Saturday, December 12, 2009

Call For Guest Posts

Christmas is fast approaching and the Weekly Crisis will be seeing some downtime over the coming weeks, primarily due to Diamond's No Comics Week for the week of December 24-31. While we'll still have content ready to publish for that week, there will be some obvious gaps in our schedule due to no reviews, previews, moments or covers of the week.

As such, we're putting a call out for guest posts. You may remember Christine's, from The Other Murdock Papers, Life & Times of Matt Murdock: A Daredevil Retrospective, or Justin Miousse's Comic Book Suitcase Test, as just a couple examples of our previous guest posts.

Want to know more about guest posting on the Weekly Crisis?  Hit the jump for the full details!

What is a Guest Post?

A guest post is simply a post you write up and we publish.  Yes, it's that simple.  However, please read over our guest post guidelines for suggested formatting and contact us at to discuss the topic you wish to write about before starting.  We simply wish to go over the subject with you beforehand and make sure no one else is writing about the same thing or that there is no objectionable content in it (promotion of piracy, creator bashing, excessive profanity, etc).

Once approved, write away and we'll post it with credit to you and links to your blog, Twitter, Facebook or any other site or social network you'd like to let people know about!

What Can I Write About?

It can be about anything you wish, from the recent DC series of announcements to Marvel's events to a favourite book.  With Christmas almost here, there's ample opportunity to discuss your favourite comic book related Christmas gifts or stories from over the years.  We can host top 10's, retrospectives, character profiles, trade or individual issue reviews, or literally anything you can think of, the sky is the limit.

Can't think of a topic?  Still want to contribute?  Throw us an email and we can help provide a topic of discussion for you.  We have a great many post ideas we'd love to write, but simply do not have the time.  If you want to tackle something and are stumped as to what to write about, let us know at and we can help get you started.  There's no obligation to write it if you do not want to either, so don't feel like we're forcing you to write anything we suggest either.

When Do They Need to be Done?

While we are putting out a call for guest posts to help spotlight other bloggers or give a soapbox of sorts to people without blogs to fill gaps in the No Comics Week, we actually accept guest posts all year round.  As such, there is no deadline to submit a guest post.  Feel free to take as little or long as you like to write up a post. 

However, if possible, we'd love to have a few available to post for the Christmas break.

What Do I Get Out of It?

Fame, recognition, women, sugar, power, Infinity Gems, and all the accolades that come with such things.*

In all seriousness, we receive thousands of visitors per day and have, as of this writing, over 1200 RSS subscribers.  While we're not a CBR or Newsarama, that provides most with a nice soapbox and higher profile than the typical internet forum or anonymous messageboard post.  If you have a blog/Twitter/Facebook or other online locale, we can also link to that in our bylines for the post, which can then open up your blog to more traffic or just give you a place to receive feedback from comic fans through our active comment sections. 

*Note, you may or may not receive any of these things.  Results may vary. Contact your local Initiative centre before attempting to conquer the world.

Heard Enough?  Ready to Post?

Thanks for taking the time to listen to our request.  If you are interested in guest posting at the Weekly Crisis, contact us at  You can also view our full guest post guidelines here

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Matt Ampersand said...

I personally attest to achieving/receiving all those things since I have started writing for The Weekly Crisis.

Except the Infinity Gems.

brandon said...

I have a number of ideas. I emailed in one of them.

Andrenn said...

I have a few ideas jumping around in my head, I'll shoot you an email when I have them down for one guest post.

Flip The Page said...

hmmm I'll take a crack at getting in on this action soon methinks. Though my terrible writing pace means I'll have to dig through some half started things an pitch those

El Gostro said...

I've been toying around with the idea of making a review of a yearly overarching(and *aching*) story,I'll mail the details soon :)

Ethereal said...

Seeing as I'm not working, or barely, this week, I'll write something up. Happy Holidays!

Chris said...

Unless I'm mistaken, the dates are wrong here. I'm pretty sure that it is the week of Dec30th is the day no comis are shipped, they are still scheduled for Dec.23rd.

Kirk Warren said...

@Chris - I probably should have double checked, but I know it's delayed by Christmas and after checking, you are correct. I'll change the date, but the fact still remains we'll be having a lull in the posts for the Christmas lack of comics and holidays in general.

Michael said...

Cool. I'll email you guys once I think of a topic.

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