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Thoughts On Solicitations for March 2010

Every month, Marvel, DC, Image and everyone else in the comics industry submits their solicits for the upcoming months to Diamond.  Thoughts on Solicitations is our monthly column devoted to covering these solicits, picking out books that intrigue us/boggle the mind and, in general, discuss the future of the comics.  It is not a "future pull list" or any indication of what books we may or may not buy - merely commentary from everyone at the Weekly Crisis on the comics or trades that caught our eye as we went through the various solicits.

March is another big month for the comic book work. While Blackest Night sees it's final issue released and Siege reaching it's penultimate issue the month also sees the release a variety of new releases ranging from Mark Millar's and Steven McNiven's Nemesis, American Vampire from Vertigo, another Superman crossover, five issues of Amazing Spider-Man and much, much more. Hit the jump for thoughts on all the solicits for the month of February.


Supersized: Strange Tales From A Fast-Food Culture

Matt: Well, this is one of the oddest books in the catalog. Super Size Me was an incredibly entertaining and interesting film, but it came out years ago. It would probably fare a lot better if it was released by a major book publisher than Dark Horse. I mean, this is the kind of thing that should be placed in bookstores but NOT in the comic book section.

Age of Reptiles: The Journey #3

Matt: This sounds interesting, but considering it's three quarters of the way done, I guess I'll wait for the eventual trade. The solicit makes it sound as this is a series that was long delayed and is just now coming back, maybe that's why I didn't know about it.



American Vampire #1

Eric: Can't stand vampires but I'm looking forward to this. I do hope that Albuquerque sticks around on this series for a while.

Kirk: Truthfully, I'm not a big fan of Stephen King's work.  There are some earlier works I like, but nothing recent has stuck with me.  Add another Twilight inspired vampire (they really are the new zombie) and it's not looking good for my pull list.  However, seeing Albuquerque involved is really interesting. That is the one thing stopping me from writing this off completely.

Madame Xanadu #21

Eric: Just had to point out this awesome cover. Really, it's a fantastic way to try and sell an issue of the series. Very eye catching and interesting.

Sparta USA #1

Eric: Another creator owned series I've been looking forward to. I do wish Wildstorm had released more than one of these at a time though. It's takes forever for them to come as singles, much less collections.


Kirk: Nothing really to discuss here with regards to Blackest Night in general.  Solicits amount to "stuff will happen" and little else.  Not even a cover to really have an opinion on or get excited about. 

Green Lantern #52

Matt: Not exactly giving us a lot of material here, are we?

Green Lantern Corps #46

Matt: Interesting, it sounds like Blackest Night ends here. It's something we've been saying, but the stuff happening in the pages of Green Lantern Corps could have easily been the main event.

Blackest Night Power Ring Spectrum Set

Matt: I guess people really like those plastic rings, don't they?


Batman and Robin #10

Matt: Hey, it's Robin-dickery! I hope this starts a new trend and from now on all Batman & Robin covers have Damian being a dick to Batman.


Red Robin #10

Eric: Nothing against this particular title or anything but, when you say "...only Red Robin and Batgirl can stop it" I think you might be stretching the idea of suspension of disbelief a wee bit too far. Granted, this is a problem that originates with the way DC, and Marvel, go out creating their stories(non-stop monthly publication, recycling of characters and plot lines, an almost constant game of one-ups-manship, etc.) but, sometimes, it's the little stuff like that that becomes the most obvious. That, or I'm way over thinking this. Yeah, I'm probably over thinking this.


First Wave #1

Matt: Didn't the Batman/Doc Savage issue come out this month? Why are they releasing this three months after that?

Justice League: The Rist and Fall Special #1

Matt: "What controversial decision has created a split in the League?" Oh god, not the mind wiping again!

Nemesis: The Imposters #1

Matt: Ha, there's going to be two titles with the name "Nemesis", this one and the Mark Millar and Steve McNiven one.

Kirk: Oh lordy, this should be fun.  Wonder how many retailers will order it by mistake or try and pawn some off to people looking for the Millar/McNiven Nemesis?

