Friday, December 18, 2009

Crisis on Infinite Arts - C.P. Wilson III's Zombie Captain America

 There was a time when Marvel Zombies was a cool fresh new idea, something new and scary. Sadly, five series and more crossovers than anyone ever asked for (including one with Marvel Apes. Seriously.), the magic is lost. C.P. Wilson III captures some of that earlier magic in this great portrayal of Zombie Captain America (or Colonel America, for those who are keeping track).

Charles Paul Wilson III (DeviantArt | Twitter) is, to my knowledge, a fairly new talent in the comic industry. He first came to my attention when I got the chance to review the first two issues of The Stuff of Legend. To say that I have fallen in love with Charles' art is an understatement. Beautifully rendered, with an eerie aura to it, his artwork is as unique as it is compelling. He is definitely a creator to watch, as I am sure there are great things waiting in his future. Hit the jump to see more of his artwork.

Lobster Johnson (from the Hellboy universe)

The Man-Thing

The Scarecrow

The Boogeyman (from Stuff of Legend)

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ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I really like the Scarecrow picture.

All in all, I guess the problem about the zombie comics is that it does has to have a plot. I mean, aaaaaargh and eeeeeeeeeeehhh can't last forever as the attractive statement.

Matt Ampersand said...

I really like the Scarecrow one too, but it wasn't a very high resolution, so I decided to go with the Zombie Cap one instead.

Primewax said...

That's one heck of a Man-Thing.

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