Friday, February 26, 2010

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/24/10

This was a relatively light week for moments. I know there weren't a huge number of releases this week, but there were still some good comics, so I'm a little surprised at the lack of moments for this edition of the Moments of the Week.  I've still cobbled together a respectable showing, but I'm wondering if I missed something (rely on others to talk about/post images for the comics I don't read, so might have just plain missed some moments).  Let me know if I missed out on any moments in the comments.

Amazing Spider-Man #622

"Talking to Spidey was the easy part was easy"?  Did anyone read this or was it just passed through a spell checker without a single literate human being having read it before sending it off to the printers?

Avengers: The Initiative #33

At first, I was going to point out how they managed to get Maria Hill's shirt logo correct while somehow upgrading her rocket launcher to some kind of Liefeld-ian boomstick.  However, I then read the dialogue.  

Upon seeing that spec of a vehicle on the horizon, Diamondback can't help but think how pretty Maria Hill looks.  Then, upon seeing the rocket flying at her face, she can then only think, "I feel pretty myself."  I--I don't even know where to begin with this.  

Batman and Robin #9

Cameron Stewart draws real good like.

Blackest Night #7

I knew the Anti-Monitor was coming back thanks to cover solicits, but damn if that wasn't a "$%^# YEAH" moment when I saw this.

A White Lantern.  Everyone and their mother predicted and laughed about this possibly happening.  The characters were even joking about the possibility of something this absurd.  Yet Johns still does it.  And it was awesome.

Deadpool #20

I don't think I even want to know why Deadpool is in that maid outfit.

Fantastic Four #576

Flame on, Johnny, flame on.

Flash: Rebirth #6

The fight with Reverse-Flash amounted to Barry and Wally just grabbing him and taking him back to the future before locking him up in prison, so not really anything noteworthy moment-wise from that fight.  However, there was this splashpage I saw floating around.  Is this implying the fight with Reverse-Flash and subsequent running through time is what caused Barry's original 'lightning bolt'? Am I interpreting this scene right or was there something else shown in the issue to counter that idea (I dropped it halfway through, so didn't actually read this issue)?

Green Arrow #30

Creepy moment of the week goes to Green Arrow #30.  I had to do a double take when I saw this image while hunting down the moments for this week.  For those with little knowledge of Mia, she was a child prostitute before being taken in by Ollie.  Prostitution is sometimes referred to as turning tricks.  The trick arrow line making a little more sense now?  I especially like how they stressed the "see myself in you" part. 

Ms. Marvel #50

Ms Marvel didn't actually die in this issue, homage cover to the Death of Captain Marvel aside, but I saw this funny moment between her and Spidey and thought I'd share.

New Avengers #62

Okay, Avengers: The Initiative has a different writer and artist and is relatively lower tiered book compared to New Avengers, so I can forgive it for a small thing like drawing a completely different looking rocket launcher for Maria Hill.  How do you explain a Brian Bendis, the mastermind and writer behind Siege, penned comic showing the events leading up to Siege completely different from both Siege (Cap was lounging on his couch in full scale mail costume during the Thor newscast) and earlier New Avengers issues (I think it was the annual with the creepy Captain America pointing out at the reader), all written by Bendis? 

Secret Warriors #13

That's one Hydra minion that won't ever climb to the head of the organization.  You could say he's a faceless nobody.  Okay, I'll stop with the horrible puns.  But didn't I tell you about this in my review?  Look how awesome that is!  Sagat, er, I mean Baron Strucker punches that guy's head off!  It's not even a typical 'head rolls off' punch either.  He vapourizes the head with his punch!

Kraken and Strucker are referring to Andrea and Andreas Strucker, Marvel's version of the Wonder Twins.  Both are/were failures and are now dead (this is a flashback). 

This is a pretty exploitable image.  I'm sure enterprising Photoshopping individuals could go about changing this in any number of ways.  Druid's reaction face at the top would work so much better with something less appropriate depicted on the paper. 

Thor #607

Clor/Ragnarok finally showed up again.  He was last seen about a year ago in Avengers: The Initiative claiming he was off to Asgard to confront Thor.  They should have gave him built in GPS for his cyborg/clone body when they made him.

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Ivan said...

Haha, I also instantly thought of Sagat when I first saw that scan. I didn't even know that Strucker had superpowers. If he doesn't have any, then I don't know if that image is genius or ridiculous.

Kirk Warren said...

Strucker actually has a healing factor/anti-aging powers from some blood virus thingy. As for punching heads off, the Satan's Claw he wields (its glowing red in the image and motion line blurred) gives him strength and it glows hot (not sure if he can shoot it at people or if it's just fancy lightshow for his punches).

Ivan said...

Ah, I see. It looked like a point-blank Tiger Shot. :P

SerialProtagonist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SerialProtagonist said...

Hey Kirk, did you notice the initial Multi- Lantern Corps splashpage, there's a certain Sinestro Corpsman that shouldn't be alive? Hint: it's Kryb. No way she survived Guy's brutal assault.

krakkaboom said...

You make very valid points about Bendis' blatant oversight of events. The Avengers are my favorite team, and I have enjoyed parts of Bendis' run on the slew of Avengers titles he's written. However, the fact that Marvel can't put the right cover on the right issue, release issues on time to be read in chronological order, and refuse to number each issue as chapters (as I've seen them do with X-Events (Utopia, Second Coming, etc.) is really aggravating.

