Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/27/10

Didn't get to make any official update, but I've been a bit overwhelmed this past week and was barely able to do any blogging.  Going to try and make up for it this weekend and things should settle down again next week.  I'll have this week's reviews up later today or tomorrow.  For now, enjoy the Moments of the Week!

Amazing Spider-Man #619

Turns out all those dead mobsters coming back are actually illusions created by Mysterio and he's just taking over and controlling the mob through a proxy. 

Batman and Robin #7

Damian is getting a new spine, in graphic detail on the next page (it actually shows them taking his spine out), but only saw this scan online.  I know they've shown Damian being fixed up and having organs replaced before, but this really pushes the boundaries on suspension of disbelief, especially with how it's a Bat-family member getting a new spine and the ability to walk again.  Did Alfred not think to ask about getting Oracle some help?  How can they freely handwave away his being crippled last issue with a 48-hour patch job while no one bothers to help Oracle?  I'm not saying Barbara needs to be "fixed" just because she was crippled, but if you are going to introduce such easy outs for other characters, it really just makes Batman and company all look like colossal dicks for not helping her after all these years.

Looks like the letterer messed up on this panel.  Either that or I missed the memo on Batwoman becoming the new Batman.  

Captain America Reborn #6

Steve Rogers reclaims his body in the span of a page, forcing Red Skull to, well, I'm not sure.  Teleport out of his mind?  None of this really makes any sense.  Would have been easier just to clone a new body of Rogers again instead of the doomed for failure sharing of mindspace plan he enacted here.  Didn't need six issues to show this either.

And Sharon Carter shoots the Red Skull with Pym particles so we can have a similar ending to Annihilation: Conquest giant Ultron fight.  The Brubaker run on Cap really went off the rails.  This is a far cry from the more grounded stories the series had up until Reborn and more like a generic super hero action story.

And that Red Skull robot was destroyed, so he's apparently dead (or as dead as any comic character can be).  That means it's time for a replacement Red Skull.  Following in the Hulk's footsteps, we've got Red She-Skull in the form of his daughter.

Silly Steve Rogers, confusing War of the Worlds with reality again. 

Daredevil #504

Shadowland was mentioned as an event starring street level heroes by artist, Billy Tanlast August.  It was speculated it would be Daredevil related, but this seems like the official confirmation on that.  Earlier in the issue, Matt was telling one of his Hand minions to have that site Bullseye blew up at the start of Diggle's run bought and to build the mysterious Shadowland on top of it.  What Shadowland is or what its purpose is remains a mystery.  However...

Daredevil is going to be taking all of the crooked cops and HAMMER agents, whom he has on starvation rations and locked up like dogs in kennels, will be prisoners in the basement of the mysterious complex.  Is it just a Hand headquarters?  Has Matt lost it?  He's declared war on Osborn and HAMMER and is trying to claim Hell's Kitchen as his own little country, telling cops they will police it and aren't welcome there.  Some crazy stuff going on and can't wait to see where this goes.

Green Lantern #50

This was the best page and my moment of the week.

The Spectre/Spirit of Vengence is the rage entity?

Parallax returned.  I loved how Hal and Sinestro were fighting over who would be possessed by it.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #6

Apparently Prometheus has been masquerading as Captain Marvel all this time and no one noticed.  He goes on to defeat the entire Justice League, even taking down the "faster than a speeding bullet" Supergirl with a bullet.

Justice League of America #41

From what I understand, the new issue was a recap of the unfinished Cry for Justice and a basic recruitment issue.  However, I really liked the new Dr Light costume.  Almost looks like a Bruce Timm/DCU animated style costume to me for some reason.

New Avengers #61

I was wondering when we'd see the old energy shield back once I found out there'd be two Captain Americas running around.  I wonder if it's a stop gap until he finds something new or if it'll be sticking around for a while.  Almost think it fits the shinier Bucky Cap costume better than the normal shield.