The Great Ten #5

Kirk: I haven't really paid my attention to the Great Ten series.  It's just too little, too late in terms of any kind of interest or hype.  This is something that should have been out on the heels of 52 or at least when Checkmate was running and the August General in Iron was appearning regularly.  In fact, as they seem to be doing one-shots for every character in the Great Ten, this is the only issue I'll be picking up for the August General in Irons story.  Fantastic cover to this issue, too.

The Flash: Secret Files and Origins 2010 #1

Kirk: Flash Fact - that is the worst title ever. I'll probably dip my foot in the pool here, but I'm really conflicted on following Flash post-Rebirth.

Eric: Well, that's a needless long title if I ever saw one. Also, I'm I the only who thinks that DC should have just skipped The Flash: Rebirth, and this issue, and just gone ahead and launched a new Flash title out of Final Crisis? Plus, it's another story whose sole purpose to set up another story! Just tell the goddamn story already!

Power Girl: A New Beginning TPB

Eric: I'm getting the Terra miniseries from the same creative team sometime in the near future and if that turns out to be good I'll definitely give this a look.

Solomon Grundy TPB

Eric: Anyone get this series? I'm tempted to pick up since I do enjoy Kolins's artwork and it's $20 for eight issues but, on the other, it is about Grundy and it's written by Kolins, whose writing credits, as far as I know, are limited to this series so I have no idea how good the writing aspects would be.


Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1

Matt: Not an expert, but from what I hear from other people, another crossover is the last thing the Superman franchise needs.

Eric: And the Superman titles enter another crossover when interest seems to be at an all time low. In fact, sales are at a six year low. Not to mention the fact that Superman: Secret Origin seems to have flopped as well. I seriously doubt most readers are interested in another New Krypton storyline and crossover and there is still War of The Supermen after this. And DC is dragging the Legion of Superheroes into as well. They haven't exactly been sales generators lately either. It's almost as if DC wants to sink the franchise.

Superman 80-Page Giant #1

Matt: Hey, Kathryn Immonen is writing for DC now? How weird.

Action Comics #887

Eric: Why does Rao look like a palette swapped Doomsday?

Superboy: Boy of Steel

Eric: Tempting, for Manapul's art alone, but this is not a hardcover purchase. I may get the trade down the road though.


Fell Vol 1, Feral City TP

Eric: Hm, didn't know this was out of print but I'll be picking up this new printing since I haven't picked up a copy yet. Hopefully this means that the series will start up again soon as well.

Haunt Vol 1 TP

Eric: $10? Goddamn morbid curiosity. Best case scenario is that this is so bad it's good in the same way that the Jean-Claude Van Damme Street Fighter is. Most likely scenario - this is just plain, old fashioned horrible and I regret spending $10 on this.

Image United: Interlude #1

Eric: And Image unveils the evolution of fill ins for delayed events. Bravo Image. Bravo.

The Mice Templar Vol 2, Destiny HC

Eric: I hate the fact that Image releases this series in hardcover. I really just want to read Vol 2 and really am going to hate waiting the next however many months till the trade comes out.

Viking Vol 1 HC

Eric: Bad Image! Bad! Trade first, hardcover later!



Kirk: Jesus, can the solicits for every one of these Siege related issues get any more overly dramatic?  Only thing I took away from any of these solicits is that every single battle occuring in the dozen or so titles is the greatest thing ever and will change the Marvel universe FOREVER.  This is hyperbole taken to the extreme and bordering on self-parody at this point.  That Captain America variant for Siege #3 sure is purdy though.

Eric: I do have to give Marvel some credit for doing their damnedest to make this sound like the most important thing since the beginning of time but...when Avengers: Disassembled would change everything forever and House of M would change everything forever and Civil War would change everything forever and Secret Invasion would change everything forever, it starts to wear a little thin. Very thin in fact. In fact, the suggestion that something, anything really, would "change forever" happened in five out of the ten Siege solicits for the month.

New Avengers #63

Eric: Sounds like a major plot point right there to me. Wonder why it's not in the main series? Also, what happened to Stuart Immonen?