Barton was detained in The List, yet was in the entire Cage story arc that followed, then in the annual he's rescued. Ares is killed in Siege #2, then you read in Dark Avengers #14 that Osborn wants Victoria to see how Ares' Asgard invasion planning is going. New Avengers #61 and #62 had very little to do with Siege, but were dubbed as "blockbuster tie-ins". Much like Dark Avengers #13 and #14, which had only one (errant) mention of Siege.

This isn't nearly as complicated as Civil War, so they have no excuses, especially when most of the affected books are written by Bendis. You can't tell me that Marvel would ignore Bendis if he said "you can't put this book out before this one because it would jack up the chronology". How the heck can they not get something as simple as this right? Not only do they consistently make a hack of releasing books in proper order, they fail to put "read this issue before/after that one" warnings in them, and if they do, it's a week too late and I've already read the one that I was supposed to have read after the one with the warning.

Marvel, you're losing my business one title at a time, and for every book I drop of yours, I'm picking up one of DC's.

/rant off

Rawnzilla said...

Books are gonna come out in whatever order they come out. With Bendis, his stories usually take 6 issues for a single day to pass in story time. Don't expect things to sync up.

It's not just Bendis, though. Dr. Doom is currently being held captive in two different ways by the Intellegencia, orchestrating a hostile takeover of Wakanda, and painting portraits of Layla Miller.

Krod said...

They must have brought Strucker back to life since he was killed by Gorgon (was that his name? From Millar's first Wolverine run). I hate that resurrection bullshit. It makes it feel like nothing matters.

adezzy131 said...

You missed some pretty good art in x-force (vanisher losing an arm for one, Selenes victory). You missed one of the most touching moments in this whole zombie fiasco in X-Men Legacy, Destiny R.I.P

Space Jawa said...

You also missed a pretty good (and pretty ridiculous) fake out scene from Deadpool featuring Spider-Man hanging out with Hit-Monkey and getting the key to the city after letting DP get "killed". I kind of did a double take when I read it, but it was the best bit of the issue.

onefinemess said...

Hmmm, you didn't mention my favorite moment of the week: the single page of Kelda, heading off to speak with Bill's parents in Thor 607. Almost made it worth buying for me. Bill, R.I.P.

revaladdinsane said...

Re: Flash Reborn #6:

Not only is it meant to imply that Barry caused the lightning bolt that struck, but it's actually picking up a story thread that Mark Waid used years ago where he showed Wally doing the same thing.

Mario Di Giacomo said...

Strucker was brought back years ago, in New Thunderbots 17.

Wikipedia has a scan of the page:

Anonymous said...

Um...Spidey? You're a complete failure as a biologist. ALL primates have opposable thumbs, cretin!

Chris said...

Ha I totally missed that misprint in Amazing...there seems to be a lot of that happening lately, and in major titles too!

LexLoki said...

"... (Cap was lounging on his couch in full scale male costume during the Thor newscast)..."

Did anyone read this or was it just passed through a spell checker without a single literate human being having read it before posting?

Scale mail is armor of the sort Captain America wears. Scale male is... a male with scales, possibly?

Kirk Warren said...

@SerialProtagonist - I didnt really pay much attention to it this time. They've overused the big 'million Lanterns on one page" splashpage in almost every arc, let alone event, since Sinestro Corps War. I kind of glaze over the art now, but didn't pay attention to who was there this time. Good catch though.

@Krod - I don't mind the resurrections when handled well. This was done well in my opinion, much like how Brubaker did a great job bringing Bucky back. Hell, Gorgon "died" in his original outing, so both came back if we get into it.

My biggest problem is with 'kill today, res tomorrow' train of thought. Cap was dead like 2 years and they spent most of that time with tributes. Soon as that money tried up,t hey bring him back in an event book with news reports and what not. It didn't even read like Brubaker's heart was in it when he wrote this one. Like it was an out he gave Marvel to bring him back, but not something he ever intended to use based on how Captain America (the ongoing) progressed.

@SpaceJawa - I saw those scans, but couldn't really figure out how to show them without some long explanation about how it was Spidey imagining how things would progress if he let Hit-Monkey kill Deadpool. I didnt see the key to city one either, just the posing for photos.

@adezzy131 - I actually read X-Force (forgot to mention in the previews this week), but didn't see anythign noteworthy. I must have missed Vanisher missing an arm (The art was so damn dark most of the time I could barely tell what was going on to be honest). Didnt see any mention of the Legacy moments, but will have to look it up.

@revaladdinsane - Wasnt the old Waid one just something along the lines of Crisis on Infinite Earth's where Flash died he kept going back in time to be that lightning bolt at the start ina nice circular origin? I was wondering about this being just Reverse-Flash and Wally being involved in it now compared to the simplicity of the other one.

@LexLoki - The difference here is that I dont get paid 30-40k a year to spell check my work where as it is pretty much the main part of their job to do so.

Krod said...

Well, that page explaining Strucker was... wince-inducing, to me. And they brought Gorgon back too? Ugh.

Mario Di Giacomo said...

Actually, the way they brought the Gorgon back was pretty cool. Best use of Hand magic I've seen in a while.

LexLoki said...


Nathan Aaron said...

So I can't remember if it had simply been eluded to, or they have previously come out and just said it; but in Amazing Spiderman 621 (the previous issue, sorry, late reader here!) Mary Jane STRAIGHT up admits knowing Peter is Spiderman. OBVIOUSLY I must have forgotten what issue they've already admitted this, as no one online is really shocked by this... my memory ain't what it used to be. LOL

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