Saturday, February 20, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/17/10

Lots of moments, big and small, this week for our Moments of the Week.  We've got hints at Brightest Day plot points, Atomic Robo goodness, beautiful art from Joe the Barbarian and a whole lot more.  Hit the jump for the momenty goodness.

Amazing Spider-Man #621

Wanted to show off Michael Lark's artwork in this week's Amazing Spider-Man.  It was pretty.  While similar to his Daredevil work, it looked a lot cleaner at the same time.  Story was well chosen for his art, too.  And, while I'm not a Mr Negative fan, this was a pretty crazy to see moment.

Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1

Well, that's one way for an under-qualified candidate to get a job position...

What's a Jenkins

That is a Jenkins and, to quote Super Troopers, he is all that is man!
I wish my microwave had a reverse polarity button.  I haven't dared look inside mine since the spaghetti incident of December '09...

Blackest Night: Flash #3

Instead of promoting people to publisher and other positions, DC should be firing their editors.  Every week (recall it's been two months in a row for Batman and Robin, one of their highest selling titles, to see misplaced word balloons) it seems like there's a new book with a lettering error or misplaced speech bubble or art mishaps with the wrong characters on panel.  

Case in point, this panel from BN: Flash.  Mirror Master is in a mirror dimension with the Black Lantern Mirror Master.  He shouldn't even be there.  The speech bubble spoken by Mirror Master?  As you can tell from Captain Cold's dialogue, it is supposed to be spoken by the Trickster instead.  How can anyone reading the comic - especially someone paid to edit and review the product before it sees print - miss things like this?  

Just to drive home my point, this was the very next set of panels on the next page of this issue showing Captain Cold rescuing Mirror Master - the same Mirror Master that was in the art for the previous panel.  I actually forgot to mention these mishaps in my review, which was quite favourable, but they should not be happening in the first, nor with as much frequency as they are with DC's titles, so I feel compelled to at least address them, despite not feeling they ruin or impact the story in the case of Blackest Night: Flash #3.

To get to an actual 'moment' for this issue, this is the Reverse-Flash.  He's alive and being held prisoner in this prison.  It takes place post-Flash: Rebirth for those curious as to how he got there.  Those faces looking in are Black Lanterns and this is how they see him.  That logo hovering above his chest is the Brightest Day logo we've been seeing in all the images released so far.  What does it mean?  

As he went back in time after the events of Blackest Night, does this imply he was revived at the end of it and that all those revived will have a similar 'resurrection emblem'?  Is this how they will revive everyone at the end of Blackest Night, such as how Aquaman is shown on covers to Brightest Day? 

Dark Avengers #14

Osborn tells Bullseye to kill Sentry's wife since he somehow thinks that killing the only thing holding the Void back - Lindy Reyonlds - is a good idea.

Deadpool #19

Spider-Man believes Deadpool killed a good man that he knew (just a street vendor he'd see as Spider-Man every once in a while).  He takes Deadpool to task and Deadpool can't do a thing about it and I just loved how he reacts at the end.  This is how Spider-Man should be shown when he's serious.  I've only seen it a few times, such as in Civil War (everyone throws out adjectives as he ruins their $#@%).  Always great seeing his powers shown some respect. 

Deadpool: Merc' With a Mouth #8

You can take just about any set of panels here and find something to laugh at.  I know the pains of the Xbox comment as well, which makes it that much funnier.

The real thing never lives up to the dream Bob, er, Bill: Agent of AIM.

Doomwar #1

Dr Doom captures your wife and takes over your country, what do you do? If your wife is Storm, former leader of the X-Men, you seek aid from the newly established 'country', Utopia, home of the X-Men.  However, Cyclops has to play politics now and rejects any official sanctioning of aid.

I said official aid.  No one said the X-Men can't just go off, drink some beers and overthrow a corrupt government.  That second page is just perfect in every way.  I love how casual everyone was.  The X-Men haven't been like this in a long time.

Okay, few scenes have been as badass as this one.  That was the puppet leader of Wakanda they just popped in to say hello to (remember, Doom controls it at the moment from behind the scenes).  Not sure what happens next, but can't wait for the next issue to find out.

Green Lantern #51

I can see post-Blackest Night now - Larfleeze, in a suit and tie, playing the stock market with Lex Luthor, smoking cigars, drinking some Cristal, hitting up Vegas on weekends, living the dream.  That or owning a McDonalds

I have no idea what was going on with the Spectre in this issue. Apparently that glass sqaure thing is the "real" Spectre.  The body I've known to be the Spectre all this time is just a shell.  I don't know what it adds to the story to have this in it either.  Just really random.

Sorry, Atrocitus, but our rage entity is in another event.

 And to further downplay the Spectre, he's casually dismissed from this event by Nekron.  I still enjoyed the scene, but upon reflection, it's just another 'put the villain over at the Spectre's expense'.  

Hey, I remember most of these guys!  They showed up like 6 months ago to do something awesome for one page and then disappeared!

Hulk #20

Sweet, gorilla mutilation!  I was wondering when Jeph Loeb would get around to having Red Hulk kill Santa Clause's pet gorilla in a comic.  Didn't think it would take 20 issues. 

Incredible Hercules #141

Hercules - Prince of Wisdom as well as Power.

