Friday, January 1, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man 2010 - Is One More Day Over?

Spiderman in 2010 Via

Marvel has been releasing a series of puzzle pieces teasing big things planned for Spider-Man in 2010.  I didn't bother commenting on it when they were being released in favour of waiting for all the pieces to come together.  Those pieces are now here and, well, I'm not sure what to think.

Is One More Day ending?  Is Baby May returning and in the clutches of Doctor Octopus?  Peter donning the black suit again (it's torn, so not Venom)?  And if he's reaching for Mary Jane as the central piece, why is Peter shown kissing Carlie Cooper in the background?

A lot of questions with few answers, which I suppose is the goal of releasing a piece like this - to get people talking.  I imagine most are related to the Gauntlet story that has been building for the last few months.  What do you think? 

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Monch said...

Marvel teaser/spoiler pictures are mostly red hearings, this taken from past experiences with them.

Now, probably it will lead to One More Day ending (sort off, I dont think they undo this so soon)

Top Left: I see lots a spider like beings: scarlet spider (From the Initiative), Araña, Madam Web, maybe even Venom (Mac Gargan as seen in Dark Avengers, not spidey in symbiote?)

Bottom right: Lizard and Kraven's daughter.

I think this is very related to Gauntlet. We know MJ knows about Peter being spidey (maybe this is what she whispered to Mephisto)

I havent been keeping track with Spidey all that much. Some arcs are just awful in writing, art or both. I just read the ones were I like both the writing and art so I'm not as update on Spidey as some of you may be. Ending OMD so soon will just add more timber to the fire that is the OMD haters. What's it been? 2 years? This was a major change in the Spideyverse to erase in just 2 years (but heck, Steve been dead almost as long and he is already back...)

As long as this brings good Spidey stories I don't mind if it ends OMD, continues it, or whatever. I prefer quality over quantity

Anonymous said...

Well, with regards to this image, I think that quite a bit of it is refeering to the "Gauntlet" storyline, since you have those Spider themed characters like Madame Web in the corner and Kraven's daughter, plus the prominent feature of the Lizard. There's also the Juggernaut and we know Roger Stern is going to be coming out with that story in March.

Peter having a relationship Carlie (which I have to say could probably be pretty boring considering what an underdeveloped cipher Gwen Stacy and Debra Whitman she's turned out to be so far) is probably going to happen early in the year and set-up a Peter/MJ/Carlie triangle, which I don't think may last too long.

Peter and MJ reaching out to each other, I think, is supposed to be the follow-up to One More Day in which we finally get told "why they didn't get married" and, hopefully, Peter learns about the deal with Mephisto and realizes things are not what they are supposed to be.

As for the baby, well we already know Lily Hollister (Menace) is pregnant with Norman Osborn's child, so that could be their kid. And since Doc Ock is dying, maybe he plans on getting himself a new body by "downloading" his consciousness into Norman and Lily's goblin child.

Of course, I could very well be 100% wrong on all this.


al said...

I don't think this is going to end OMD. More likely we are going to finally find out what happened to make Peter and MJ split up.

My guess... MJ finds out that she is pregnant and calls off the wedding. She doesn't want Peter worrying about a baby or putting the baby at risk. So she leaves town without telling Peter about baby May.

Akylle said...

As long as Joe Quesada is EIC I doubt we'll see an end to OMD anytime soon. As for the kid, it could be Norman and Lily's child.

Kirk Warren said...

Good call on the baby being Lily and Norman's. With the whole MJ/Peter thing and recent Ben Reilly's past story, Baby May was the only thing I could think of for that.

Klep said...

Well, Quesada has said there's something coming up soon that involves both MJ and a baby. Hopefully it's either her's and Peter's or neither of theirs.

I agree that this is just going to be about why Peter and MJ didn't get married. Quesada seems to hate them as a couple with a fiery passion, judging by how Marvel keeps going out of its way to twist the OMD/BND knife in the fans of the marriage. I dearly wish OMD/BND would be undone, but I just don't see it happening with Quesada around unless Disney mandates it from on high.

Dennis said...

Hell, the way they've been running Spidey's universe, it could be MJ's baby with Norman, mixed in with clone cells of Gwen and Harry.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't think it's so much One More Day ending as it is finally starting to get more details as to why the wedding was now called off in the post-OMD world.

Andrenn said...

Despite how much I pine for OMD to come to an end, I think this is more of Marvel bullshitting us.

Anonymous said...

Echoing the last comment, I think it has to do with how Peter and MJ broke up and lead to the new status quo. not worth following

Anonymous said...

Mary Jane was pregnant before they got married, but continued smoking and she killed the baby, that's why Peter called off the marriage.

That way Quesada can have his cake and eat it too.

PMMJ said...

I'm just a little surprised with the prominent placement for the Lizard. Is he truly that big a player in... whatever this will be?

Anonymous said...

No way it's over. It's a fake-out. Jackpot was a fake-out, Menace was a fake-out... Wacker likes to make us look the other way.

And, y'know, good, I say. I like BND very much... although I gotta say, I miss Mary Jane. These new love interests just aren't that interesting. Thank goodness Black Cat came back.


Anonymous said...

dude, mj can suck it, taking her out of the picture made ASM fun to read and i love what the web-heads have been doing post OMD.
I am a spider-man fan through and through, but im not a "spider-man whines and shit about mj not being around while she whines and shit about peter never being around" fan.
though i am looking forward to how the whole marriage-dissolving stuff plays out.

Anonymous said...

I won't read another issue os Amazing Spider-Man...or Marvel Comics in general...until they reverse One More Day and bring back the marriage we all watched develop. Sadly, with Joe Quesada still in charge, I cannot imagine him reversing it. Per-issue sales can continue to tank, but as long as he gets his single Spider-Man, sales, and customer opinion, be damned.

They've already announced they plan to publish an arc to show "what REALLY happened on Peter and MJ's wedding day." Surely that's all the picture represents. I won't read it. It's all bullshit. On their wedding day, they got married. Any editorial rewriting of that history won't get my dollars. And I hope nobody else who wants the pre-OMD reality restored will buy into this bullshit, either. Quesada's Spider-Man doesn't deserve monetary support.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody find it odd that Quesada chose to retcon Peter and MJ's marriage but not the fact that Gwen and Norman slept together and had children? Wouldn't it have made better sense to retcon Sins Past instead of Spiderman's marriage, good people? I would love to know what logic Quesada and co. had with this idiotic decision because I am beginning to think that this guy wants to destroy the Spiderman franchise or something.

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