Sunday, February 14, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/10/10

An old friend from away made a surprise trip down to visit this weekend and resulted in some delays to the Moments of the Week.  I'm still recovering from the festivities, but managed to put together a heaping helping of moments for your weekly perusal.  We've got Superboy gaining new powers, Mysterio taking Spider-Man to task and more.  Hit the jump for all the moments.

Adventure Comics #7

Superboy's Black Lantern possessed body uses his freeze-breath for the first time here.  

On a related note, I have never understood freeze-breath for Superman and now Superboy.  When you breathe out, it's hot air.  How does taking a deep breath and releasing it, yellow star solar energy based powers or not, lead to cold air forming?  I can almost make sense of every other power they give Kryptonians except that one.  It should be some kind of steam or hot air based power.  It also doesn't really add anything to Superboy's character.  Not sure why they bothered adding it.

Amazing Spider-Man #620

Mysterio's been rigging people to die to mess with Spidey's head throughout the arc and Spidey's caught onto the gag and isn't falling for it anymore as evidenced by this funny little scene.

Loved this Looney Tunes inspired death scene Mysterio is acting out.

Best. Fight. Ever.

Batgirl #7

Batgirl gets a rather ridiculous looking new, uh, bike?  I guess they were going for some kind of Dark Knight Batpod look, but how the hell is this even functional?  She can't even see left or right of the two giant tires at the front and lacks all the functionality and range of vision a standard motorcycle would have provided. 

Batman and Robin #8

The Batman that was resurrected was one of the failed clones Darkseid had created back in Final Crisis.  Why was it saved for this story?  Because Darkseid, who hadn't left his chair in all of Final Crisis, "could use it".  He specifically saved a random failed clone so he could mess with Dick Grayson and friends later on when they tried to revive Batman.  Let's not forget this is a Darkseid that was controlling like all of Earth's population with Anti-Life and pretty much had won at that point.  

I don't really have a problem with the whole clone being used, just the explanation given here.  Could have been done much better.  Hell, just having Superman find a clone's body and confusing it with being Bruce's would have been all the explanation needed, yet they make this farfetched plan by Darkseid, who should never have been in that lab. 

A great, mostly text-less, fight sequence between the two Batmen.  

Followed up by another case of failed lettering.  How do you mess up the dialogue boxes for one of the biggest titles coming out of DC not once, but twice in a row?  The pick axe wielding, evil Batman shouldn't be speaking for those wondering.  Those are Dick Grayson's lines.

Batwoman "died" in a cave-in (later scene has Batman proclaim her dead).  In a story where they revive a dead Batman in a Lazerus Pit, I can only guess what they'll do with Batwoman.  However, I'm a little disappointed she's been seriously injured again.  It's like she's stabbed or injured in every outing (stabbed in chest in 52, "dead" here, drugged every other outing, stabbed in two of Rucka's arcs on Detective, etc).

Booster Gold #29

This is the final page of Blue Beetle's back-ups in Booster Gold and came with some funny meta commentary to boot.

PunisherMAX #4

A horse and buggy?  Couldn't be...


Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #4

This was actually a great issue for the Imperial Guard series.  It sort of just existed and told an average, though forgettable story up until now.  We're now seeing more of the other universe from the Realm of Kings one-shot, in this case the X-MenGladiator and Talon were also major parts of this issue and the series has built to a pretty solid ending.  Just had to show off these evil Ex-Men shot of Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Storm though.


Heh, "little king".  

Secret Six #18

Ah, Deadshot, never change.  

Quote of the week right there.


Ahaha, nothing like an alien invader facepalming after realizing the colossal mistake he's just made.  For reference, the "decapitated noble creatures" are the faces carved on Mt Rushmore. 

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Matt Ampersand said...

That SWORD moment was really funny, the facepalm is part of the universal language. Also, something really cool that I didn't notice the first time around is that even though the alien language is a different font, if you look at it closely, you can still read it without the translation.

Eric Rupe said...

Actually, you can get hot or cold breath depending on how you shape your mouth when you breath out.

Completely agree about Batgirl's...whatever it is. Worst. Designed Vehicle. Ever.

Tyler said...

I didn't think there was a reason Super-boy never had Freeze breath in the first place. Johns has just been slowly revealing

Kirk Warren said...

@Tyler - This was written by Tony Bedard, not Johns, though I suppose he may have had a hand in its reveal with that special thanks credit.

Klep said...

Much like with Loeb's Hulk crap, I think I'm basically going to pretend Batwoman's appearance in Batman and Robin didn't happen. I'm not _exactly_ sure what bothers me so much about it, but I don't like that it seems she was basically brought in to the story so they could kill and (presumably, given her impending ongoing) resurrect her. It seems to me she deserves more respect as a character than that.

DoctorMarmalade said...

Boyle's rule.
Fast moving fluids (Liquid/gas) lose heat when expelled quickly and in high compression causes it to lose heat quickly.

This is way river's are so goddamn cold.

DoctorMarmalade said...

Fuck horrible grammar
Meant to say
Boyle's rule:
Fast moving fluids (Liquid/gas), when expelled quickly and in high compression, lose heat quickly.

Using superlungs, yo

Anonymous said...

The freeze breath was actually pretty acurately explain on a history channel show about the science of superman around the time the last movie came out. basically think of it this way, he takes a really deep breath, and uses his super strong lungs to compress the air, when he blows it back out its freezing cold. It actually makes more sense scientifically than however the heck his heat vision is supposed to work.

The Dangster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daryll B. said...

Ok...seriously...with scenes like that, why is SWORD not an ongoing??? Gotta love irony. Who knew that facepalming replaced bah-wheep-graaa-naah-weep-ninny-bong as a uniting universal symbol....?

R.I.P. Batman dialogue balloon checkers..this makes 3 issues in a row with this mess up...

Roshambo Challenge Cartman vs Mysterio..who wins?

smkedtky said...

As always, SECRET SIX was filled with MotW. I have never been a fan of J. Califore's art but his work on this story-arc has been amazing (especially the 2 page spread w/ the Six and the Squad facing off against the Black Lanterns). I see him on the solicits for the next couple of issues. Is he the book's new penciler?

mrpeepants said...

" worst. designed vehicle. ever"???

or best??!!

Ultimecia said...

I believe that Superboy freezing breath is somewhat related to his "self-searching" arc he had at Adventure Comics, more symbolic than anything. "OH NOW HE CAN DO EVERYTHING SUPERMAN CAN DO! YAY!"...Boring. I myself like the heat vision a million times over.

On a side note, Stephanie Brown being Batgirl was bad enough, but this vehicle (I'm not sure if I can call it a BIKE) is just awful. Looks like it was design to sell toys than actual use. Also Barbara is being out of character at most of her scenes

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