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Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 01/27/10

Kirk couldn't join us this week, so I'll be flying solo for this week's Post-Crisis Previews.  With new comics dropping today in the US, I'll be looking at my pull list with some commentary and expectations for each comic that I plan to pick up. As always, feel free to let us know what you are picking up or throw out suggestions for books we should try be reading and we'll do our best to at least give it a try. Hit the jump for more.

Please note that due to some unforseen circumstances, my review column, The Comic Book Review Power Rankings, won't be dropping until the weekend instead of the standard Thursday release!

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Marcos Martin

How long can Mysterio play with Spidey's head before the web-slinger finally snaps?! The mind games keep ratcheting up as the body count goes up, down, and...into the negatives? Some bad guys just won't die and others can't stay dead! So which long-thought deceased Spider-Man character is back now?! It may only be January, but get ready for the most unbelievable Spider-Man moment of the year!

Ryan: Last issue earned this title a reprieve with its interesting setup for Mysterio’s return and a relatively strong effort from artist Marcos Martin. This issue’s solicitation promises something huge, so it’ll be interesting to see exactly what can be so “unbelievable.” My guess is it has something to do with Mr. Negative’s alteration to Aunt May’s personality. If so, color me unimpressed.

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Cameron Stewart

Knight, Squire and DETECTIVE COMICS’ Batwoman guest-star alongside The Dynamic Duo in “Blackest Knight,” a 3-part story illustrated by Cameron Stewart (SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY: MANHATTAN GUARDIAN). Readers who enjoyed BATMAN R.I.P. and FINAL CRISIS won’t want to miss this captivating new storyline packed with additional clues on the Domino Killer and the details surrounding the “death” of Bruce Wayne!

Ryan: After jumping out of the gates with a really strong first arc, this title lost some steam with its follow-up. If there is any team that can bring this back up to snuff, its Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart—as long as Morrison avoids the self-serving pitfalls that have plagued his writing for the last two or three years. If he puts the story first, this one could be dynamite.

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Bryan Hitch

The story so big we needed another issue to finish it! The return of Captain America! The fight for the body and soul and mind of Steve Rogers! Avengers versus the Red Skull and his cronies! The biggest finale of the year is finally here!

Ryan: Considering Marvel has spoiled the end to this issue in a slew of books over the last two months, I’m really only picking this one up to complete the miniseries and even then, I’m doing it begrudgingly. It’s going to take some superb craftsmanship to overcome how jaded I am with how this situation has been handled.

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Dale Eaglesham

Kicking off the world-spanning new adventures of the Fantastic Four, this is part one of the Prime Elements arc: The Hidden City of the High Evolutionary! Featuring the return of the Mole Man, the architecture of the underworld, and the smartest Moloid you'll ever meet. Don't miss it!

Ryan: I can’t say that I would expect a story that would combine Mole Man and the High Evolutionary, but with Jonathan Hickman I should know to expect the unexpected. As long as Dale Eaglesham is actually drawing this issue (unlike the last few swerves from the solicited creative team), this issue to beat this week.

Written by Paul Dini
Art by Guillem March

The Sirens’ dangerous alliance with The Riddler continues! They’re willing to do anything to uncover the truth and protect themselves, but who is the mysterious villain targeting them all for death?

Ryan: I’m really glad that I gave this series a chance to grow into itself. After a rough start, it has gotten consistently better with each issue. Paul Dini’s recent take on The Riddler is amongst my favorite characters he has written, so his inclusion here really ups the ante for me. I’m really looking forward to this one!

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke

BLACKEST NIGHT spreads with an oversized anniversary issue! Surrounded by friends and enemies, Hal Jordan goes into battle with a being he will never defeat – the Black Lantern Spectre! Can Saint Walker, Sinestro and the others put a stop to this bizarre Spectre rebirth? Plus, Atrocitus reveals a tie to a power that may make him the most unbeatable of all the Lanterns!

Ryan: Other than the awesome John Ostrander/Tom Mandrake series, I’ve never really cared for the Spectre, no matter who has been under the hood, which has me a little less-than-thrilled about this anniversary issue. However, Johns and Mahnke have been knocking this series out of the park, so my expectations aren’t too low. Plus, anything that makes Atrocitus even more badass than he already is will definitely be worth checking out!