We need a Spider-Man and Spider-Woman title and/or relationship of some sort.  They were great together in this issue.

Some more SM/SW action.

Siege: Storming Asgard

Noh-Varr is renamed Protector instead of Captain Marvel

Thor #606

Doom's plans were spoiled by Thor and the Asgardians, but he pocketed some of Loki's DNA (well, it said "sample", assume it's DNA) and is continuing his research on the Asgardians.

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Ramon Villalobos said...

For some reason I read both JLA Cry for Justice and JLA. I don't know why but I did. What was worse than the Supergirl thing to me was that the big ingenious plan to stop him was have Donna Troy hit him in the back when he apparently wasn't looking and beat the hell out of him. I also love how they delayed cry for justice almost two years because that artist was so special it would be worth the wait for readers and then now there is a fill in artist who's work alternates between pretty good and horrific almost every other panel.

Speaking of which, what's up with Mark Bagley? I know he can draw a lot and be on time but that doesn't mean the drawing is always quality. There was a scene in JLA where Batman and Robin are beating up... some guys, and it looks awesome. He should totally be drawing a comic about Damian (or some other agile teenage superhero) because he does it so well and then right after he draws everything so rushed again. For an issue that spotlights Donna, he really should have made sure he drew her looking the same in some panels. Not that his drawing ruined scenes. Robinson did that for him. Dick tells her he knows that she's there to ask him about joining the league because of the way she looks. I didn't know people had a specific look when they are about to ask you to join a superteam. Maybe she does because they are so often reforming and desolving the Titans. Still, Robinson only really cares about things he writes so I don't think that's it.

Sorry for the rant, I just thought both issues were awful. That they came out on the same week hurt me a little inside. I do agree though, that new Doctor Light costume is pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

Bagley had three inkers on his JLA work since it's 40 pages, that would explain the inconsistent art. The Batman, Green Arrow and Mon-El stuff looked the best, whoever inked that stuff.

And Dick was joking with Donna about reading her expressions, he says so in the next panel that Vic had called ahead and told him.

Radlum said...

I normally feel indifferent towards New Avengers, but I love how Bendis wrote the interactions between Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (despite the unnecessary joke at OMD). Also, I can't wait to see where is Diggle takind Daredevil, it really seems like he has snapped once again (like in the whole King of Hell's Kitchen ark, though this time it's gone even farther)

Ramon Villalobos said...

Yeah, I know what he said on the next page, Anonymous but regardless of whether or not it was a joke, it was still ridiculous.

About the inkers, I don't really buy that as an excuse. Doug Mahnke had more inkers and less time on Final Crisis and his art was still more consistent that Bagley's on this. If you are saying he's overworked, I agree. His work has felt rush ever since he came to DC and that's a shame because he's proven he can do quality work, just perhaps not as much and as fast as his reputation would suggest.

Steven said...

The mobsters in Spider-Man didn't come back from the dead, Mysterio helped fake their deaths in the first place. So they were never dead. With the exception of Silvermane, who it turns out is actually a robot and not the real Silvermane.

Kirk Warren said...

@Steven - I must have missed that. I was under the impression they were all fake due to Carlie's dad disappearing as if he was an illusion (that or Batman). Ill have to reread it to doublecheck.

The Dangster said...

I figure Talia wouldn't owe it to Batgirl to give her a new spine, it's implied that they either cloned Damien's organs or been stealing them.

Kirk Warren said...

@The Dangster - they mention how much money it costs, so I assume its cloned body part. Bruce Wayne had bazillions of dollars. He even had a magic woman heal his spine after Bane broke it. Now another Bat-family member is paralyzed and gets a magic cure while Oracle is left the same because its "character defining" or some nonsense. Im not really advocating her return or anything, but its just such a glaring omission to me when they start healing everyone except her.

Randallw said...

I read an article at TV Tropes that states Oracle could have her back fixed with superhero stuff but she refuses because that would imply she's more deserving than other people such as police officers crippled in the line of duty. It's either everyone gets the same treatment or she stays crippled.

