Sunday, December 27, 2009

Geoff Johns Hints At Post-Blackest Night Green Lantern, New Guardians

Geoff Johns, the writer responsible for Blackest Night and all things Green Lantern, was in a giving mood over the Christmas break and let slip some hints at future Green Lantern stories post-Blackest Night on his Twitter feed. The hints stemmed from comments on the John Stewart centric Green Lantern #49 and spoke of his role in Blackest Night #8 and post-Blackest Night in a storyline called New Guardians.  Full quote and commentary after the jump.

The Quote
Thanks for the kind words on GL #49 - yes, John Stewart IS a bad ass. Can't wait to see his scene in BN #8 play out and in the storyline post-Blackest Night in Green Lantern: NEW GUARDIANS. - Geoff Johns

He also clarified that this was a new storyline, not a new book, entitled Green Lantern: New Guardians that starts in Green Lantern #53.

Meet the New Guardians, Same as the Old Ones

Clearly, New Guardians most likely refers to the Guardians of the Universe either getting the boot and the Green Lantern Corps policing itself or, less likely, the Guardians either die and get replaced or they survive and take a leave of absence.

However, the one thing to note is that the Green Lanterns have taken over the corps before when the Guardians left for another dimension to reconnect with the Zamarons.  The corps formed a council and one of their first major acts was to order the execution of Sinestro.  This resulted in the rings failing due to the Green Lanterns attempting to override the "no killing" rule and nearly destroyed the corps.  Clearly, putting the Green Lanterns in charge isn't going to be the best idea since they are about as hopeless as the Guardians.

However, as Johns mentions John Stewert during this, it seems likely a new Green Lantern led Guardians will return.  I suppose the two Honour Guards, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, will be on it.  John Stewart is mentioned, so likely a third human for the group.  Salaak is an obvious choice based on his actions and role with the Corps. 

Other Corps Get New Guardians?

Another possible story that could come out of New Guardians is that other corps get their own Guardians.  Blue Lantern Guardian, Sayd, has told Larfleeze she would become his Guardian for aiding the others in stopping Nekron during Blackest Night.  Her appointment as an Orange Lantern Guardian would qaulify as a "New Guardian".

Perhaps others will arise as Guardians for these new corps - assuming they all survive Blackest Night.  Maybe the Controllers make another power play to lead a corps.  Maybe Guy Gardner takes over the Red Lanterns or a faction of the ones that do not wish to be mindless slaves to those rings and becomes their "guardian".  Or maybe we get a conglomeration of corps leaders forming a new set of Guardians that govern the various corps?  The possibilities beyond just the Green Lantern Corps replacing the Guardians of the Universe are quite high now that there are multiple corps to consider.


Johns also made mention of a few seemingly random characters shortly after the first quote about New Guardians.
You ever notice how a lot of villain in Green Lantern have mustaches?! Sinestro, Hector Hammond and Krona the Rogue Guardian! Bizarre! - Geoff Johns

Completely random or does Krona pop up again and Johns is merely commenting on something he's been researching and noticed?  Could Krona play a part in Blackest Night?  Maybe return as a new Guardian?  Krona played a major role in Nekron's first appearance and helped him return to our universe.  He's also a major power threat and former Guardian of the Universe.  Curious and curiouser.


Blackest Night is still several months away from a conclusion, so it's a little early to begin speculating on where things end up, but Johns opened the can of worms and it's always fun to speculate.  What do you think?  New Green Lantern led Guardians?  Other corps getting a Guardian of their own?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Flip The Page said...

um... I think the new guardians are the new lantern deputies or the team shown on the cover to BN 6.

In fact probably the former.

but it's hard to tell, i'm running off the whole 'new guardians' line on the cover to BN 6

Anonymous said...

I am just curious about how nobody has mentioned the leaked blackest night issue or at least commented about it?


Primewax said...

Gotta say, I hope there's some sort of "All-Corps" around after BN. The War of Light aspect of BN is by far the most interesting, and I think an All-Corps, if done right, could potentially rocket DC's lackluster cosmic side to be comparable to Marvel's. Here's hoping.

Steven said...

John Stewart actually had an ascension and became a mortal Guardian during his time in Green Lantern: Mosaic.

I think Larfleeze killed most if not all of the Controllers during his introduction to the series.

I believe Ganthet will be making a major status change soon himself.

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