Saturday, January 23, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/20/10

Wow, this is easily one of the biggest and bestest Moments of the Week in a long time.  So many great moments, so little time.  I've also experimented with larger thumbnails for the moments.  You may or may not have to click for larger images anymore, depending on the image and if it's a splashpage/has finer details or not.  Let me know what you think of the larger sizes and if it takes longer to load or if you'd prefer the old smaller thumbnails format.  Hit the jump to get to the moments!

Amazing Spider-Man #618

Mysterio returned this week (along with a bunch of mob bosses that have been killed off in the past).  Still not sure which Mysterio it is, but the pun he uses makes it sound like it's the original, Quintin Beck.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #8

Ah, Damian, never change.

Brave and the Bold #31

I opted not to bother showing any of the new Joker origin scenes JMS tried to do since it would be a whole lotta nerd raging (seriously, who approved that?), but I can't let a The Dark Knight swipe slide, which looks absolutely ridiculous with the comic book version swapped in for the Heath Ledger.

Dark Avengers #13

Sentry is Norman Osborn's "secret weapon".  Sentry was shown with the other Dark Avengers in the Cabal special while the "secret weapon" destroyed Dr Doom's Doombot.  Really not sure how that lines up.  Probably just misdirection by Bendis. 

"Bob, throw yourself into the Sun."

Combined with the whole "Void was God's wrath that killed the first born Egyptians in Revelations", uh, revelation from earlier in the issue, now we get Bendis trying, and failing, at the whole Bhagavad Gita quoting/reinterpreting with the "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" line, substituing Galactus in for it here.  Seriously, stop trying to explain religion in comics.  It's fine with old Norse and Greek myths for Asgards and Olympians, but this is just awkward and slightly offensive. 

Dark Wolverine #82

The Siege of Asgard is over, let's go home.  Thanks for the hardwork Daken.

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #7

Deadpool meets his hardnosed, Nick Fury-like counterpart who doesn't share his sense of humour.

Hilarious, indeed.

It is the first rule, after all.

Interdimensional incest at its finest.

Green Lantern Corps #44

Yes, that is a chainsaw.

Do not $%^& with Mogo.

Incredible Hercules #140

That's no way to get ahead in life, Hera.  It's kind of sad I get to make that joke so often about comics.

Incredible Hulk #606

"You can have a sword when you're older, son."


Paul Pelletier, you rocked it with War of Kings last year, but you've outdone yourself here.  The entire Dr Doom vs Hulk vs Scar fight was breathtaking to behold (there's a good 5 or 6 more pages to it).  My only worry is that he'll never make it back to Nova or other cosmic books after people see how good his art is.  I suspect he'll be making jump to higher profile work in the near future, maybe even an event of some kind.

She-Hulk is dead, I guess.  Big ol' "CRACK" sound with a blacked out panel on the page before and eyes rolled back with a huge pool of blood shown here. 

Joe the Barbarian #1

Batman, Robin, Snake Eyes, Transformers, hell, even Santa?  This army is unstoppable!

Mighty Avengers #33

A few years late on the joke, but still funny.

We knew Ultron was coming back, but looks like another obvious return. Just destroy all robots on Earth.  It's the only way to make him go away.

This would explain soooooo much.

Power Girl #8

The facial expressions, particularly for the tigers in the background, make this scene.


Nice dress.  I think I've seen it somewhere before, though...

There it is!

Realm of Kings: Inhumans #3

Goddamn it, Abnett & Lanning, Maximus doesn't have to be the bad guy every time. 

Thunderbolts #140

From what I understand, Scourge isn't just being a dick here.  The Agents of Atlas put some kind of mental suggestion in his mind to make him shoot Norman Osborn the next time he saw him or some such.  Headsman just kind of got in the way.  No big loss.

Wolverine: Weapon X #9

Scenes like this are why I love Jason Aaron and comic books in general.  There is not one word from that sentence that would make sense anywhere else.

Another instance of 'only in comic books'.  Case in point, a giant nutcracker-turned-braincracker.

Some context here.  Dr Rott (nutcracker guy above) messed with Logan's head and found out some old Weapon X 'code words' and then sent him off to de-brain the man on the right.  Can't wait to see more of Rott in the future.  Shaping up to be the Joker to Wolverine's Darkclaw Batman.

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Matt Ampersand said...

The Headsman scene hit me a lot harder than I thought, not because of Headsman but rather because of poor Ant-Man. He had finally found a bro' to chillax and watch TC with, and the dude gets a shot in the head. The O'Grady luck strikes again!

They better not have killed She-Hulk to make way for that fucking red monstrosity.

This whole arc of Wolverine Weapon X has been excellent, full of crazy good moments.

Eric Rupe said...

You know what, Jason Aaron needs to write a Darkclaw comic. It would be made of win, awesome and just so much good stuff.

Flip The Page said...

must... know... origin... of girls of dc image...

Christine said...

I'm really enjoying Thunderbolts right now, and that final moment was very nice, particularly after launching into the more human side of Headsman earlier in the issue. To have that happen in front of an unaware hologram projection of Osborn was pretty neat too.

Kirk Warren said...

@Flip the Page - Old Adam Hughes promotional image DC had. Was made into a poster, too. No real significance from what I understand.

