Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 02/10/10

As you may have noticed in the Cover of the Week, we've done away with the colour coding of names with the addition of Ryan L. and Christine to the team.  There just aren't enough colours that are readable and it was starting to get unwieldly with the rainbow of text colours throughout posts.  As such, this edition of the Post-Crisis Previews has both Ryan S. and I using the default site blue colour for our names.  I doubt it will cause confusion, but thought I'd throw that out there for everyone.  Hit the jump to see what we think of our pull lists this week's and what we expect from each comic.

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Marcos Martin and Javier Pulido

MYSTERIO'S made his big move and a criminal empire is his for the taking! Or is that just more sleight of hand? More mobsters! More mayhem! More magic tricks! And a fight to the finish with MR. NEGATIVE versus SPIDER-MAN versus MYSTERIO! The big question is: What prize goes to the winner?

Ryan S.: This has been a relatively ho-hum story thus far, with much of the stories success hinging on the quality of Marcos Martin’s art. I was really hoping that as things picked up with Mysterio’s actions that the story would get stronger, but with the incredibly uninteresting Mr. Negative joining the fray, I can’t imagine things will improve much.

Kirk: While not up to the standards of the previous two arcs, this has still be a fairly enjoyable storyline.  Let's see if it can finish strong.

Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Lee Garbett

The situation is dire as Batgirl and Robin must venture into Devil’s Square in an attempt to save Batman before Roulette’s ""most dangerous game"" turns deadly. Guest-starring Dr. Phosphorus, Roxy Rocket and Riot, and more!

Ryan S.: Bryan Q. Miller has done a superb job so far with his team-up between Batgirl and the new Robin, which has me very pumped for this issue as the two join forces to save Batman. As exciting as this issue should be, the only problem I have with it is that it isn’t the next installment of the Batgirl/Red Robin crossover that kicked off last week!

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Cameron Stewart

Only months into his new role as Batman, Dick Grayson faces perhaps the biggest threat of his life. In hopes of attaining his heart’s desire, has Dick instead unleashed a terror the likes of which the world has never seen? Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Alfred and a recuperating Robin are at the mercy of someone both fearsome and familiar...

Ryan S.: I was really disappointed by the first installment of this story arc, especially when it was revealed that Dick was trying to revive Batman in a Lazarus Pit. That means that this issue is going to start on the wrong foot and it is going to need Grant Morrison to stop his self-centered writing (writing more to “leave his mark” with “artistic” (nonsensical) stories and controversial elements specifically to create a legacy, rather than writing just to tell a good story) long enough to get this one back on track.

Kirk: Last issue was very Final Crisis-esque in terms of narrative and focus, shifting and jumping in that 'channel zapping' manner.  It will likely reward multiple readings, particularly when the entire arc is finished, but I'd like to see something a little more monthly reader friendly.

Written by Dan Jurgens and Matthew Sturges
Art by Dan Jurgens and Mike Norton

Booster hunts through the timestream in search of his missing sister, but finds Coast City and astronaut Hank Henshaw instead! And in the BLUE BEETLE co-feature, Jaime fights for his life and the lives of his family — against his greatest threat yet: himself!

Ryan S.: Last issue laid a very solid foundation for this week’s issue of Booster Gold. In the lead, I can’t wait to see how Booster is going to “save the day” by actually allowing for Coast City’s destruction and still manages to save his sister. In the backup, Matthew Sturges is clearly writing the payoff to the story that has been building since Blue Beetle’s debut in 2006. Thus far, he is really on the right track and its going to take a major misstep from Sturges and artist Mike Norton to screw this one up!

Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton

It’s “Five Stages” part 5 and this issue requires a full-length adventure to do it justice! Prepare for the final showdown between Green Arrow and Black Canary vs. Cupid and Dark Arrow for control of Star City.

