for treating the Shades with kids gloves and protecting them like this.

I take it Ares isn't a fan of 300...

The best offense is a good stationary offense.

Best explanation of magic ever.

Detective Comics #859

Fantastic sequence that ended this week's Detective.

Fantastic Four #573

This is just a really cute moment.

Gotham City Sirens #6

 They should just give the Carpenter her own book already.  I'd be all over that.

Green Lantern #48


Anyone else think of Liar Liar when they read this?  I can only picture Atrocitus with Jim Carrey's voice now.  Oh, and posting this image just because I liked the splashpage and how the previous two pages, not shown, led into it.

Sinestro is the best.

Poor Atrocitus, there was also a page showing his dead wife.

Indigo-1 can channel the black rings too?  Interesting.  I wonder if she was corrupted and that's why she had them all "feed" the Black Lantern Power Battery on Earth and if she knew it was a bad thing. 

Apparently Abin Sur gets around.  Was even the saviour of Indigo-1.  He's mentioned in the Indigo Tribe oath as well.  Curious and curiouser.

Guardians of the Galaxy #20

Cosmo's still dead.  =(

Looks like that Realm of Kings one-shot last week is getting followed up on immediately with this Guardians issue after one of the members of the Knowhere station ventured out into the Fault and cameback with a tentacle monster for a head. 

Incredible Hercules #138

Silly Zeus, you can't kill Captain America.  Wait, that's the annoying wannabe Cap, US Agent?  Commence with the lightning bolts.

Chris Rock is the God of Wisecracks?  I've lost all respect for you Spider-Man. At least you didn't say Dane Cook.  *shudder*

A Ghostbusters reference?  Fine, we can be friends again Spidey.

Ignoring the overly elaborate and complex plan that amounted to driving an EMT vehicle into the building and everyone busting out for a fight (brilliant Hank Pym and Amadeus Cho, simply brilliant), I don't know why, but a Trojan EMT vehicle acting as a Trojan horse just makes me laugh every time I look at it. 

Justice League of America #39

Yes, the above image is Dr Light licking Firestorm's girlfriend's dead body, which was turned to salt by the Black Lantern Firestorm. 

Wait a second, they killed Plastic Man

Justice League: Cry for Justice #5

This pose...looks familiar for some reason.  I seriously hope this doesn't become her signature move.

To recap, Green Arrow's sidekicks consist of a girl with HIV, a coma boy (not sure if his son woke up yet actually) and now the one-armed man, formerly drug addict lad.  Note to self, do not become Green Arrow's sidekick.

And Captain Marvel is the bad guy.  Or it's implied Captain Marvel did it.  I'm not sure, didn't read it.  Coincidentally, Supergirl and Captain Marvel do not kiss or embrace or otherwise interact in any way like that cover of them kissing implied. 

Ms. Marvel #47

Best date ever.

New Avengers #59

Oh, it's just Iron Fist and Daredevil and a couple of other lightweights.  Nothing to worry about...

Scatch that. Iron Fist just ruined your shit!  This was also the first time I've seen Iron Fist in his Immortal Iron Fist costume outside of said book.  All I can say is it's about time.

Secret Warriors #10

"You must die, son."  Dad of the year right there folks.

Superman: Secret Origin #3

While I hate, absolutely hate, having entire panels filled with text, I wanted to comment on what they are talking about here.  No, I don't have any problem with it or the characters.  I just find it parrallels what we do with reviewing and writing for the blog.  It's really easy to be a bitch and tear everything down and being the cynical bastard.  It's difficult to be objective.  I don't know how successful we are with it, but I'd like to think we try our best to at least not be Comic Book Guy bashing everything we see.  Feel free to link back to this image for us if you ever feel we're turning into Secret Origin Lois Lane

Thor Giant Size Finale #1

Volstagg is all that is man!

And he even puts Thor's "hammer" to shame.  Poor Sif, she can't even look away.  No way she and Thor stay together after this.

Wasn't sure if I should post this or not.  It's technically just a preview for next wee's Thor #604, so I assume I'll be posting it again next week's Moments of the Week.  However, it bears mentioning now because a) Gillen did a great job with it, particularly with Dr Doom, b) Kelda dies and c) does Doom have the Destroyer armour?  Sure looks like it to me.