Matt Ampersand said...

Think it might have been for Amazons Attack? I think it was around that time when it came out.

El Gostro said...

Damn ,I guess Im alone in liking headsman (child of the nineties with a frustated biker wish I guess),I do lioke the fact that his death was somehow ridicoulous,awkward but tragic all the same.
It s funny how the current thunderbolts headsman,antman and even Ghost(a charcetr I love) and Paladin seem more human and relatable than your average Peter parker portrayal

El Gostro said...

I only hope he stays a glorious dead Z list character and is not revived as quick villain fodder in about a week (as seems to be atrend in comics as of late)

Anonymous said...

Due to the fact that it was done in a back-up story written by an unknown I am still betting that Red-Shulk IS She-Hulk. Reasons I think this still. Shulk's outfit in the story is an awful lot like She-Hulk's outfit, just black where She-Hulk's is white (and with a collar). Secondly we just had Doc Samson fighting with himself in a comic, so I am assuming that this was taking place in She-Hulk's psyche too. In fact even the captions can be read to infer this.

However, if she is actually dead, then I would say she will somehow be alive again before this storyline ends.

Zdenko said...

She-Hulk si confirmed to appear in FALL OF THE HULKS: SHE-HULK mini. So she's not dead.

As for the size of the pics, I personally liked the old look better...

Matt Ampersand said...

Also, in that last image from Dark Avengers, SkullSentry looks positively creepy. Deodato works great in those horror, heavy shadows moments.

Aaron K said...

If only that fine Deodato art in Dark Avengers was matched by equally good writing from Bendis. His treatment of the Sentry is just getting stranger and stranger. For a character with such a (relatively) short history, how many different versions of it are out there?

Still, the implication that the Void is the Judeo-Christian ANGEL OF DEATH is simply beyond the pall. I've defended Bendis through his Avengers titles, House of M, and Secret Invasion, but this is just too dumb, on multiple levels. The lack of religious sensitivity is appalling and I'm surprised that this got past editorial. Quesada has consistently expressed hesitation to delve into mainstream religion too strongly. (See, e.g., his Cup O' Joe from December 11, 2009 on CBR.)

Matt Ampersand said...

Third time in the same article, but...

If I am not mistaken, and according to Blogger, this is the 2000th blog entry of The Weekly Crisis. Wooo!

Chris said...

Web of Spider-man's first story this week was about Quintin Beck so I'm assuming it is going to be him as Mysterio.

Brandon Whaley said...

I like the new images. I can read them on my phone :)

Anyway, this whole Sentry thing is ridiculous, to the point where I almost dropped all Siege titles altogether. Bendis really dropped the ball here. Unfortunately, Dark Wolverine was awesome this week, so I can't drop it yet.

sfauthor said...

Great images. Do you know about this edition of the Gita?

Brandon Whaley said...


Klep said...

@Matt: As far as I'm concerned, nothing Loeb is doing with the Hulk books is happening, so She-Hulk can't be dead.

Black Ice said...

I seriously didn't even notice Hera got her head blown off when I read the issue... wow.

Headsman death was both sad and hilarious, wonder if that was intentional or if I'm just a bad person.

Anonymous said...

I love it how even The Hulk has a tough time with Dr Doom. Shows he is not one to be taken lightly.

McE said...

I have to reread the issue, but about the Sentry; I read that as Lindy *thinking* he was the biblical wrath personified thing. There's so many muddled memories of the Sentry's past, I keep assuming each one I hear is just another fiction.

Maybe just wishful thinking on my part, though.

Kirk Warren said...

@McE - the opening pages show Moses preparing everyone for God's wrath by having them mark their doors so the Void does not kill their first born child. It has no narrative or relation to Lindy's tale, so has to be taken as fact, especially when it shows the Void effect coming down upon Egypt, which is identical to the attack on New York at the end of the issue.

Hoylus said...

God's wrath didn't kill the Egyptians in revelations, it was in Exodus.

Anonymous said...

Best part of the Hera death? Answers the age-old question of what a decapitation sounds like:


Anonymous said...

Where's the love for "Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard" #3? The penultimate page reveals the return of the REAL Quasar to the 616 Universe, meaning that the red-eyed Quasar back on Earth is not possessed by the Cancerverse, he's the Cancer version of Wendell Vaughan. I should stop the habit, but every book where Quasar comes back gets my attention.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - it didnt came out last week.

McE said...

@Kirk Warren - Uhmmm...that's a subjective reality created by Lindy's belief made manifest by the Sentry's reality altering powers?

Work with me here...

Aaron K said...

@McE & Kirk - One COULD tell a tale that that was simply the Angel of Death coming to kill the firstborn Egyptians and WE think it's the Void because it's just happens to be a black thing. Thankfully, it doesn't speak or really identify itself as the Void. I don't think that's what we're supposed to believe, but I think that's the only way to avoid making the Void an immortal, powerful being that shapes world history.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks aaron should have had logan kill the girl instead of some bum?

Mikey Donuts said...

We can't even throw the Sentry in the Sun now? I figured out who Sentry really is. He's Kenny from South Park. You killed Sentry, you Bastards!

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