Monday, February 1, 2010

Introducing The Weekly Crisis's Newest Contributors - Christine Hanefalk & Ryan Lindsay

We here at the Weekly Crisis are always trying to improve the blog and sometimes it becomes obvious that we need more hands to carry that load.  Last year, after a lengthy downtime, I invited both Matt and Eric to join, to which they graciously accepted.  Ryan was quick to follow up on my offer a few months later and the team expanded to the current size and our the quality and content of our blog has improved substantially because of it.  

As we have plans to continue that trend of growth in the new year, we began looking for more people to help us along the way.  Today, I am proud to introduce our newest contributors, two bloggers you may already be familiar with, Christine Hanefalk and Ryan Lindsay!  Hit the jump for proper introductions and a brief description of what you can expect from them, and the blog on the whole, in the coming months.

Christine Hanefalk

Anyone remotely familiar with Daredevil will likely know Christine from her Daredevil blog, The Other Murdock Papers.  She's also guest posted on the Weekly Crisis prior to this and you may recall that post, as it was focused on her area of expertise, Daredevil, in the form of The Life & Times of Matt Murdock - A Daredevil Retrospective

Christine will be joining us on a relaxed schedule, offering up various editorials and opinion pieces, as well as the occasional review, while pulling double duty on her own blog.  She's from Sweden and offers up a unique perspective on comics, even contributing to various Swedish comic book blogs and news sites.  Additionally, she offers technical expertise and has helped me on several side projects that would not have been possible without her aid.  You should see the fruits of these labours in the coming months.

Ryan Lindsay

Ryan is an Australian writer with a passion for comics who's most relevant comic book related work you may recall from the supplemental work published in the back of Ed Brubaker's Criminal: The Sinners.  He also runs his own personal blog, Stinkbrown, where he discusses comics, writing, life and various other topics of interest.  

He was first turned on to us by his posts on what he'd like to see in a possible Marvel version of Wednesday Comics, which inspired Matt to write his own version of that post.  He's also guest posted on the Weekly Crisis before and his enthusiasm and passion for comics as well as continued submission of guest posts made it clear we had to approach him to join, which he readily accepted.  

Ryan will be following in Matt and Eric's footsteps, offering up weekly posts, ranging from Top 10's to opinion and editorial pieces as well as joining in on Covers of the Week and other group related posts.

The Weekly Crisis Moving Forward

Obviously, Ryan and Christine are joining us and I want to give one last welcome to the both of them.  While we are pleased to have both join us, we're not done expanding and will actively be looking for more people in the future to help offer up more and more quality content to our readers.  

As I mentioned above, Christine has been helping me with a major side project related to the blog that would never have happened without her input.  I'm looking at a possible end of February or sometime in March before that project sees the light of day and typically have to force myself to stop working on it in order to focus on blogging.  Really excited about that and can't wait to show it off to people.  

Many will recall we also run the occasional contest on the blog where we give away free comics.  These are sponsored partly by the money we receive from people clicking our Amazon links and partly from my own pocket.  People have been generous over the holidays and clicked through our links to make their purchases on Amazon (note: You do not have to buy the item you click through to. Following any link and buying a different product still nets us referral credit), resulting in a small replenishment of our funds since the recent Santron contest.  I'm looking at a possible contest in the coming weeks or sometime in March.  Valentine's might make a good choice, but keep your eyes glued to the Weekly Crisis if you want a chance to win some free stuff. 

Finally, the growth of our traffic, content, readership and, now, our contributors is beginning to show and we're quickly outgrowing our needs using Blogger's hosting platform.  While it's not something set for the near future, hopefully by year's end, we'll have migrated to a paid host with a new design and lots of new features for our readers to enjoy.  We've got a big year planned and this is only the beginning and it's all thanks to you, the readers.  So welcome our new contributors, Christine and Ryan, and buckle up because it's going to be one hell of a ride from here on out! 

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Anonymous said...


Ivan said...

Welcome! This is easily my favorite comic book blog. Great to see new faces joining, that means more content.

brandon said...

Excellent choices.

And more contests/giveaways are a good thing too.

Aaron K said...

Congratulations and welcome to Christine and Ryan! Two excellent choices, I must say, having read both their blogs for some time now.

Brandon Whaley said...

Aw man, you mean I gotta deal with Chris and Ryan outside of their respective blogs now? ;)

Kidding aside, these two people command my comic-reading respect more than anybody aside from the current TWC crew, so I'm glad to have them here contributing. Congrats guys!

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Nice, I haven't been flamed once...yet. That's a good thing. I hope to make all and sundry happy for my inclusion on this, my first stop for comic news and opinion. Here's to a cracking 2010!

As for Christine, I dare say she needs no real hyperbole wasted on her, the lady knows her business and is one of the most professional bloggers around...and she's a fellow Hornhead lover, which is awesome. Though sad for me as she'll most likely score all the good Murdock posts...I guess that leaves me Danny Rand and Carlos La Muerto, which is fine with me!

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Daryll B. said...

Congrats always it will be a pleasure debating will y'all

Daryll B. said...

um that was supposed to be "with y'all"...Sorry..

Kevin said...

Great additions. Congrats Christine and Ryan. Been reading both blogs for a while and can't wait to see what both of you will add to the Weekly Crisis.

Matt Ampersand said...

Man, our list of contributors has a very international flavor. We are like the All-New, All-Different X-Men of the blogosphere.

Anyway, glad to have both of you on board. That means I get to slack off more often :)

Anonymous said...


Let me do a guess review please.

I love Green Lantern and batman!


Iambic said...

Guess I'll have to read this here blog too, now that Ryan and Christine are both here. Congratulations, you two.

Christine said...

Wow! Thanks for the warm welcome! As someone who's been a reader of this blog since back in the days when there was just Kirk, it's an absolute thrill to be able to contribute to the best comic book blog on the Internet.

@Ryan I think we can probably share our man Murdock. I'll mostly write about non-Daredevil stuff here anyway, but who knows if something comes up. And thanks for your kind words!

Speaking of which, who are all these TOMP fans I've never heard of? I recognize some of you (hey Aaron K!), but glad to see other people come out of the closet

Flip The Page said...

Congrats Ryan and Christine, looking forward to following you here now as well!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ryan and Christine!!!!! Two worthy bloggers!!!!

Been a huge fan of Stinkbrown and will follow him over here!!!

mrpeepants said...

i've only perused christine's blog but initial thoughts were that it was excellent. cheers to both of you and wc.

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