Saturday, December 12, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/09/09

Late night edition of the Moments of the Week is brought to you by Dr Pepper, pizza and Cheetos, all you'll ever need to get work done at all hours of the night!  This week's moments are filled with more fanboy rage in Adventure Comics, some great Kingpin moments from PunisherMAX, Christmas and holiday cheer from the DCU Holiday Special and so much more.  Hit the jump for the momenty goodness!

Adventure Comics #5

Don't like the comic?  Ah, screw it, I can't be bothered going over the blatant bashing of the people buying these comics anymore.

If only he died...

But it seems that when Prime put the black ring on willingly (ie, he wasn't dead), the ring switched back and forth between the different colours based on his feelings.  I have no idea how this works.  Johns is even writing it, so I can't blame it on a tie-in writer.  Shouldn't all the other "formerly dead" heroes from the end of the last issue of Blackest Night be going through these random colours instead of just becoming Black Lanterns?

Ah, young people in love.  Now will someone please kill him?

Amazing Spider-Man #614

And a character no one cares about gets crippled when several tonnes of concrete falls on him.

And there goes the Daily Bugle building.  I fully expect JJJ to quit the mayor job, buy the Frontline paper, rename it the Daily Bugle and restart the newspaper there, which, with everyone from the Bugle already working there, it should bring things back to status quo.

Black Widow: Deadly Origin #2

Ah, so the whole Icepick Protocol was just a nano-STD that made Black Widow "filthy" and gave her digital cooties.  Wait, what?  Seriously? And it's infected everyone she's ever been with? That's a pretty long list, like Iron Man, Hawkeye, Daredevil, her old husband, who faked his death, random super spy infiltration sex, James Bond, the list goes on and on.  Even...

...Mockingbird, seeing as she's the one that had the nano-STD activate at the end of this issue. 

DCU Holiday Special 2009 #1

Those are some pretty dynamic shots of Batman dropping in and kicking Santa's ass.  Love the detail on the boots.  Silent stories are always great.  Snow on the boots gave away the bad Santa he was chasing for those wondering.

Any story where it ends with Batman eating cookies with Santa is a good story.

This is the Sgt Rock story I mentioned in my review that I loved.  They ran into each other, drank some beers, had some laughs and then ended with this scene.  There's been a million variations of this story done with WWI and II, but this is a great version of it that I really liked.

They should have played up the gift mishap joke some more, maybe mixing several up and having him swap them all in an instant instead of just Raven's and his wife's.  Still a fun Christmas Flash story.

Deadpool #18

Deadpool vs Colossus ends as one would expect.  Or does it?

Deadpool either does a good Fight Club impression and bleeds all over him or has become a Red Lantern.  I'm not sure which is the better option.

Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire #5

That's the badguy for Heaven's on Fire.  He killed all the angels in heaven and took over.  I think this is the first time we've seen him in this series, but I could be wrong and he was in a random panel somewhere earlier in the series.  Cool splashpage, so I thought I'd post it.

Project much Mr Eyeball Head (no, I still don't know his name)?

Invincible Iron Man #21

Steve Rogers is alive!  How is that possible?  What?  You heard Iron Man was in trouble?  What are you, Lassie?  That's not really an explanation of how you are, you know, not dead.  Oh wait, delayed comic, can't spoil, but still gonna stick you in random books.  Gotcha.

This is the weirdest science ever.  Thor wacks Cap's shield with his hammer, lightning goes through it and somehow downloads a harddrive into Tony's brain.  I couldn't make something like that up if I tried, which is probably why I don't write comics.

Nation X #1

That is one amazing splashpage.  I didn't even realize Mike Allred was doing a story for Nation X or I would have bought it.  And, to answer the question, Asian Psylocke all the way.

FINALLY! Someone calls Cyclops on his dickery and the absurdity of the current status quo.  Deadpool pointed out how ludicrous it was in the X-Force Annual, but that gets brushed off with him being insane.  Here we have Nightcrawler questioning him and I can't help but think I'm taking crazy pills since I always feel like I'm the only one that sees a problem with them teaming up with Magneto, living on Asteroid M, segregating themselves from the world, forming death squads, ordering assassinations, etc, etc.  Glad to see some characters actually addressing the issue.

New Avengers Annual #3

Uncle Cap wants you for Siege.  And the 80 bazillion tie-ins.  But mostly for Siege.

PunisherMAX #2

Kingpin's origin of sorts.  There's some seriously messed up shit here and I actually opted not to show some of the more graphic scenes, like torturing his father, the full shower scene, dead hookers, etc.  What's good about it is that it's not just shock value "oh, look at that, prison rape", but actually shows the extremes that defined Kingpin's life and draws parallels to Punisher's...

...such as with scenes like this.  There were several similar pages in the issue showing the methology of each character and I like what they are doing here.  It shows that Punisher isn't so different from Kingpin and different circumstances could put both in the other's shoes.


Next year on REBELS has some interesting stories lined up.  I wonder if they'll be crossing over with Adventure Comics for the Brainiac stuff?

Red Robin #7

And Ra's al Ghul is dead again.

Secret Six #16

This was a fantastic scene and really drives home that the Secret Six, for as much as we love to read about them, are NOT nice people.  It's also scenes like this that make me love the book.

