Friday, February 12, 2010

Crisis on Infinite Arts - Chris Samnee's Havok

It's hard to make old-school Havok look like a total badass: that metal headband certainly does not do him any favors and I don't remember any sort of explanation on why he needed it. Still, the black and white costume, and the circle "bulls-eye-like" logo is very iconic and it's played up as an effect of his power set (which is normally depicted in a blue-ish hue) in this art piece by Chris Samnee.

Chris Samnee (Home Page | DeviantArt | Twitter ) is an up and coming talent that is making a lot of waves with his stylized and shadow heavy art. He initially worked in Oni Press titles such as Queen and County with Greg Rucka and Capote In Kansas with Ande Parks, before moving on to more high profile works. 

Recently, he collaborated with Peter Tomasi and Keith Champagne in The Mighty for DC comics until the series was cancelled, and he is currently illustrating Siege: Embedded, which is written by Brian Reed, for Marvel comics and other assorted short stories and cover work. He will also be working with Christos Gage in an upcoming Vertigo Crime graphic novel called Area Ten. While you wait for more Samnee artwork, make sure to check out his personal site, as he posts lots of cool sketches (often daily) of many characters. Hit the jump to see some more of his work.

Character sketches for Alpha One (from The Mighty)

A page from X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas featuring the original X-Men team.

A sketch of The Flash.

A Nightcrawler pin-up.

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Ryan K Lindsay said...

Samnee's art is pretty darn cool. He worked on DD for one issue too, the Blood of the Tarantula annual which he did really well in.

I love the Havok pin up but the Nightcrawler one is even better.

I'd love to see Samnee move into continually bigger work.

Matt Ampersand said...

I loved the Nightcrawler one (and would definitely like to see him work with the character more), but the Havok one was more creative and eye catching, hence why it is at the top.

Parallax207 said...

That havok picture caught my attention so quick. I agree about the old school outfit, the helmet was silly and ostentatious.

Steve said...

The headband and rings on Havok's chest regulated his power output. Somehow.

Anyways, I agree that the Havok sketch is fantastic, but I'm a sucker for a good Nightcrawler drawing, and that right there is one damn good Nightcrawler drawing.

Ivan said...

His Classic X-Men and Flash look great.

Anonymous said...

I believe Havok's headband collected and focused ambient solar energy, as well as regulated his energy output.

smkedtky said...

Yes, Havok's old costume did regulate his abilities somehow.

Also, I think Samnee is going to be the artist on the new (formerly Agents of...) ATLAS series coming out this spring.

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