Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kirk's Soapbox - A Collection of Random Thoughts, Vol 6

Welcome to another edition of Kirk's Soapbox - A Collection of Random Thoughts.  What this is is just as the title suggests - I get up on my soapbox and sound off on a collection of random thoughts.  This edition focuses on Image's new Image Firsts initiative, how I think Siege should end, the Cable & Deadpool naming tomfoolery and, yes, even Stephenie Meyer's Twilight.  Hit the jump for more.

Image Firsts

Image Comics got in on the $1 comics action recently with the announcement of Image Firsts.  I'm not going to get all negative on them for reaching out to new readers with affordable comics and actually commend them for jumping on the bandwagon DC started with the After Watchmen promotion (Vertigo also does the occasional $1 first issue for new series), but some of the choices for issues to spotlight left me a bit confused.  Here's a list of the books on offer:
  • Youngblood Vol 1 #1
  • The Walking Dead #1
  • Spawn #1
  • Chew #1
  • Savage Dragon #1
  • Age of Bronze #1
  • Witchblade #1
  • Girls #1
  • Invincible #1
  • Proof #1
It's a varied list covering many of the best new and longer running series from Image, but the choices of Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade and Youngblood leave me a little confused.  These are titles that have been going on for years and have seen significant changes in that time.

For example, Witchblade, as guest poster Mike Panetta pointed out, has changed drastically in style and tone since Ron Marz took over.  They are even promoting the new run with free trades with any purchase at  Why not spotlight Marz's first issue, Witchblade #80, or more recent story arcs?  If I pick up Witchblade #1 for a $1, where do I go from there?  Witchblade Vol 1: Witch Hunt, as the trade is listed on, is actually Ron Marz's first arc on the title.  You'd have to pick up the Witchblade Compendium, which contains the first 50 issues, to find more of the same as the Witchblade #1 issue you just bought.

Similar problems arise with other long running series, like Spawn, where Spawn isn't even Al Simmons anymore, or Savage Dragon, which has close to 200 issues in print.  It would be similar to Marvel, with their Marvel's Greatest Comics promotion, giving away $1 issues of Tales of Suspense #39 (1st appearance of Iron Man) or Captain America Comics #1 (1st appearance of Captain America) instead of the first issues of new volumes with perfect jumping on points in the form of Invincible Iron Man #1 and Captain America Vol 2 #1.

Of note, I'm all in favour of getting Chew, The Walking Dead and Invincible in the hands of as many people as possible.  Proof and Girls are another two that are great choices. Just don't see the point of the longer running series giving away issues not reflecting their current status, which will likely turn off or confuse anyone following up on their $1 purchases.

How Siege Should End

The Green Goblin has taken over the world, is in charge of all it's defenses, has antagonized our heroes all year long and is currently waging war on Asgard.  If the above image doesn't reflect how this event ends in some way, I will be extremely disappointed.

Deadpool Claims Another Book; Cable Gets the Shaft

Cable's most recent series is closing in on the big #25 mark and, to celebrate, the book is being cancelled.  So, what does Marvel do to celebrate this final issue?  They throw in Deadpool to boost some sales and, to add insult to injury, they rename the book Deadpool & Cable.  Yes, he's playing second fiddle to the guest star.  Jerry is currently petitioning for a renaming to Jerry & Ben's.

Also, some might say this is just to avoid confusion and double listings with the previous Cable & Deadpool series.  Sadly, that is not the case.  Marvel is even retconning the name of the previous series, relisting it as the Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection.  I love Deadpool as much as the next guy, but come on.

DC's Kicking Ass & Taking Names

Seriously, every day is like Christmas with a new goodie being announced lately.  Whether it's Brightest Day or new images of Cave Batman or just with a steady stream of great books lately, it seems like DC has finally got its head on right for a change.

Personally, I'm going to give some props to Alex Segura and whoever else was involved with setting up The Source blog for them.  It has been a huge PR boost for them and one of my first stops in the daily comic news reading in my RSS feed. 

Of course, Marvel is making it pretty easy for them with moves like that recent Siege Variant for DC Comics "promotion" and the constant stream of petty insults from their high profile staff members.