What the hell is Scandal doing?  Why is she propping up her breasts like that?  She and Bane doing some webcam/scene girl craziness?

They should have changed the title of this issue to Secret Sex.  From what I can tell, we've got Mr Myxlplyx, Eclipso, Harley Quinn, Knockout, Mr Freeze, Bane and Queen Bee for our strippers.

All kinda hot.  Get this girl into therapy ASAP.


This is a shot of all the aliens being deported by Gyrich.  Don't like how Beta Ray Bill is blackmailed out, but I'm holding out that he makes an appearance later.  This is a guy that nearly killed Galactus.  I don't see him taking this from Gyrich.

X Necrosha: The Gathering #1

The Gathering had some really interesting art for each story.  Not all great, but unique and not something you see every day.  The Senyaka story, partly shown above, was my favourite of the bunch and actually made the random red shirt Acolyte that's died, what, like three times already creepy and a somewhat credible looking threat. 

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TheGoose said...

@New Avengers Annual #3-Weird expression on Cap's face.

@Rebels #11-Awesome. A reunion between all the Brainiacs? I got to start reading Rebels!

Klep said...

Jen Walters, Beta Ray Bill, Warpath, and the rest of the Runaways are going to raise ALL KINDS of hell once they all find out about this.

El Gostro said...

Screw Abigail Brand and dog horse Mc'Coy!
I want a new series with classic Death's head,yes?

JP said...


Yeah, you really need to check R.E.B.E.L.S. It is really on of the best quality books DC is putting out currently. I see this book playing a huge role in the DCU in 2010.

Aaron K said...

That's not Cap in New Avengers Annual #3. No, that's Buzz Lightyear dressed as Cap. Common mistake.

Radlum said...

Wasn't Bucky in the Cap suit and Steve in a regular spy suit last week in Dark Avengers Annual? Can't Marvel decide which one will remain as Captain America?
Anyway, that part of X Necrosha with Senyanka was creepy as hell; nice way to make him go from some C-Lister to an interestingly creepy character

LuchoMon said...

I don´t like Punisher but Aaron´s MAX in an exception. It rocks!

IslandLiberal said...

They're blackmailing Bill by showing him the Korbinite woman revived in his recent miniseries, who they have hostage.

I do like them showing Spider-Woman arresting Jazinda; oops.

matthew said...

Re the Allred Nation X scene:

I've been where that giant Paul Bunyan and blue ox is and it's not in proximity to a gas station like that. I know; we almost ran out of a gas along the PCH.

wirehead4ever said...

To be fair, Siege doesn't have that many tie-ins, at least compared to Civil War and Secret Invastion. I'd put it more on the level with World War Hulk.

Matt Ampersand said...

How can we get Mike Allred to draw Nightcrawler more often?

As for the baddie from Ghost Rider, he has appeared before in the main series, just not on this event.

Dickey said...

Anyone else see the father from The Incredibles (the movie) when they sw Cap's face up there?

And is that actually pencilled art or a 3D drawing? Something about the picture just doesn't look like it belongs in a comic book.

Kirk Warren said...

@Dickey - I believe it's all computer 'drawn'. And yes, it looks...wrong for some reason. I'm guessing the uncanny valley at work with computer generatedt hings looking too real, but not real enough causing an awkward feeling when looking at it.

ModernTenshi04 said...

I think the bigger question is what Scandal is still doing there. Didn't Bane say she was out of the Secret Six two issues ago, or did he just push her to the side and say he was taking over as leader? Could have swore he told her she was out of the group . . . .

Kirk Warren said...

@ModernTenshi04 - he did kick her out, but it seems she's just staying around, loafing on the couch and just chilling. I think it's mostly a 'you cant go on missions/jobs with us' out of of the group. Or, at least, that's how I think it's being played out. W as one of the things I was disappointed with not being addressed for the last two issues.

Nathan Aaron said...

My understanding with the Iron Man issue was, they'd already downloaded the hard drive "into" Tony; and this was their version of jumper cables on a car. Having to jump start the repulsor in his chest (or whatever that thing is in his chest. LOL)

Nathan Aaron said...

How is that Ghost Rider mini? I haven't read Ghost Rider since Mark Texeira did it! (AGES ago!) But the characters, and sorta the artwork, look all kinds of crazy, and I'm really tempted to pick it up!

Kirk Warren said...

@Nathan Aaron - The Ghost Rider miniseries is all kinds of fun. I'm really enjoying it and I've never liked Ghost Rider stories in the past. I'm going to eventually track down the rest of the run (this is the final part of Aaron's run and concludes the whole war on heaven story) and follow it from the start. But even with no prior knowledge of anything, this is just a fun book to read for me.

Anonymous said...

"Shouldn't all the other "formerly dead" heroes from the end of the last issue of Blackest Night be going through these random colours instead of just becoming Black Lanterns?"

No ... they didn't put the ring on willingly quite the same way that Prime did. Also no emotional tether from "Bruce Wayne" to Prime ... big difference than what happened to Superman, WW, et al at the end of Blackest Night #5.

Anonymous said...

That Ghost Rider villain is called the Orb.

Anonymous said...

I definitely thought cap looked like Mr. Incredible

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