Friday, November 6, 2009

Siege - Who Is Norman Osborn's Secret Weapon?

 Pictured from right to left, top to bottom: Odin (deceased), Beyonder, Scarlet Witch, Molecule Man, Thanos (deceased), X-Man (deceased; got better), Mephisto & Norman Osborn

Marvel released a couple of new Siege: The Cabal teasers today, which I found via Comic Book Resources and the first of which can you can see above (second after the jump), and the first one reminds me of the old One More Day teasers, which Marvel failed to deliver on in any way and was a complete cop out.  Hit the jump for the other teaser and some thoughts on my part.

Teaser #1

As I said in the intro, this reminds me of the One More Day teaser.  I imagine the same result will occur - none of the characters are Norman's "secret weapon" and it's a complete red herring by Marvel.  But, for the sake of argument, let's say it's not complete nonsense and do some odds here.


Dead.  Sure, people, gods and little ponies all come back to life in comics, but this one doesn't make a lick of sense.  Why'd they even list him?  Maybe they think with Thor losing the Odinforce, people would contemplate that power going somewhere else, possibly returning his father to life?  Still, none of that really makes any sense in relation to why he'd work for Norman Osborn.

Odds - 1,000,000:1

The Beyonder

Not even sure what his status is these days.  Bendis did reintroduce him in the Illuminati miniseries and he's shown as a thrall of the Molecule Man in the recent Dark Avengers (probably a fake created by MM though) and we won't even go into the retcons Bendis introduced and whether they are real or just something the Beyonder made the Illuminati believe, but, even so, why would the Beyonder work for Osborn?

Also, Doom wouldn't bow to the Beyonder in Secret Wars and would not fear him in any way (he'd acknowledge his power, but not serve/fear Osborn's retribution enough to join his Cabal).  Bendis is hardly a stickler for these types of things and usually seeds his stories in advance, so maybe the Beyonder has a chance of being used, though it makes as much sense as Odin, meaning none.

Odds - 30:1

Scarlet Witch

She hasn't been seen, to my knowledge, since Hawkeye tracked her down (rest of the world couldn't, but freaking Hawkeye did?) and had sex with her.  Bendis and Marvel amped up her powers for the whole No More Mutants/House of M event and her plot defying power could have been used to put Norman in power and possibly give pause to everyone on the Cabal.

However, I seriously doubt Loki would start impersonating her to form the Mighty Avengers nor would Emma Frost not tell anyone that the woman responsible for wiping out mutantkind is still alive and working for Norman Osborn.  Also, do not know why she would work for Norman, but at least she makes some kind of sense compared to the first two. 

Odds - 20:1

Molecule Man

Only character currently appearing in any comics and a Bendis written one at that.  Norman seemed surprised to see Molecule Man at the end of the recent issue, so maybe he knows of him and his 'secret weapon' has turned on him?

Of all the people listed, Molecule Man is the only one that makes any sense as a possible threat to everyone on the Cabal.  The one thing he does not have is the imposing stature of the shadowy figure Osborn introduced that everyone assumed to be the Sentry.  Molecule Man's obvious choice nature also leads to his being the least likely.

Odds - 10:1


He's dead.  Doesn't stop him from being the secret weapon, but there's no rhyme or reason behind it either.  Complete swerve thrown out by Marvel.

Odds - 500,000:1


He's dead, but coming back to life in Dark X-Men, a Cabal oriented miniseries.  He has godlike power, depending on who writes him, and could be a threat to everyone the Cabal consists of or could throw at him.  Just doesn't really fit with how sudden he's returning, his relatively convuluted past nor how the Dark X-Men series has been described so far.

Odds - 250,000:1


Spider-Man made a deal with him recently that royally screwed his life up.  Norman Osborn is a major part of Spider-Man's life.  Norman's been living the good life since Peter made the deal with the devil.  As pretty much everyone has speculated on already, maybe that deal is responsible for everything pertaining to Norman.  Again, not sure why Mephisto would work/help Norman nor why Dr Doom would fear him when he's had brush ins with him before (Dr Strange/Dr Doom Triumph and Torment for one), but why sweat over little details in a big ticket event book from Marvel, it has to be him, assuming Marvel isn't pulling the wool over our eyes like usual.

Odds - 1:1

Teaser #2

Siege teaser image featuring Not-Superman

Sentry, right?  Hard to imagine anyone else, but there's also the possibility of Clor, the MIA robot/clone/cyborg-thingy of Thor, who hasn't been seen since his appearance in Avengers: The Initiative, where he left Camp Hammond in search of the real Thor.  Not sure who else flies, gets to be put in a Superman-like teaser image and is a Marvel character.  Marvelman didn't really wear a cape, so no go on him.

