Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/16/09

The end of the week means it's time for another edition of the Moments of the Week.  We pay tribute to several of the week's comics, from Amazing Spider-Man and Streets of Gotham to Green Lantern Corps and Dark Avengers.  Hit the jump for all the momenty goodness!

Amazing Spider-Man #615

Loved this new "costume" Spidey was sporting in this winter issue.  The leg socks are what really made it work for me.

Oh god, I nearly spit my coffee out when reading this as Spidey pulls a Batman on Betty Brant, who's playing the part of Commissioner Gordan in this scene.  And it looks like Betty is becoming the "Bugle Girl" and creating a blog now that the DB is destroyed. 

Also, I have to say, I really dug the art in this issue.  Javier Pulido is channelling some Paul Pope crossed with Marcos Martin mixed with his own unique bits in this issue.  The colouring was spot on throughout as well, especially when going from dark scenes to lit areas. 

Batman: Streets of Gotham #7

And the burn of the week goes to Damian.  "Real son", indeed.  While he plays it cool, you just know if they had a close up of Dick, there's a little tear running down his cheek.  It's just the snow, of course.  Yes, just the snow.

Humpty has been finding dead kids washed up on the river bank.  He's simply trying to put them back together again and goes on to explain it to Batman and Robin...

...and I was shocked at how Damian was taking it, even throwing up.  I know he had some growth with failing Scarlet in Batman and Robin recently, but this didn't hit the right notes for me.  He's not this soft a character and I'm almost surprised he didn't joke about their deaths.  Seriously, didn't he decapitate someone in one of the first stories he showed up in and toss the head out all proud of his handywork?  Really odd to see him so hung up on this case.

And the cause of all these deaths?  Zsasz.  He's taken his abbatoir and turned it into a children's death match tournament where it's kill or be killed and the bodies washing up in the river are of the children that lost.

I'm sorry, but this is pushing the limits of my suspension of disbelief.  You can't have Zsasz simply carted off to prison after this.  Hell, if he doesn't die at the end of this or face some kind of serious punishment (no, slap on the wrist and carted off to revolving door Arkham doesn't count), then it's almost impossible to believe anyone could live in Gotham or even attempt to have a normal life if this is the kind of thing that can occur in the middle of the city with no reprecussions.

Captain America: Reborn #5

If you didn't get the memo yet, Steve Rogers survives Captain America: Reborn with his body in tact.  If you are out of the loop for some reason, this panel pretty much spells it out that Cap is just going to retake control of his mind or body or whatever is going on with the Red Skull

Dark Avengers #12

If Gwen couldn't say no to the touching of the nakedness, what chance do you think you have Ms Hand

So...the Sentry is a god now.  That explosion?  That's the remains of the Molecule Man (he'll get better).  You know, the guy that controls all molecules and is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.  Yeah, Sentry came back to life, exploded him and proceeds to explain it to Osborn.  They have a "you remember what happend with the Scarlet Witch" moment when Bob leaves at the end.  At this point, Sentry has to be marked for death.  He's just too powerful to simply exist in the Marvel Universe.  Hard to believe this is the same guy that got punched out by the Hulk.

Green Lantern Corps #43

Easily the best splashpage of the week.  I can just open it up and stare at it all day.

However, I end up having to leave that splashpage so I can see Guy actually use the Red Lantern ring, like so.

Oh ya, and Kyle Ryaner's alive.  Love, two hearts are one, other mumbo jumbo.  Regardless of how it happened, it's good to have him back.

Another Guy moment, this time using Kryb as his own personal beat stick.

And, finally, Mogo's back and ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum.  Nekron should just take his ball and go home now.

Hulk #18

"What's it like fighting the Hulk?" and the above is the answer.  Only from Loeb.  Only from Loeb.

Power Girl #7

It's something I always wondered, too.  Why build some powered suit that could either a) be sold for millions or b) cost millions to make and then rob convenience stores and random banks, which typically do not have huge cash reserves on hand and, even if they did have a huge reserve of cash on hand for some reason, the villain would never be able to carry it all away anyways.

Thunderbolts #139

The Grizzly is the newest member of the Thunderbolts.  You may remember him as the guy that used to dress up in a grizzly bear costume and partnered with the Gibbon and other comical Z-listers. 

Scourge takes out Bob, the Uranian, of the the Agents of Atlas team.  Uranian's apparently have purple blood.  Good to know.

X-Factor #200

Deadpool made a random guest appearance in X-Factor's big anniversary/renumbering issue and got lucky to boot.  He and Siryn used to be a couple back in the day.  One time thing here?

X-Force #22

Here's the explanation as to why some of the revived have their powers and some do not.  There were 16 million mutants on Genosha when it was attacked by Sentinels.  Of those, a million kept their powers, even in death.  1 in 16 kept their powers on M-Day, dead or alive.  I suppose it doesn't contradict Beast's findings on the lack of any mutant DNA in the bodies he and Dark Beast dug up.

X-Men: Legacy #230


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Flip The Page said...

Yeah Bling is both a lesbian and incredibly weird? to be fair I never knew she existed till this arc so dropping in her attraction to rogue like that was actually kinda useful if not clunky.

I'll ignore the parties bit though.

