Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cover of the Week - MA: Super Heroes, Iron Man & DCU Holiday Special

This week's Cover of the Week nominations go out to Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #18, which features Nova throwing up the horns, another of Invincible Iron Man's stylish new cover designs and trade dress and the DCU Holiday Special.  View these and our reasons for choosing each after the jump.

Ryan's Cover of the Week - Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #18

Ryan:  This one is quirky, eye-catching, and fun.  Sometimes the simplest covers are also the most memorable and that is definitely the case with this one!

Matt's Cover of the Week - Invincible Iron Man #21

Matt: These recent Invincible Iron Man covers are unlike anything else on the stands. The basic color palette and the simplicity of the artwork make it incredibly eye catching.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - DC Universe Holiday Special '09 #1

Kirk: There were some fantastic covers this week, from another stunning Invincible Iron Man to Nova throwing up the horns, like both Matt and Ryan chose, but I eventually settled on the DCU Holiday Special for the simplicity of it and how it brings a smile to my face every time I see the heroes playing in the snow with some kids.

Runners-Up: Secret Six #16, Deadpool #18 & Daytripper #1

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Bill said...

I like that Secret Six cover from a distance, but up close Black Alice's face is weird looking.

Melissa said...

And her legs are...just wrong.

Ivan said...

Great Iron Man cover. Hope that becomes a trend.

Chris said...

Yeah I've really liked the last two Iron Man covers a lot.

Flip The Page said...

Have to throw the cover to Heaven's on Fire #5 into the ring as the only good piece of art I've EVER seen from Greg Land. That won the week for me with the freakiness of it all

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