Ultimate Avengers #4

For some reason, I can see Cap, or anyone that was transplanted into the digital age, being obsessed with television and daytime television.

She doesn't seem that bad to me.

Uncanny X-Men #517

That is definitely the same hideous girl copied and pasted four different times.  At least he was able to flip the Psylocke one and give her a bigger forehead.  And why the hell is Magneto flying in a completely different direction from everyone else? LANNNNNDDDD!!!!

Rogue asking the children she's councilling to touch her.  Right now.  Best out of context image ever?

Wonder Woman #38

Wonder Man?

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Andrenn said...

Kind of sucks that the Kelda character died, she seemed like an interesting character. Oh well.

Some really great moments this week, Kirk.

The Dangster said...

1. I loved Sinestro threatening Agent Orange and appealing to Atrocitus to team up, only to have both come after him. Yup seems like everyone in the universe hates Sinestro.

2. WHAT??!!! DID THEY REALLY kill off Plastic Man? Robinson relies too much on killing. And to be real, Plastic Man shouldn't have a heart, he doesn't have any organs, he's fluid. He can't be killed by Vibe. I refuse to have this character to be killed off by someone who was a part of Justice League Detroit.

3. That picture of Red Arrow was grotesque. I can't imagine him without an arm for the remainder. It's just so over the top.

Aaron K said...

But who is IN the Destroyer armor, or, rather, whose soul is inhabiting it? That will be the interesting question. Dr. Doom and Loki would not trust that power to just any lackey.

mugiwara said...

Thor: Oh yeah, let's kill new, interesting characters who will never come back, like Bill and Kelda. I wish Marvel had a new politic about death: characters who appeared in more than 100 issue stay dead, and those who didn't had enough spotlights may be resurrected.

ASM: I love Michelle! And Norah! That's what I missed in JMS Spiderman: crazy, angry characters like JJJ or Mrs Muggins.

Uncanny: now after being redshirts, wallpapers and damsels in distress, the X-Kids have a new job: power supply for Super Rogue.
It sucks to be a mutant in the MU. It sucks to be young in the MU. It sucks to be a recent character in the MU. And the X-Kids have the 3 kinds of suck.

JLA: So is the writer Jeph Robinson or James Loeb?

Klep said...

I wonder if after Spiderman, JMS has decided he needs to kill off any lovers before he leaves a book just to keep Quesada from screwing them up.

Kirk Warren said...

@mugiwara - I imagine Bill was planned to die from the start of JMS's run. Kelda may have been a plot point handed to Gillen or she may still survive. She is a god afterall and every single Asgardian has been dead before at some point.

Nathan Aaron said...

Even Aunt May doesn't act right in Spiderman anymore. Those writers! I mean, come on, she used to be all "OH woe is me, Peter! Peter, are you safe? Are you well? Where are you? Want some wheat cakes?!" and now she's all "Hmm, crazy roommate home, Peter's gone. Eh, let's go to Hawaii!" LOL Geesh.

Klep said...

I miss the Aunt May that convinced the Chameleon she had fatally poisoned him.

Anonymous said...

Plastic Man didn't die, the next page says his heart is made of rubber too so Vibe couldn't use it.

Anonymous said...

I think what's more interesting than the 300 chat is the implication that Ares was a Nazi.

Klep said...

@Anonymous: I don't think that's surprising at all. The Axis powers were the aggressors in World War 2. Ares would naturally gravitate towards them regardless of anything else. All the politics, ideology, and atrocity is just noise to the God of War.

Matt Ampersand said...

I hadn't noticed that Indigo's oath had "Abin Sur" in it. I thought it was a bunch of gibberish, so I didn't pay attention to it. I figure it's probably something like "To prevent the war Abin Sur foresaw" or along those lines.

I love Matt Fraction, but you can tell he is not from the south by the fact that he didn't not use "y'all" properly.

I know James Robinson's run on Starman is supposed to be great, but from what I can tell based on his current output,now he seems to rely basely on useless violence killing C-List characters.

Eric Rupe said...

Matt - Starman was one of the most boring comics I ever read. Took me a couple weeks to get through the first omnibus and I didn't even finish the second one. Some of the dullest comics that I've seen. His take on The Shade was awesome though.

Dickey said...