Might not Steve Rogers be seeing the future involving KillRaven and the Martian invasion of Earth?

Space Jawa said...

What, nothing from Guardians?

BobofBentleigh said...

Definitely looking forward to what Diggle is doing with Daredevil, as well as how far he can push him. I might be in the minority here, but I would certainly be looking forward to a more 'permanent' change in the status quo with Daredevil as the leader of the Hand. Being comics, they will probably go back to him being an old-fashioned superhero within a year or two, like they did after he proclaimed himself Kingpin.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

That really is some good back and forth between the Spiders. I guess sometimes Bendis still does have it.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Barbra Gordon, why didn't Zatana just say "leah enips." It would have saved a lot of trouble.

Matt Ampersand said...

@Space Jawa

Kirk probably didn't find the scans for it, but this week's Guardians of the Galaxy was batshit insane. Where else can you see a space raccoon drive and ram a giant Celestial head into a planet full of Church devotees?

Kirk Warren said...

@Space Jawa - Matt is correct. I try my best to find scans of the moments, but not everything shows up online and I dont scan images myself. I know that final page as well as the fist full of guns line from Starlord were definitely moment worthy. I also didnt find any Kick-Ass or Secret Warriors images worth posting either.

Space Jawa said...

Ah. Shame. I'd offer to scan pages out of my own issue (Secret Warriors too), but it would probably be too late to get them in at this point.

Though if you end up having that problem again in the future, I could potentially help out with it (Since I have a scanner and regularly read those series)

Ivan said...

Interesting how Spider-Woman seems to remember Spider-Man's marriage. Do all the heroes that were impersonated by the skrulls remember?

Max said...

Imagine Grant Morrison writing "Knightfall"...

Bane: "Take that!" (breaks Batman's back)
Batman: "Ouch!" (gets spine fixed) "Haha!"
Bane: "Dagnabbit!"

Nathan Aaron said...

"Do all the heroes that were impersonated by the skrulls remember?" WHOA! I had NEVER thought of that! That would be some shocking revelation there! If they did! I was wondering how she would even have any memory of that, unless Bendis was just trying to be all cute; but I LOVE your theory!

Ivan said...

Yeah, I think that opens some interesting possibilities. But on a second thought, how many of those heroes SHOULD know Spider-Man ever married in the first place? I guess not many, if any.

Well, that's what retcons are for. :P

Kirk Warren said...

@ivan - All the New Avengers should know since he moved into the tower with MJ/revealed his identity. However, I think Bendis was just being cute with the marriage line.

Ivan said...

But of all the New Avengers wasn't only Spider-Woman a Skrull, and even so didn't the Skrull joined the original New Avengers in the first place?

I'm not sure, I wasn't too big on Marvel during the 2000's.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Damien's spine replacement, I thought that was possible since he was 'created' partially artificially? It's been too long since I read the comic that introduced him, but I thought he was a mix of real birth and artificial modifications.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - I'm not really debating the fact he's getting a new spine or the comic book science behind it - it's that yet another Bat-family member has been crippled and had the paralyzation handwaved away so they can get back to crimefighting while Oracle remains crippled. It's clearly not a matter of money or lack of science and technology or even magic in the DCU, so it's this big, glaring omission that pulls me out of the comic and has me making nerdrage-like posts about it.

Want to make Oracle's paralyzation character defining and something unique that shows the struggles and perseverence of that handicap? That's great and I commend it, but don't cripple every other person around her and have them come back good as new while she remains in a chair. That just ruins any suspension of disbelief on the matter when they give out magic cure all solutions to everyone but her.

brandon said...

Captain America Reborn was a big disappointment especially in the context of the Brubaker run. It almost feels like Brubaker had to dumb down the end of this saga to appeal to lowest common denominator which is a shame. It probably also hurt that this thing was so hyped since June and then expanded.

It will be interesting to see how he writes Bucky now.

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