We all knew it was going to happen (damn you solicits!), but it still hurts.  RIP Herc, may Athena burn for this. 

Incredible Hulk #607

If Hank Pym were this awesome all the time, I could seriously get behind his Scientist Supreme role. 

Punching dimensions?  In my funny books?

Jesus, Banner, he hasn't even gotten over being bumped to 8th and you have to rub it in his face that he's actually tenth.  

So, does Banner know Spider-Man's Peter Parker or just inferring he had a connection to the girl the Bugle accused him of being involved in the murder of?  I get Peter trying to cover it up with some half assed attempt at not revealing his secret identity, but never knew how well known that event and his relationship with Gwen was until this.

Invincible #70

That's a Starro-like possessed human with no control over his actions whom the heroes had pinned down with no other hosts to control and it was only a matter of time before they freed the poor host victim.  Invincible took the easy way out. 

Joe the Barbarian #2

Just click it and stare for a minute.  The entire issue is like that for me.  So very pretty.

I liked this 'here's your quest' moment.  Instead of getting bogged down or falling into the traditional traps of this type of story, we get a humourous "you know the deal, just get on with it" explanation.  

Power Girl #9

To be fair, I'm surprised it took this long for Power Girl to get naked.

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Flip The Page said...

I love Mr Negative SO HARD.

Also what the hell is the deal with DC and poorass editing nowadays? it's ridiculous, and weirdly in high profile titles.

I feel the need to reiterate how much I am in love with DOOOOOMWAR at the moment and indeed the moments you've highlighted. It's barely an event, but it beats Siege hands down for a first issue

Finally can someone help me out here, as I haven't read enough DC, but is The Spectre just the living Worf Effect in action in each DC event or something?

Klep said...

One of my favorite Spidey moments in his entire history is where he takes down Firelord. Because of the street-level of most of his villains, you rarely get to see him cut loose, and so it's not often they show the full extent of his powers. Moments like that demonstrate just how Amazing he really is.

brandon said...

Pretty much nailed Incredible Hulk, Joe the Barbarian and GL.

GL and GLC were big downers this week for me. Incredible Hulk was a nice surprise after I read it twice I really began to appreciate Pak's humor in it.

Dickey said...

Larfleeze & Luthor Do America should be the banner series for Brightest Day. Someone send this to DC editorial now.

My personal motw was Matt Murdock's impeccable sense of style in Daredevil 505. He should definitely try to stick with the Hand gig for a while, their coffers are financing a pimp clothing style that suits his swagger.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how Magneto using his powers to reach across countless lightyears of distance to pull the giant bullet with Kitty Pryde in it back towards earth didn't make it as a moment of the week... (Uncanny X-Men #521)

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - It comes down to what scans I find online. I didnt read that issue nor did I see any discussion on it or scans of said bullet pulling. If a moment doesnt show up, it comes down to either I didnt know about it or didnt see a scan of it in my travels. I usually leave it to commenters to let me know in those cases of missing moments and I can at least try and track down the image in question from there. Similarly, I found nothing for the numerous moments in Guardians of the Galaxy.

TexiKen said...

I knew if I posted some scans of Doomwar people would take notice.

Zdenko said...

RIP Herc, return to us soon. :(

Ryan K Lindsay said...

@Dickey - I'm glad someone else noticed Murdock's smooth threads. I'm pretty sure he even had his collar up at one stage. CRazy times for Mr Murdock but that issue was easily the best from the new Diggle run. I like these new fingers of the Hand and the feeling of Sammy Silke is all over that South American douche.

Christopher said...

Does anyone think that all of the DC 'mistakes' are on purpose blunders that signify something down the chute coming . . . remember when Waid first spoke of hypertime and the merging time spheres they had linda's appearnce change from one panel to the next . . .

. . . just a thought especially seeing as there were 2 significant blunders in B&R back to back and the books are high profile that these are being noticed in.

Stagger Lee said...

Hercules RIP-ing? I might just check it out in trades now after all the praise. He'll be back of course, but I prefer my stories to have some sort of ending though the ongoing continues, like Simonson's Thor, and this sounds like it.

Matt Ampersand said...

Goddamn, those DoomWar moments look awesome. I might have to hunt down that series.

Also, Paul Pelletier is a great artist, but Cho looks completely wrong in those panels.

PMMJ said...

One of my favorite Spider-man-is-awesome moments was actually in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon show. It's just a simple fight scene where he's stopping some robbers from making a getaway in a chopper, but it is *hands-down* the best use of his powers in a very visual way in a simple fight scene. Check it out.

Dickey said...

@Ryan L- Yes that issue was magnificent, the Diggle/Johnston team cetainly knows how to craft a good globe-trotting tale. While I enjoy the street level Daredevil tales it would be nice to see Diggle's run take the more expansive story view and run with it.

How about Murdock actually teams the Hand up with Rand, Inc. after Shadowland? Murdock want to use his power to help the little man, just like Danny, so they could team up to provide a united altruistic front. Would be an awesome idea for a 6 issue mini at least.

CW said...

What? No Batman? Dick Grayson with the sh!t kicked out of him and washed up on some filthy embankment, with the Robin's exclamation of "EPIC FAIL!!!" doesn't cut it?

That was one of most awesome and funny moments in comics I've seen in a while, though I think it would be harsh to say that epitomizes Grayson's stint as Batman thus far.

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