Monday, February 15, 2010

Cover of the Week - Amazing Spider-Man & S.W.O.R.D.

It's Sunday Monday (sorry folks, we are running a bit late this week), and you know what that means, right? It's time for another edition of Cover of the Week, our weekly look at our favorite covers that have hit the stands. In an odd twist of fate, this is the second week in a row that Ryan L. and me choose the same cover as the winner, while Ryan S. went for a variant cover featuring everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth. Want to see which one it is? Hit the jump to see our picks!

Ryan S.'s Cover of the Week - Amazing Spider-Man #620 (Deadpool Variant)

Ryan S.: Sometimes a cover just needs to be fun and that is exactly what this one is. It's witty, charming, and memorable.

Ryan L. & Matt's Cover of the Week - S.W.O.R.D. #4

Ryan L.:  This isn't just because I love the series, this is because the cover looks like the love child of Dali and Steranko and I'd want it on my wall for sure. There are so many elements, be it Gyrich in the morphed background or each little tile falling away. The change of colour scheme really separates the good from the bad, of the story.

Matt: I absolutely love Salvador Dali, and as Ryan said, this cover evokes his work in several ways. I'm definitely looking forward to see what other covers or interior work Michael Del Mundo produces in the future (although I wish he'd have gotten to do all the covers for S.W.O.R.D.)

Runners-Up: Queen Sonja #4 (Mel Rubi Cover), The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly #8, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #7

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Ryan K Lindsay said...

Matt, seriously, we can't keep having the same cover of the week...

People will get the wrong idea, or at least the right one that we try so hard to keep covered up....haha (and by people I mean our respective wives:)

Matt Ampersand said...

I understand, Ryan, our love...for the same covers... cannot continue this way.

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