Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blackest Night #6 Spoils Green Lantern Corps?

Blackest Night #6 was a mixed bag, but there were some definite highlights from the issue that helped make it worthwhile.  However, what I want to discuss is how a splashpage of John Stewart being chased by an army of Black Lanterns could have possibly spoiled upcoming Green Lantern Corps issues.  I've included the relevant image after the jump, but for those wondering, one of the people last seen alive in the image above is shown as a Black Lantern in the image. 

Black Lantern Arisia?

I've circled the character in question above, but it looks like Green Lantern Corps member Arisia is set to die.  Again.  Or perhaps Nekron somehow reaches out to other characters that have "died" and turned them like he did Superman and the others in Blackest Night #5.  Or maybe it's just a goof up by artist Ivan Reis.

What do you think? Does Arisia die in an upcoming issue of Green Lantern Corps?  She seemed to have dealt with her family of Black Lanterns and come out no worse for wear.  Perhaps in an attempt to stop Red Lantern Guy Gardner, Guy's rage gets the better of him and causes the death of Arisia?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Guy sees Arisia as a little sister, and having him kill her would be some ham fisted way to try and add some depth to Guy through a death, which was already done with Ice.

It could just be an artist error lost in translation, since the Black Lanterns are supposed to be past the killing people phase and more onto destroying batteries.

Matt Ampersand said...

I'd chalk this one up as artist error, but I could be wrong.

JonesHawkeye said...

I'm with Matt... I think that this is just an artist error.

I don't see any point of killing Arisia. Doesn't there need to be a few Corps members that survive Blackest Night in order to fuel GLC stories after the event is over? I sat down a few weeks ago and re-read a huge chunk of Green Lantern & Green Lantern Corps issues (damn near the entire run) and was impressed by how many new great characters had been created during their current runs (the GLC and the Sinestro Corps in particular). But I was also depressed by how many of these great characters have also been killed off.

I'm hoping that when Blackest Night ends, there is a huge reset button pushed and that all of these characters are returned to life. It would be a complete and utter waste to create such solid new characters and then toss them to the dump like this.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what would be nice is if someone could take this splash page and create a map of it to show who's who. I defintely see some of the Inversions.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - I was tempted to try, but then realized I dont recognize hardly anyone. There's the two hawk people (emodiment of love from Zamaron), Arisia, the Lost Lantern with the horns (name eludes me) and some random Sinestro's I recognize, but cant recall names of. Rest are either generic Black Lanterns created to fill space or people I just do not know.

Matt Ampersand said...

You can also see some of the Five Immersions, right above John's shoulder and arm.

Steven said...

Looks like Airwave right next to the "not" Arisia.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I'm not seeing this as an artist error. I really can't imagine why Ivan Reis would goof up and add Arisia into that splashpage as a Black Lantern. Arisia is somewhat a well known character in the Green Lantern Corps.

It could be like what you said, Kirk. Just like in Blackest Night #5 where Superman and Wonder Woman were given a black ring because they have died in the past. Arisia died in the past. She was murdered by Major Force. Maybe she dies again in an upcoming Green Lantern Corps. comic that was suppose to come out before Blackest Night #6. DC's delayed shipment. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

No, I take that back. I bet Arisia dies in an upcoming Green Lantern Corps. comic that has delayed it's shipment. Because if she was given a black ring just because she died in the past and was resurrected her face wouldn't be zombie-like. Superman's face did not look dead. So I take that back.

Thokstar said...

Aren't Arisia's parents already Black Lanterns? Is there any reason that isn't here mother?

DØK7ØR said...

that could be.

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that Arisia's dead, but if she is, I would think it would be, not to stymie Guy's rage, but to draw out Soddam Yat from Daxam's sun and return the Ion force to the fray. And then Nekron will be defeated when Ion, the Predator, Parallax, and other entities of emotion attack him.

Ivan said...

"Because if she was given a black ring just because she died in the past and was resurrected her face wouldn't be zombie-like. Superman's face did not look dead. So I take that back."

Well, isn't Johns changing the "Black Lantern rules" every other issue?

I'm also going with artist error. And Ivan Reis is awesome, and has a great name to boot.

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