Monday, December 28, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/23/09

Happy holidays everyone.  Hope everything went well for you over the break. We're back with some late presents for everyone with our Moments of the Week.  Sorry they aren't wrapped.  If you're looking for wrapped gifts, make sure to hit up our Santron Wishlist Contest where Santron is giving out some free comics to people on his nice list.  Once you enter that contest, hit the jump for the momenty goodness.

Amazing Spider-Man #616

Easily one of the best Spider-Man moments I've ever read.  It encapsulates everything that makes Spider-Man Spider-Man in two simple panels. 

Captain America - Who Will Wield the Shield? #1

Why can't both of them be Cap?  One can use that energy shield or the original Cap shield or some custom made job and another can use the classic shield.  Costume's are different enough to make it work and each has a unique personality and way of doing things.  Why not go with the Flash way of multiple versions with the same name running around?

Bucky gets to be Cap...

...but not because Steve thinks he should be.  Really undermines everything built up for Bucky and gives me the feeling of "Replacement Cap".  He's basically Nomad or US Agent as of this moment.

Steve Rogers to head up SHIELD or HAMMER post-Siege?  And after how they've shown Obama in other books and even have his face on Amazing Spider-Man: Election Day trades, you'd think they wouldn't be obscuring him like they do here. 

Dark Avengers: Ares #3

Doesn't pay to be a human in a world of gods.  Really liked the Shades, but this was the only way things could have possibly turned out for them.

This, coupled with the next moment, make for a great conclusion to this miniseries.  Ares puts Norman Osborn in his place, it sums up exactly who the God of War is and makes for some great visuals.

The coins on the eyes were a nice touch.  Not sure if it was the artist's idea or not, but nice attention to detail.

Detective Comics #860

Kate's father finds out she's been doing some vigilante work and they begin planning her crime fighting career.

Batwoman's training is similar to Batman's.  Her father set her up with various special ops teams, she studied, trained and it is so much better than the bored debutante-cum-super hero origin that was implied in her first appearances.

This was a really powerful scene between Kate and her father after Batwoman learned that Alice's blood was that of her supposedly dead twin sister's. A talking head scene never looked this pretty before either.

And this is the final page of the Rucka/Williams era on Detective Comics.  Stunning page.  I love how unique each panel is in style and colouring. 

Fall of the Hulks: Gamma #1

And Jeph Loeb kills another character.  Shocking, I know. At least it wasn't a murder mystery.

And it looks like Red Hulk and Bruce Banner are working together and responsible for killing Thunderbolt Ross

Fantastic Four #574

Franklin Richards is creating universes again.  Heroes Reborn 2 = Heroic Age?  Probably not.  Hopefully this is only for this story and he's depowered again.

Gotham City Sirens #7

Damian has a lot to learn about Dick Grayson.  Surely he has time for both women and crime fighting.  He's the biggest man-whore in the DCU.  And is that Selina's baby in the background?  Wow, thought she went the way of Peter and MJ's baby, never to be mentioned again.

Harley Quinn's mother is happy to see her on Christmas.

This was a cute scene with the kids asking Harley if she's killed Batman yet.  Just something cute about them looking up to Harley.

Green Lantern #49

That is some impressive one-handed sniping on John Stewart's part.  I'm guessing someone else shot that person in the head because there's no way in hell John was getting a head shot firing a rifle using only one hand.  He'd be lucky if his arm wasn't dislocated after firing it.

Uh, why didn't the Black Lanterns just feed on John's marine powered WILL?  Dude is glowing brighter than anyone else in the entire event, yet they don't bother taking his heart based on that emotion?

This was the "origin" of Nekron.

Incredible Hercules #139

If you kill Athena, I won't love you regardless of how pretty you look...

So Delphyne kills Athena anyways. 

New Avengers #60

That is not a joke I thought I'd see in one of Marvel's flagship titles.

Funny, but I don't think Bullseye would care either.  Hard to believe it's the same writer writing him here as in Dark Avengers.

That is the creepiest looking Norman Osborn I've ever seen. 

Secret Warriors #11

This issue of Secret Warriors was a bit of a mishmash of random plots with no tangible connection that I could see, but there were some great scenes, like this one with a younger Gorgon receiving the Godkiller sword from Kraken.  Looks like Phobos will probably get killed by Gorgon, get raised up as a demigod/real god and then we get to see both fight it out with Godkiller and Grasscutter.

Nick Fury shows Daisy the other teams he's been working with, which also reveals other 'caterpillar teams'.  One is even led by his son, Mikel.  Hickman is mining so much old Nick Fury/SHIELD related stories in this series that it's only a matter of time before Scorpio, Nick's supposedly dead brother, makes an appearance. 

Thor #605

I call it awesome.

Doom in his custom Destroyer armour. 

Uncanny X-Men #519

Cyclops takes care of the Void by simply using the power of his mind to contain it in a box and locking it away in some corner of his mind.  All by himself.  No, he has no telepathic abilities, yet accomplished this with ease on his own when Emma Frost, Charles Xavier and Psylocke all failed.  Yeahbuwha-?

Wolverine: Weapon X #8

Enjoyed this scene as the good doctor tries to cut open Wolverine's adamantium laced noggin. As I had been watching Dexter seasons one and two over Christmas, this moment reminded me of Dexter and made me wish for a Dexter vs Wolverine comic. 

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Daryll B. said...

Hmmm Dexter vs Wolverine? Damn you got me hoping it...

Harley, a mother figure we can all be proud of..(lol) I know thinking of that scene with the twins in the Batman Beyond movie...

Those scenes in Spidey just reinforce those heartbreaking qualities in Spidey that we have grown to love over time. In his head, Peter was doing the right reality..not so much...

I already said what I had to say about GL #49 but has there been a character recently that been so marginalized as John has been? I mean Tim Drake, Iceman, Changeling and She-Hulk all have been pigeonholed in the past but come on...this story should have happened earlier...or better yet not at all. It countered a lot of what we seen before from the Black Lanterns...

Matt Ampersand said...

I agree that the coins on the eyes was a great touch. Whether it was Gillen or the artist that decided to put it there, it was still a perfect detail.

Anonymous said...

That scene from Wolverine: Weapon X was good, but the real show-stopper was when they revealed who was talking to Wolverine from the floor. Never have I been so entertained, intrigued, repulsed, and genuinely shocked at the same time while reading a comic. Grossly awesome!

mrpeepants said...

I can't wait for the Rucka/Williams Detective Comics trade. Dexter vs Wolverine I can see it now. Dexter starts go after Wolvie thinking he falls under Harry's code but it just leads to a teamup between them

Daryll B. said...

So wait...about Batwoman...does this mean that Flamebird's mother was Elizabeth/Alice? Hmmmm

Dammit Rucka and can't leave yet?!?!?!??!! lol

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