New Mutants #11

Matt: I have to admit that I don't care about the New Mutants a whole lot, but the guest creative team is a very attractive one.

Eric: That's some talented creators right there, from the cover right down to the interior work. I might actually get this if it's only a one issue tie-in, doubt it though, since it's only $3.


Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1 - #5

Matt: Haha, I can't believe there is a Deadpool weekly mini series to tie in to one of the Deadpool titles. Sales can't possibly be THAT good to justify this. Victor Gischler must have some compromising photos of one of the higher-ups at Marvel or something.

Kirk: Brilliant or jumping the shark?  I can't decide. 

Deadpool Team-Up #895

Matt: I have to say, after the initial team up with Hercules, the guest stars have been dropping in quality and renown. Get some A-listers in this title or cancellation can't be far off.

Kirk: It really does seem to be a throw away title, Matt.  One issue worth of quality, ride the initial hype and then cancel in a year's time once they've killed all interest in the character seems to be the plan.


Eric: Must not read. Must not read. Must not read. Must not read. Must not read. Must not read. Must not read. Must not....ARGH!! Damn it. Who comes up with this shit?!

Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #1

Matt: Normally, I would be worried to see my favorite title be canceled, but FVL and Greg Pak know what they are doing. It's probably going to lead up to a relaunch of the title.

Fall of the Hulks: The Savage She-Hulk #1 (of 3)

Matt: This is odd, the "Fall of the Hulks" event ends this month, but this tie-in starts in that same month. It's like Final Crisis all over again!


Avengers VS. Atlas #3 (of 4)

Matt: Paul Cornell in my Agents of Atlas? Interesting and awesome. The Agents are basically Jeff Parker's creations and I don't think another writer has ever used them outside of him, but Cornell is great, so I am sure he will do a great job.

Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way! #1 & 2 (of 2)

Kirk: This could be great.  I love Cebulski's Twitter feed for the endless supply of tips and inside/behind the scenes information on breaking into comics.  Add more of that and the talent involved with this and it could be something great.  Just look at those covers. Those are not your standard looking Marvel covers.  If the interiors remotely come close to that, it'll be worth every penny.  And, while it is $3.99, it's also 56-pages.  Kudos for not making it a $4.99 or higher title for a change.

Eric: I'm interested in this solely for the new artist showcase but, if I do end up liking any of the new artists in here the odds of me picking up any work they end up doing are pretty small given that my interest in pretty much anything Marvel produces is at an all time low.

Dark Avengers: Ares TPB

Kirk: The series wrapped up last week, but I'm sure most weren't reading it.  Buy this trade.  Want some more incentives besides the fact DA: Ares was one of the best miniseries this year?  Well, this trade also collects the fantastic Ares: God of War miniseries that redefined the God of War several years back.  This is basically the definitive collection for Ares.  Mark your calendars and start saving - you'll need to own this one.

Eric: I actually own the Oeming Ares mini collected in here so I'm going to be passing on this despite my interest in Gillen's Ares mini.

Doomwar #2

Matt: I wonder if this is going to be related at all with Siege or how it will line up time-wise.

Girl Comics #1

Matt: Aaaaand just like that I am probably out. I mentioned when the news broke out that I was interested in this title because of it's strong creative team, but at 4.99 (even if it is 48 pages), the price becomes too restrictive in singles and too appealing in trades.

Kirk: I spoke about this when it was first announced and I'll say it again - hate the name and how it tries to define the book by the gender of the creators instead of the work (yes, I know it's also refreshing a trademark on an old Timely title, but that's not the point), but love the concept and talent involved.  Will gladly plop down the money for this and expect it to be one of the best miniseries of 2010.

Stephen King's "N." #1 (of 4)

Matt: Art by Alex Maleev? How is he going to be working in two titles at the same time? They needed a huge lead time for Spider-Woman, which caused the book to be delayed, but now he's working on another one? I guess it could be that he is just doing the first issue, or maybe this was done some time ago.

Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers Unleashed #1 (of 4)

Matt: Aww, yeah! More Pet Avengers!

