Monday, December 21, 2009

Cover of the Week - Azrael & Spider-Man 1602

Matt and Ryan chose this week's Cover of the Week nominations and went with Spider-Man 1602 #3 and Azrael #3 respectively.  Hit the jump to see each cover and why they were chosen.

Ryan's Cover of the Week - Azrael #3

Ryan: There is a lot to love about this cover--the bold main figure, strong inset images, and brilliant use of negative space all combine to be easily the best cover of the week.

Matt's Cover of the Week: Spider-Man 1602 #3

Matt: An incredible eye catching cover, with a great layout that tells a story, some colors that just pop off the screen and the best alternate costume for Spider-Man EVER. How can this not be the cover of the week?

Runners-Up: Batman: Streets of Gotham #7, Air #16 & Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Anti-Venom - New Ways to Die #3

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Flip The Page said...

I wanted to say Anti-Venom was the best this week but it's misleading as all hell. So I'm going to prove that nothing ever changes with me and say Nomad: Girl Without A World.

though saying that the Azrael cover does look amazing

LuchoMon said...

The cover from Streets Of Gotham is almost the same cover that The Fly #1 from 1992 (Impact Comics).


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