Also X-Factor 200 had a much better moment for me (aside from the constant moment that is Madrox interacting with Val Richards) with Shatterstar beating The Thing, hitting him out a window and yelling 'ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?' with his arms spread wide. Kicked my arse.

Finally, I'm pretty sure that The Uranian was a human that grew up on Uranus. Hold on *checks*

... Yes, yes he is. Purple blood what the hell?!

Dickey said...

For as awesome as Mogo showing up is, those two planets are in for some serious gravitational f-ups from getting that close to each other. Oh how I love you comic book science.

PMMJ said...

See, that's a perfect excuse to have the Sentry leave the current books to go off and kick cosmic baddies instead of just hanging with the Thunderbolts. Or to reprogram himself back to dormant state, or whatever.

brandon said...

In the past wasn't Mogo a "she"?

Kirk Warren said...

@brandon - I'm not sure. I have the first 'Mogo doesn't socialize' issue (well, it's like 5 page backup) and Im pretty sure it was just Mogo or at least given a male pronoun.

Andrenn said...

About Streets of Gotham. yeah Damien has no problem killing, but that was an adult he killed. An adult criminal. Not an innocent kid. We know he was angry when he failed to save someone in Batman and Robin, Dini developed the character a bit to show us he isn't just this perfect killing machine and he can have a human moment. That's why I liked that moment a lot.

Also I agree, if Zasz doesn't somehow escape after this story he's either got to be on death row or killed at this rate.

Chris said...

Lol I loved that part in Power Girl, good stuff.

Also loved the winter Spider-man, I thought that was great!

JP said...

I too enjoyed that "human moment" from Damien, which by my count, has been the second time Dini has one-uped Morrison in terms of the character growth of Damien, the first being Damien's chess games with Bruce look-a-like Hush behind Dick's back.

I was surprised that you did not include the scence where that new vigilate Abuse from earlier issues of 'Streets' seems to be that little boy in the church.

Monch said...

I agree with PMMJ. DnA should take the Sentry into the Guardians of the Galaxy or something. He is too powerful now to stay on Earth.

Don't know what Bendis was thinking given Sentry such a power boost. He can basically do whatever he wants now. Made him basically unusable on Earth.

He will do better in Cosmic stuff, since there are already some heavily powerful beings there.

Eric Rupe said...

I'm pretty sure the Sentry will stopped being used after Siege. It sounds like he's cause of the of everything from Disassembled onward which, if that is the case, he's not going to be sticking around.

Tyler said...

Bling! was revealed to be a lesbian in peter milligan's x-men run. Also her parents are are like rappers or something?

steven said...

I'm pretty sure, from little bits and pieces that have been dropped, that we haven't seen the actual Sentry for some time. We are seeing the Void as the Sentry.

Whatever, Bendis doesn't do a very good job with writing protaganists. I don't think he has a very good grasp of heroism.

Eric Rupe said...

steven - I take you've never read Ultimate Spider-Man then?

Dennis said...

I don't think Dick would really care about Damien's quip. He's beyond that at this point. Bruce and Dick call each other father and son. Real son doesn't necessarily biological son.

I was disappointed with Dark Avengers. The whole point of Molecule Man is he's the most powerful guy in the room, and the least confident. His role is to have mind-blowing powers. He doesn't have superhero powers, he's something else. Sentry's role is to have superhero powers to the max. I think he could be given a power boost with giving him MM type-powers, let alone exactly. the. same. powers. as him.

Dennis said...

Without giving him**

Radlum said...

I was annoyed by this issue of Dark Avengers; I was liking the Molecule Man and bringing him back just to show how overpowered is Sentry was cheap. I hope Sentry gets depowered or dies because he is too powerful for his own good (as a character in the Earth-616)

Matt Ampersand said...

@Flip: I would have to read the original mini of Agent of Atlas, but I do believe the Uranian went through some process so he could live in Uranus (*giggle*). I remember there was a scene in the original AoA mini where they are all eating breakfast and Bob ate it through his esophagus, which now had the ability to come out of his body and had a little mouth (think like Alien).

Jack Norris said...

I'm pretty sure there was something of a shock reveal (it may have been a surprise to Bob at the time too, I can't fully remember) that the Uranian turned out to be much more "camouflaged Uranian body with implanted human mind/consciousness/soul/whatever" than "human with a few Uranian adaptations/enhancements." This was in (one of?) the earlier AoA miniseries, and I think had something to do with accounting for the apparent death of some iteration of the character years earlier.

Nathan Aaron said...

Ms. Hand is a lesbian, so yes, she can say no to the touching of Norman's nakedness. And we're all the better for it.

I was just irritated with the whole "And someone dies... for reelz!" when we all know Molecule Man didn't die. It's just like Sentry said "I can control my molecules. I can't die." TADA. Well, neither can the Molecule Man. So that "for reelz" just sounded even more stupid than it already sounded.

Anonymous said...

My guess....The Sentry is actually the Beyonder.

Warwick Johnson said...

@Anonymous: I agree. The Sentry is totally the Beyonder.

Mogo said...

Dude, best moment for sure we me popping up at the end of GLC. I almost didn't do it- they wouldn't give me my green m&ms! Anyway, they were holding out, so I told them I'd go on strike. But they caved and the project was a go. I'm going to be great next issue, just watch.

And hey, I'm twittering now! I'm socializing baby!

Love, Mogo

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