My guess?  Sentry one-shot or miniseries for Siege and unrelated to Osborn's secret character.


What say you?  Who in the teaser is Norman's "secret weapon"?  Is it all a swerve?  If it's not someone on that teaser, who do you think it is?  Also, is the man in the second teaser the secret weapon or just the Sentry and advertising some other Siege related title?

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Klep said...

The cynic in me says it's Sentry in some stage of psychosis (Voidtry?). Right now I'm fully expecting it to be him (he's conspicuously absent from that first teaser), so if Marvel makes it be someone more interesting I'll be pleasantly surprised (not that I have anything against Sentry, necessarily, just that it's been obvious for a while he's eating out of Norman's hand).

Matt Ampersand said...

Look at those pants! That's clearly a teaser for the upcoming "MC: Agent of H.A.M.M.E.R." mini series.

about me! said...

On recently, there was a story that had Molecule Man as Osborn's rumored weapon.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, why do we have to get Nate Grey's second costume/outfit/whatever when he comes back? His blue and gold outfit is so much more iconic.

Eric Rupe said...

If Osborn's secret weapon is actually Mephisto, I give up. I can't think of anything more unappealing. It's just so dumb I can't even think about it.

I think Osborn's secret weapon should be the Void, not the Sentry, just the Void, as it's the only possibility that could work. The Sentry did humiliate Doom in Mighty Avengers and he's enough of a wild card to scare the rest into cooperation for a time.

The not-Superman could actually be Marvel Man. Marvel has the rights to the original character and I don't see why they couldn't redesign his costume to add a cape.

Matt said...

Quasar could be the mystery cape. I'm a bit shaky on his current status though.

Chris said...

Haha. When I saw this on CBR I immediately thought of your complaining about the OMD teaser. Its more than likely someone not on that teaser just because of their track record with this type of thing

Primewax said...

If its MarvelMan, I'll be disappointed. How are they gonna retcon that in? Not to mention the obligatory Alan "pissed-in-my-Cheerios" Moore interview about it.

Monch said...

Osborn's secret weapon is Butterball from the Initiative - no one can harm him! Who wouldn't be scared of him :D

Also Squirrel Girl already beat Dr. Doom and it was soooooo in continuity ;)

Or the Void...Bendis been teasing about him since Dark Avengers began, and since the last few issues, he's been killed by his wife, come back to life without explanation and killed yet again. So makes sense for the void to come back instead of Reynolds

brandon said...

It's Superman. Marvel must have picked up the rights due to the Siegel estate settlement. He's gonna do the Hulk Hogan-Hollywood Hogan flip.

Johnny C said...

Considering the image swipe, it ought to be Samaritan...

grifter said...

secret weapons! plural! its the Dark Pet Avengers!

Tim said...

Thanos ain't dead (any more). He came back in Pet Avengers. Yes, it's canon.

Daniel Woburn said...

is the image of Osborn recycled from the Dark X-Men cover from the Utopia storyline? If so, what have they changed the X-badge to? a yellow blob?

Kirk Warren said...

@Daniel Woburn - Yes it is. Odin is from a random issue of Thor, Beyonder from the Illuminati miniseries, Scarlet Witch from the Mighty Avengers, Molecule Man from Dark Avengers, Thanos from Pet Avengers, X-Man I think is from the upcoming Dark X-men mini, but could be an old X-Man cover, and Mephisto is from OMD.

PMMJ said...

It could be the Void, just so they could rip on Luthor/Capt. Marvel from Kingdom Come.

Nick Marino said...

My money is on Mephisto. Norman's a Spidey bad guy, he rose to power immediately following Spidey's "deal," and connecting everything up like this would certainly provide a lot of closure (as well as explanation) for everything that's gone on for the past three or so years. I think Thanos and X-Man are pretty unlikely. Molecule Man is sort of like a "who cares?" option... but the Beyonder could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ive read on the internets that marvel has acquired the rights to alan moores miracleman and hes the shadowy figure.but who knows?

Matt Ampersand said...

@Anon: I've seen that theory come up a bunch of times, but it doesn't make sense, because how would an unknown character like Miracle/Marvelman be used as tool to freighten Doom, Loki, and company, into submission? When Osborn opened the door, the reaction would have been "Who the fuck is that?" rather than cower in fear.

Assuming they don't craft some story to retcon MM into the past of the Marvel universe.

Primewax said...


But wasn't it Kid MarvelMan that Magneto used to cause the Ultimatum wave, thus causing zombie Sentry to spread the zombie plague, which caused the Watcher Uatu to transport MarvelMan to Earth 616 to prevent Norman Osborn from causing the Sentry to get pissed and punch into the Zombieverse, thus destroying the multiverse as we know it?

I hope Joe Q doesn't read this...don't wanna give him ideas.

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