Millar & McNiven's Nemesis #1

Kirk: Ugh, I'm going to be picking this up, but am still not sure if I want to sit through the inevitable delays.  Will be pretty to look at though.

Also curious why the title includes Millar and McNiven's names.  Nemesis copyrighted by DC?  No other Icon title includes creator names like that.  I can see advertising with their names, similar to a James Cameron's Avatar, but I've never seen a movie/book/whatever solicited with the creator names as the title.  Misprint?  Clarification due to the fact there are two Nemesis books this month?


Kirk: Whoa, that is one fantastic cover.  Blows the hell out of those Cassaday covers, which looked more like random character sketches Marvel paid to have coloured and slapped a title on. 

The Twelve: Spearhead

Matt: Wow, does this mean that The Twelve is going to start up again or something?

Iron Man 1.5 #1

Eric: That's a pretty strong creative team for a movie tie-in. Guess Marvel is taking this seriously given how well the first movie did. Anyway, if this turns out to be any good, I'll pick it up since I love the movie as well as the creative team.


Amazing Spider-Man #623-627

Matt: I guess March is a five-Wednesday month, because otherwise I have no idea how they are going to fit FIVE issues into a single month. And that's without counting Web Of Spider-Man, the Peter Parker one-shot, or the Jackpot mini series. Kudos to the editorial team if they do manage to all come out on time though.

Kirk: Roger Stern? Spiritual sequel to Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut?  DO WANT!  Also, what's up with the number of Amazing Spider-Man issues this month.  There's five of them.  Odd for a thrice monthly release schedule.  Guess Marvel is cashing in on the five Wednesdays in March.

Eric: Getting ASM #626. Van Lente and Gaydos are an excellent creative team. Wonder if the female Scorpion mentioned is the one co-created by Van Lente?

Peter Parker #1

Kirk: I put together some speculation based on the cover to this issue and came up with the possibility of a new Spider-Man title with art by Rafael Albuquerque based on some Twitter posts and interviews.  Didn't pan out exactly as I expected, but it's still nice to see Albuquerque drawing Spider-Man, even if it's only the cover.  Seems this is a colleciton of online "exclusive" comics from Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited service.  Count me out.

Amazing Spider-Man by JSM Ultimate Collection Book 3

Eric: I was afraid this would happen. Aside from collecting end of John Romita Jr.'s run, this also has Sins Past and the arc afterward, which I have no interest in owning, so I'm going to be passing this plus the previous two volumes as well.


Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #1

Matt: Hey, look, a Jeph Loeb comic with a shitload of variant covers.

Kirk: Damn, it still exists. I just lost a bet.  Only good thing I can think of coming from this is the possibility that the good folks over at 4thLetter! might do some hilarious edits to this disaster in the making like they did with previous Loeb work.

Eric: Wow, really? Um...is Marvel devolving into unconscious self-parody or something?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8

Kirk: I love that cover.  Great perspective, dynamic, unique.  Also interesting to note that Takeshi Miyazawa is doing the interiors again this month instead of Lafuente.  I like both of their art, so not a problem for me.  Just curious that after years of consecutive runs by previous artists, we're getting guest pencillers already on the newly launched UC Spider-Man.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: The World According To Peter Parker Premier HC

Eric: Well, given that hardcovers usually cost $5 more than the trade, looks like I'm not going to be buying any of the new Ultimate relaunches. I'm not paying more than $3 per issue for a comic unless it's an absolute must buy and all of the recent moves made by Marvel have definitely take away the "must buy" status of the Ultimate books.


Nation X #4

Kirk: Doop is in this issue.  It's going to be written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Mike Allred.  There's no way I can't buy it.

X-Men: Second Coming


Eric: "MANY WILL BE WOUNDED. SEVERAL WILL DIE." ...Someone actually used that as a tag line? Um...wow. Anyway, despite the fact that Yost and Kyle have never really put out anything that really appealed to me, they seem to think that death and maiming are substitutes for characterization, they are still some talented creators, aside from the whole death and maiming thing, so it's nice to see them get some higher profile work. 

