Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/06/10

Pretty light week considering there were no comics for the last week of December, but not a bad start to the new year with these Moments of the Week.  Of note, Red Robin gets a lot of love and the scans I've seen have me considering picking up the book. Hit the jump for the momenty goodness.

 Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2

If this panel had not been revealed as an illusion created by Aphrodite, it would have redeemed the entire issue.

If this panel had not been revealed as an illusion created by Aphrodite, it would have redeemed the entire issue.

If this panel had not been revealed as an illusion created by Aphrodite, it would have redeemed the entire issue.  Okay, I should probably stop repeating the same thing over and over.  We could go on at length about how this could be interpreted as a man's love being the only thing that can redeem Wonder Woman and save her from herself and other mumbo jumbo, but Batman x Wonder Woman is my one true pairing.  Don't you dare talk bad about any kind of canonization of it, dream sequence or not!

Nation X: X-Factor #1

They were pretty gay looking shoulder pads.

Someone's getting lucky...

Comedic timing at its best.

Red Robin #8

Really like how Tim is portrayed here.  Dick sort of flies by the seat of his pants.  He's capable and every bit as good as Bruce while fighting and doing the Batman thing.  Tim, however, is the detective. He's the preptime side of the equation.  It's good to see him quit with the brooding and start acting like Tim again.  Might start reading this again.

Another great scene with Ra's al Ghul validating Tim.  I usually don't like when writers use a known character to heap praise on another character, as they rarely ever deserve it or it comes off as contrived and forced, but this felt right to me and in line with how Ra's would react.

Another simple page that sums up how Tim should be written all the time.  I really disliked the brooding, grimdark version that was populating the title early on and at the tale end of his Robin title.  These scans are definitely making me want to start reading again.  Might pick this issue up next week and see how it goes from there.

Another promising page that makes me want to see what Ra's does for retaliation.  Hopefully it lines up with what's going on in Streets of Gotham with Hush as Bruce and possibly seeing him and Ra's meet up. 

Siege #1

Marvel.  Make me a poster of this.  ASAP. 

Suicide Squad #67

Bane, the loving father.  And you thought you had it tough meeting your girlfriend's father.

I can't believe I used to view Deadshot as a D-list Batman villain. 

Deadshot meets his Suicide Squad replacement.

Ultimate Spider-Man #6

Loved this page.  Was actually expecting nothing to happen or for Peter to at least turn around and tell them to knock the backseat Spider-Sensing off.  Loving the dyanmic of having a group of friends knowing he's Spider-Man.  Wouldn't get to see scenes like this anywhere else.

And the identity of the Ultimate Shroud is revealed.  Kitty Pryde in case you don't recognize her.

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Anonymous said...

Deadshot is really portrayed as it should be. Kudos to Ostrander and Simone for this superb characterization.


Anonymous said...

Wait. Hang on....

....did Deadshot just shoot his replacement in both boobs?

JP said...

Glad to see you are back and that your recent computer problems have not compromised your moment-picking skills (however, you could have included more Suicide Squad in your moments. And when I say more Squad I mean more Amanda Waller.).

On Red Robin, I want to like it but the lack of character progression and plot development have kept me away (example: Johns' "Adventure" issue with Superboy and Tim was a better Red Robin read than an issue of "Red Robin"), that said, I look forward to the upcoming Ra's/Hush face off, especially considering they have been hinting at a Hush/Damien relationship of some sort.

On "Blackest Night: Wonder Woman," the Batman/Wonder Woman relationship on Justice League Unlimited was one of the highlights of the show for me, so it was great to see it comic form.

Also, for the critics who deride this moment as an 'it was an illusion, nothing more' consider this, the concept of the Star Sapphires is that their rings are drawn to those who have a void in their heart due to the death of a loved one, and where the illusions of Wonder Woman's sisters and mother's demise could not create such a void, the "death" of Bruce Wayne had. The fact that Wonder Woman contains more love than anyone else on Earth just means she can wield the ring better than most.

Anonymous said...

Also glad to see you back. I hope your that your computer problems are solved. I know personally computer issues can be a strain both professially and financially, so I wish you the best.

Great moments as always

Lucho said...

Batman and Wonder Woman. I think it´s more natural for a woman like Diana to feel atraction for a warrior like Bruce than a Boy scout like Clark.

Hey that panel DID redeem the entire issue lol!

Ivan said...

Are Magneto and Namor ACTUAL X-Men now (as in, both taking orders from Cyclops), or are they just there because of Utopia?

DEEDUB said...

Welcome back! I was gettin' worried!

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