Saturday, January 16, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/13/10

Another week of new comics another round of the Comic Book Moments of the Week, where we spotlight the fun, awesome, hilarious or otherwise noteworthy 'moments' from the past week's comics.  We've got Young Justice reunions, groan inducing Bat-titles and even some Death's Head for your moment reading pleasure this week.  Hit the jump to make with the reading.

Adventure Comics #6

For context, Lex Luthor cured his sister's mysterious, debilitating illness (mix of symptoms including loss of mental faculties and paralyzation) and then took that cure away just to prove to Superboy he could do it.

First, where the hell are my Young Justice trades at DC?  You had so much awesome news this week and back during Christmas, but nothing regarding Young Justice.  Second, the above image should be a Teen Titans shot.  There shouldn't be a dozen+ characters no one cares about because they'll just die in the next storyarc - just these five would be a perfect book. 

Brainiac's Daughter?  Technically, Lex x Brainiac clone to "replace" Superboy.

Amazing Spider-Man #617

This issue was really good overall, but thought I'd show off this splashpage of the new Rhino in action (plus horsies!).  You can see more images in my review of this issue by clicking here.

Batgirl #6

Okay, what the hell is up with Oracle in this series?  First, she beats up some random passengers on a subway with no provocation in an earlier issue and now she's crashing ambulances in the middle of a snowstorm where said ambulance is trying save Spoiler's life?  WTF? 

Batman #695

Batman questions a thug and, when he doesn't like the answers, burns down a house.  Face, meet palm.  He then leaves those two thugs tied up to a tree with alligator's nearby for no reason at all (in a pond in the countryside outskirts of Gotham, which should be winter at this time of year based on the scenes in Batgirl and definitely not a place for alligator's to be lounging about).  Also, if the text is a little difficult to read, the first text box says, "I learn that Kitrina the dirty little secret within the Falcone crime family."  I don't think I have to point out that that is not a sentence.  It is a jumble of random words that shows not even the editors are reading whatever Daniel's at this point.

Dark X-Men #3

Now that he mentions it, I remember those old X-Man and the Sentry team-ups.

For some context, the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men fought X-Man (technically, it was mostly just Ares) and he "died".  He's now possessing Norman Osborn.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is all happens before Siege since I can't see Nate ordering the invasion of Asgard.

Invincible Iron Man #22

My cape doesn't work under these conditions!

Gotta lay off the drugs, man.

Secret Six #17

Catman - 3, Bronze Tiger - 0

But after a couple more pages, Bronze Tiger evens it back up for a draw.

Deadshot's been stealing each issue he's been in recently with the moments he's racking up.

S.W.O.R.D. #3

I need to hire me a deniable freelance peackeeping agent one of these days.

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PMMJ said...

Wait, when Oracle crashes the ambulance, it went "Bamf"? Did she send Nightcrawler?

Black Ice said...

That teen titans line-up just needs Static and it would be a dream come true.

Klep said...

Maybe Oracle is a skrull!

Space Jawa said...

Ah, darn, you didn't include a shot of Beasts Awesome mug.

JP said...

I feel your pain on Batman.

DC really dropped the ball putting an inexperienced writer like Daniel on their flagship book when it would have been better to have one of their big bat-writers like Dini or Tomasi on it.

Just curious, in your Batgirl moment, you refer to Batgirl as her old codename of Spoiler, is that a typo, a force of habit, or because you don't accept her as the new batgirl?

hydrogenizedsoy said...

"Just curious, in your Batgirl moment, you refer to Batgirl as her old codename of Spoiler, is that a typo, a force of habit, or because you don't accept her as the new batgirl?"

That's an interesting comment because it made me realize that I too still think of Stephhanie as Spoiler. It's not that I "don't accept her" it's just that she's so new to the role. I'm sure that when Dick became Nightwing alota people still referred to him as Robin outa sheer force of habit (many still refer to him as the first Robin).


It was the moniker she was created with so it's the name she is most associated with. When I hear "Batgirl" I immediately think "Cassandra" when I hear "Oracle" I immediatley think Barbara. They're roles they were created with (Cass) or roles theyt grew into (Oracle).

Kirk Warren said...

Pretty much what hydrogenizedsoy said. I like Stephanie, but she's still Spoiler to me. I usuually want to call Clint Barton Hawkeye, too, but often times force myself to use Ronin.

Mewzard said...

I'm surprised R.E.B.E.L.S. #12 didn't get a moment (well, I guess if nobody here's reading it, that might be why...). The surprise of Despero's severed head still being alive was pretty shocking. Or the whole Starro fighting several Black Lanterns for three days without rest (longest Night ever).

And Lex in Adventure Comics #6 really showed himself as a villain with that horrid move...and Brainiac's Daughter? Should be interesting. There's going to be a whole legion of fun family moments with the Brainiac family meets up in full.

Kirk Warren said...

@Mewzard - I saw some scans of REBELS, but nothign really stood out as moment worthy. Like you said, Despero was revealed as still alive, but there werent (or I didnt see any) pages that were MotW worthy.

A lot of good books often times lack somethign that is moment worthy (or I dont see one posted anywhere), which is usually a one-off panel or splashpage or what have you. However, the book as a whole can still be great. Other titles can be bad or otherwise and get several moments either for just a random funny panel or awesome piece of art.

But, in the end, it comes down to what I read and what gets posted for choosing. Like you said, I'm not reading REBELS, so may have missed it. Few talk about it online either, so rare to see scans that I can post, too.

Mewzard said...

Ah, I see, thanks for clarifying. Admittedly, less read comics do get less discussion, though, on one forum I frequent (partially due to a cast I'm on being hosted there), the Blackest Night tie-in has gotten more people to discuss.

But, Adventure was definitely one of the biggest titles of the week in some shocking moments. Especially Lex's trying to prove a point, and a Luthor/Brainiac clone hybrid daughter. Did not see that coming.

M├ędard said...

I'd also like to have some good Young Justice TPB's.
Perferably the entire series in a couple of TPB's.
For some reason those back issues are very hard to find in The Netherlands, and on eBay within Europe.

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