X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler

Matt: Nightcrawler is one of my favorite characters, although his origin is pretty well known and was done carefully examined in the Nightcrawler ongoing from a few years back, I don't think we need to hear it again.

X-23 #1

Kirk: Not sure how this will turn out.  It's rare to see anyone beside Yost and Kyle tackling their creation, X-23, but, if anyone can do it, I'm sure Marjorie Liu can.  I'll definitely check it out just for the NYX connections and solid creative team behind the project.

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Ryan K Lindsay said...

Matt - Maleev did N as a motion comic a fair while ago now, so should just be a cut and paste for the comic version, I assume. It was a good motion comic, too, but I never saw the end of it because it was hard to find/load. They were going to sell it with the King book, Just After Sunset, from whence the story came, and I have held out for it, but never actually seen it, damn. Not sure if I'd get the comic, most likely a trade wait for me, but from the motion comic, Maleev's art was spectacular.

Kirk - really agree with your summation of S.W.O.R.D.'s covers. Cassaday does pretty stuff, but his covers are always pin ups, not really covers, in my eyes. This cover, however, is brilliant, a little Steranko style for one of my favourite new titles!

As for Viking, hot damn the art in it is brilliant, Klein reminds me of a bit of a Frazetta style, mixed with some more comicy panels, but a lot is painted and I can see why they went for a HC first, because it's so pretty that this will sell, and people might just wait for it anyway.

As for the breaking into Marvel comic, it only seems aimed at artists and I can't draw. I really want another writer option, like the old empty comics that you could script, or another Stanhatten Project, dammit.

Matt Ampersand said...

I think Cassaday was supposed to be doing the covers of SWORD so people would think he was doing the interiors too. It really was quite a whiplash of styles once you opened the book.

Ethereal said...

Thor, Captain America, Invincible Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova, the stuff that I'm all currently reading (except Thor), are all on my list for pickups. Is Realm of Kings delayed? There isn't an issue of the main series in March. I'l probably pick up the Siege series too, as it's only 4 issues. Relativey boring month for Marvel, I guess. I'm not even interested in Millar's Nemesis until a trade comes out. Too.Many.Delays.

Blackest Night and Green Lantern stuff on my pickup list, as always. No complaints here.
Batman, B&R, Detective all my pull list. Still not decided on Streets of Gotham. Definitely not picking up Red Robin. That outsiders solicit looks so familiar. Wait, we see it every 10 issues. Stop with the bad team books DC, please. Nothing good from Superman. Frowns. I might pick up First Wave, not sure. No interest in Flash, they've handled him all wrong. Might have to start picking up Booster Gold. How close is to cancellation? More Secret Six. I might be interested in all the Roy Harper stuff if there weren't a billion books talking about. Especially since he lost his hand like, last issue? More REBELS, without the tie-ins. Fun. More quality, less Quantity than Marvel. Good stuff.

Picking up Spawn and Haunt from Image. Nothing else from them, yet.

Anonymous said...

"I love Cebulski's Twitter feed for the endless supply of tips and inside/behind the scenes information on breaking into comics."

We must be following two different C. B. Cebulskis. The Cebulski I follow talks almost exclusively about food. Making food, eating food, being a completely boring food snob, stuff like that. Any discussion of comics seems almost perfunctory.

Primewax said...

@Eric- The Solomon Grundy mini was good art-wise, but the story was nigh incomprehensible and it ends with a cliffhanger into Superman/Batman #66, which was the one with Black Lantern Grundy. Take from that what you will.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - Ya, lately it has been a little less comic focused than I like. Maybe they asked him to tone it down in favour of putting it into this Breaking into Comics title? Convention season was a good time for his insights, probably because he was receiving more portfolios to review at the time.

Anonymous said...

As much as I bitch about crossovers and the big two milking characters for all they can with extra ongoings and pointless build up, Prelude to the Deadpool Corps looks like the work of mad genius.

For the life of me I cant find one comic book trope that fans bitch about that isnt in this book. Hell, the first issue is drawn by Liefeld.

Its almost beautiful in its own way.

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