Twilight Graphic Novel First Print Run Set at 350,000

SWORD's sales for the entire run?  Should clock in at about 75,000.  The world is a sad and cruel place.  (via Robot 6)

Note to Anyone Who Has Emailed Me At

It was brought to my attention last night that I was not receiving some of my emails directed at  I set up several email accounts and have Google forward them to one main account and then use labels and filters to track each and keep it organized.  I've been receiving emails normally from it for a while and still receive emails from the account.

However, it appears random emails aren't being sent out.  I haven't found out why yet, but am still looking into it.  I've found other people experiencing the same problem online, though, so it's not an isolated thing.  I'm currently manually checking that account until I find a solution, but if you have emailed me at that address in the last month and not received a response (I went through it last night and responded to any missed emails, but may have missed some by mistake), please know that I did not intentionally ignore you and feel free to re-send any mail you directed my way and failed to receive a response to.   Thanks for listening and apologies to any who were affected by this mix-up.

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Eric Rupe said...

It should be noted that the Twilight GN sold more than the first issues of The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Civil War, Infinite Crisis, Hush and pretty much every other comic this decade. And that's just with the first print run.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Cable is getting cancelled. I don't read the title, don't really dig on Cable that much, but does that leave anything else that Duane Swierczynski is doing? What will Marvel do with him, and please tell me Marvel will be doing something with him. The guy can write, at least, I love his work, comics and novels. Damn.

Chris said...

Totally agree with the Spider-man/Siege part....I'll be dissapointed if Spidey isn't the one that gets to take him down.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Man, that Twilight comic just makes me kinda sad at first, but in the end I figure you give the bottle to the baby (not calling Twilight fans babies!!! Just making an analogy). They'd buy Twilight toilet paper if it felt like Edward liking their ass, and so they'd definitely by a GN. The art seems to be perfectly matched. I can just see the girls in the comic store now, or even Borders, wearing little skirts with knee high socks, animal ear headbands and bow ties on their necks with no collar on their shirt. And this is no generalisation, people, I've seen this look on multiple occasions, hell, in different towns. They'd love an even sadder looking Bella Swan in manga form.

I just wonder, do any of those readers then parlay this comic love into buying Marvel's Girl Comics, or Marvel Divas, or Her-oes? Sure they do...

Eric Rupe said...

Ryan - I wouldn't be surprised if we never see any more work by Swierczynski at Marvel. He never really gained any acclaim, critical or otherwise. Cornell, Fraction, and Gillen have got both critical acclaim and praise from fans so Marvel has a reason to continue to invest in them. Swierczynski didn't really get either so they might just try out a new unknown comic writer rather continue to with Swierczynski. Unless there are a couple of editors that like him, then he might continue to get work.

Kyle said...

I hope Spidey takes down the Goblin as well -- on the George Washington Bridge! But then Spidey becomes the hero, and that's not really his bag. Plus you gotta celebrate Caps, Thor & Irons back together, but Webs better have his moment! And don't spoil it on this site! i'm waiting for the TPB, so give me like 9 months.

Christine said...

@Ryan: Regarding Swierczynski, I'm going to say something that probably sounds crazy to a lot of people and admit that I liked him better than Brubaker/Fraction on Iron Fist. There, I said it. I wasn't crazy about the Travel Foreman art, but I thought the writing rocked. I hope they find something for him that's not a long shot to begin with, and that fits his style.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Eric - I understand exactly what you mean, his minis kind of come and go with little fanfare, Cable kept on trucking but nothing special, and his Iron Fist run barely got a chance. So sad. I'll just wait anyway.

Christine - You liked the Swierczy better than Frubaker? Crazy, but I respect that. I liked Swierczy on IF a lot but felt that Travel Forman just could not keep up with Swierczy's crazy ideas. Really held him back, and what a shame. Swierczy has his novels still going, and I wouldn't be surprised if DC picked him up. I'd prefer to see him launch something creator owned though, a bit more noiry (for want of a better, or real, word).

Flip The Page said...

weirdly I'm picking up two-three Image Firsts.

Savage Dragon, Youngblood and maybe Witchblade. the first cause I have issue 0 for some reason, the second because.... I don't know, and the third because I might just want three.

Oh and we all know that if any spider person beats osborn in siege it'll be Spider-Woman.

Because... C'mon... Bendis

Anonymous said...

I am actually super excited for the Deadpool&Cable #25, they should have named it Cable/Deadpool #75 though. I was a huge fan of the original series, and although I would have preferred Fabian Nicieza to stay at marvel, DC offered him a deal he couldnt refuse.

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