@Anyone- Red Tornado is a robot, correct? So why does it look like Vibe attempted to rip his heart and/or chest out? Was punching his head off not graphic enough for Robinson? Was he actually powered by a heart like General Grievous? Retconned to not being a robot? I believe Blackest Night's violence for the hell of it is now causing my head to spin.

Primewax said...

@Matt - Being from the South, there are no proper boundaries on the use of "y'all." It made perfect sense to me, lol.

continuityblog said...

Connor Hawke (Green Arrow's son and I am sure a lof of fans would be upset by you calling him Ollie's sidekick haha) is no longer in a coma. He lost his skill in archery after having his DNA merged with Plastic Man's or something when he was returned from the coma but he is traveling the globe.

Danny Rand said...

"I love Matt Fraction, but you can tell he is not from the south by the fact that he didn't not use "y'all" properly."
I love Matt Ampersand, but you can tell he is not from the grammar wing by the fact that he typed "didn't not".

Monch said...

For me the best moment comes from Incredible Hercules: Athena sends Venus to keep Ares busy and she does it by saying - "then make love to you were going to war"

How could Ares say no to that? :D

Aaron K said...

@Monch: He could say "no" by realizing that Aphrodite is his sister. :)

In Pak & Van Lente's defense, they really manage to make godly incest almost seem not creepy at all. Almost. That's quite the accomplishment given our natural inclination to think it's disgusting.

Eric Rupe said...

Aaron K - There is actually a funny scene in Rucka's WW run where Ares tells one of his sons to stop stop hitting on his aunt since they are family to which the son replies "That's never stopped anyone before" or something like that. I couldn't stop laughing. Greek myths are so much fun given modern morality and what not.

Lucho said...

No Dark Wolverine?

Man, you´re missing something...

Anonymous said...

"He could say "no" by realizing that Aphrodite is his sister. :)"

I don't believe so. Traditionally, Aphrodite was born (after a major time-delay) from when Cronos threw his father Uranus' severed junk into the ocean. Which, if you consider that as making her a child of Uranus, would make her Ares' great-aunt.

Steve said...

I finally got around to reading Dark Avengers: Ares, and it really is every bit as good as the moments suggest. Kieron Gillen is just nailing Ares' character, and has just the right mix of action, mythology, and snappy dialogue. Even Ares' Shades are interesting enough to make me want to read more of them. And Manuel Garcia's art is the perfect complement. Just like his Beta Ray Bill mini, Dark Avengers: Ares is a gem. Can't wait for his run on Thor now.

Kirk Warren said...

@Lucho - I didn't see any Dark Wolverine moments in my travels around the internet. Was there a particular scene or panel that you thought warranted attention? I rely on message boards, scans_daily, and other image based boards for these moments, especially in the case of books I don't read, such as with Dark Wolverine. If people don't tell me about them/don't post about 'moments', I can't really compile and repost it here

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that Dwayne McDuffie, whose entire run on JLA was nothing but tie-ins, could have done a much better job writing a Blackest Night tie-in than Robinson?

Elwood said...

No mention of this week's Comic Book Typo in the "Superman: Secret Origin" panel up there?


Matt Ampersand said...

@Danny Rand: Man, I knew that typo was going to come back and bite me in the ass. I realized it after I posted the comment, but I was in a hurry so I decided not to delete it and post it again.

Daryll B. said...

Anonymous, after the way McDuffie was dissed and dismissed from the JLA, I think anything related to it he wouldn't touch right now with a 10 foot pole.

I am hoping his Milestone Wrapup is a success just so he'll get another high profile team book....

JP said...

@Daryll B.: Yeah, you do have a good point in that McDuffie still has some sour feelings over what happened, (I still think he got a raw deal with all those editorial tie-ins), although I thought his final Milestone arc in JLA was actually one of the best JLA arcs I've read, and actually used the convulated plot of Final Crisis to his advantage.

P.S.>> What team book would you prefer to see McDuffie on? I would like either a return to JLA or Teen Titans.

Daryll B. said...

McDuffie on The Titans would be awesome JP but it seems J.T. Krul has hit his stride on the book. So let me see, I need a book with a large number of heroes, where McDuffie could be free to juggle interpersonal stories with action. Hmmm

I am so putting in my vote for McDuffie to do a Legion of SuperHeroes run right after Levitz. Especially in that universe where the JLA were the direct influences on the Legion. THAT would rock and he'd be free of most crossovers....

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