Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cover of the Week - Cinderella, Batman: Unseen & Thor

Like the banner says, the Cover of the Week is a look at the week's best covers as chosen by us here at the Weekly Crisis.  This week's nominations go out to Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #2, Batman: Unseen #5 and the gatefold variant of Thor #604.  Hit the jump to see each cover and our reasons for picking them.

Ryan's Cover of the Week - Cinderlla: From Fabletown With Love #2

Ryan: I was taken with this cover the first time I saw it and it still resonantes with me just as much now, months after it was first solicited.  I've made the comparison between Chrissie Zullo and James Jean before, but this cover is just one more reason why she is quickly getting to his level of artistic awesomeness.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Batman: Unseen #5

Matt: It's like they dared Kelley Jones to see how much of the iconic Batcave props he could get in this cover AND still have Batman turning half invisible at the same time. Certainly eye-catching.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - Thor #604 (Gatefold Variant)

Kirk: I'm disappointed I couldn't find a full-sized version of this gatefold variant online, so you'll have to settle for just the front cover. It's a stunning piece that I'd love to have a poster sized version of or even a high resolution jpg for a desktop wallpaper.

Runners-Up: Hack/Slash #28, Jonha Hex #50 & X-Babies #3

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CasinoGrande said...

The Thor cover is also from Tales of Asgard, which is a bunch of Lee-Kirby reprints with Coipel covers.
I know this isn't a good size for a computer wallpaper, but you can get this massive scroll:

Matt Ampersand said...

Oh yeah, they did release (or are planning to) as a poster! I remember Jen Grunwald tweeting about it some time ago.

Flip The Page said...

X-Babies has been great stuff with its covers so far (and the material inside), but this is a Sweet Tooth week, so that can walk away with best cover for me, as is the way. Or Dark Avengers Annual.

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