Written by Mark Millar
Art by John Romita Jr.

THIS IS IT!!! The final confrontation as KICK-ASS and HIT GIRL test their mettle. Bodies will fly and bad guys will die as the biggest surprise hit super-hero comic of the twenty-first century reaches shocking new heights! Who will live? Who will be morally outraged?

Ryan: As much as I love Kick-Ass, and I really do love this series, it has completely lost all of its momentum thanks to the ridiculous delays that it has faced. There is no reason that the movie was started after issue #1 and has been completely finished for some time before we hit issue #8. Fanboy complaining aside, I’m sure I’m still going to love this issue, despite my own frustrations with the schedule.

Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Matt Camp

This is it! The moment you've all been waiting for, as Supergirl takes on — >kkkzzzt< “WE INTERRUPT FOR A DAILY PLANET BREAKING NEWS BRIEF: Lana Lang, Business Editor of The Daily Planet, passed away this morning from undisclosed causes. She is survived by her ex-husband, former President of the United States Pete Ross, their son, Clark, and her niece, Linda. More on this story as it develops.”

Ryan: I’m really not sure what the point of Lana being killed off is, especially since Sterling Gates has been writing her as an enjoyable background character. I understand the need to put Supergirl through some misery for the sake of a story, but this just seems like an odd choice. Plus, it’s a total bummer than Jamal Igle isn’t drawing this issue!

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gary Frank

While everyone wants something from Metropolis’ first Super Hero, Superman must fight his first Super-Villain – someone who wants everything – the Parasite! Meanwhile, Lex Luthor turns his attention toward The Man of Steel...

Ryan: Superman could spend this issue brushing his teeth and I’d love it as long as Gary Frank is handling the art! Thankfully he isn’t, so there is the added bonus of watching Superman battle the Parasite, which should look fantastic!

Written by Felicia D. Henderson and Sean McKeever
Art by Joe Bennett and Yildiray Cinar

Now that he’s had time to acclimate to normal life since the TERROR TITANS miniseries, Static makes the choice to go home and tell his family that he’s alive. And he’s bringing his Teen Titans teammates with him. Let’s hope they can survive the rough streets of Dakota! Plus: Ravager...slave girl!

Ryan: As one of the fans that couldn’t wait for Static to be brought into the DCU proper, I was really hoping that someone like Dwayne McDuffie would be the one handling his proper introduction. That would be my first choice. My second choice would be anyone but Felicia Henderson since her first few issues as the regular writer on Teen Titans were easily the worst issues of the current volume. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m loving Sean McKeever’s Ravager back-up, I wouldn’t touch this issue with a ten-foot pole.

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Anonymous said...

Paul Dini is not the writer for this week's issue of Gotham city sirens.

Check the cover you posted. Plot by March. Dialogue by Andrekyo.

Ryan Schrodt said...

Good catch, Anonymous! I wrote these on Monday based upon the original solicitations and didn't think about it when I looked up the covers this morning.

While I love Dini's take on the Riddler, I'm confident that Andreyko can pull of a great issue here. His Manhunter series is amongst my favorite comics of the last decade.

brandon said...

I look at the flip side to the Cap Reborn #6 being spoiled. I would have been more mad if Marvel halted their whole Avengers line (and Seige) waiting for this issue to come out so as not to spoil it.

smkedtky said...

I agree w/ brandon regarding the flip side of CAPTAIN AMERICA: REBORN #6 being late. Still, I'm only buying it because I have the rest of the story already. It is definitely my last issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA for the time being.

Dennis said...

They had better do something amazing with the Captain to make a 6th issue worth it.

Does Superman need to brush his teeth?

Klep said...

@Dennis: Every morning and every night before he goes to bed, or Ma Kent grounds him!

Ethereal said...

Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, and Green Lantern from DC this week. Good week.

Daredevil, FF, Guardians, Secret Warriors, CA: Reborn. Big week from Marvel. Probably jumping back on the Thor boat.

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