Ryan S.: The build-up for the final battle between the two parties has been really strong, so I’ve got high hopes that Andrew Kreisberg and Mike Norton will close this out just as well. This is the last Green Arrow story before the flurry of 2010 events for this title, including a Blackest Night tie-in and the Fall of Green Arrow storyline, so I’m expecting big things.

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Kev Walker

Deep in the Fault, the Imperial Guard uncovers a catastrophic threat to the security of the entire Marvel Cosmos. The question is, can they stop it? Can they survive long enough to get a warning to Gladiator? And is the greatest threat they face actually coming from inside their own ranks? It's more mind-blowing combat sci-fi at its most brutal from the creators that do it best!

Kirk: A decidedly average and unremarkable series up until this point.  I don't forsee that changing any time soon, but still a decent enough read for fans of all things Marvel cosmic. 

Written by Gail Simone and John Ostrander
Art by Jim Calafiore

It’s the exciting conclusion of John Ostrander and Gail Simone’s epic team-up! The Black Lanterns have both the Suicide Squad and the Secret Six up against the wall. But Amanda Waller always has a plan. That plan: Manhunter! Plus, Deadshot is forced to make the decision of his life!

Ryan S.: By now I shouldn’t have to remind you that this is going to be awesome. You should just know to buy every issue of Secret Six without question.

Kirk: Probably the best Blackest Night tie-in I've read so far.  There's some of the standard 'dead person comes back, says mean things' motus operandi that is the plot of every other tie-in, but Simone and Ostrander have managed to make it their own and progress the actual Secret Six title's story within the confines of this crossover.  No hard feat when you consider how most books end up completely sidetracked or were forced to move their stories into miniseries to avoid that problem.

S.W.O.R.D. #4
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Steven Sanders

Beast, Brand and her crew face an assult on multiple fronts as they go on the run and STILL have stop more than one alien insurgency. Can they upend Gyrich’s plot and stop the invasions in one fell swoop?

Kirk: Man, why didn't they have covers like that for the first few issues?  Might have drummed up a little more interest than the coloured in character sketches from Cassaday they had lying around and used as covers.  

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Takeshi Miyazawa

Spider-Man and his amazing friends, Iceman and the Human Torch, team up to help the newly powered Rick Jones deal with the crazy changes and responsibilities that come with...power. But what side of the coin is Rick Jones on? Is this the birth of a new hero? Or the birth of an ultimate...enemy??

Ryan S.: Takeshi Miyazawa on Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man? The only way that this issue won’t be another Must Read for this title is if Ultimate Rick Jones is as pointless as Regular Rick Jones, but even then I’m pretty sure that Bendis an Miyazawa will make this a can’t miss issue. 

Kirk: I'm a fan of Miyazawa's art.  Enjoyed it on Runaways and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. I think he's a perfect fit for this series and should maintain the current style of Lafuente, making for a seamless guest artist.

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Ethereal said...

Batman & Robin 8, REBELS 13, Secret Six 18. That's my week for DC. A bit of everything. Good stuff.

Nothing from Marvel.

Haunt is coming out this week. Picking that up. No Spawn this week. Anyone know when 196 is coming out?

Ryan Schrodt said...

I'm really tempted to orange-up my name now. I think that I spent too much in orange and now I'm feeling all Larfleeze-y. MINE!

Also, I totally spaced ENDER'S GAME: COMMAND SCHOOL #5 when I did my write-up. It's going to be awesome, so you can expect it to battle Ultimate Spidey for this week's Top Spot.

Scott Roberts said...

Haunt (this issue is a make it or break it for me), Amazing Spiderman, Ultimate Comics Spider-man, Batman & Robin, and PunisherMAX

Flip The Page said...

this week and last are crazily paltry for me, as I'm picking up all of 2 titles: Sweet Tooth and S.W.O.R.D.

... I think I need to pick up more comics in singles

NZC said...

U r so right about Grant Morrison! He's slowly but surely destroying the entire DC Universe by himself. Final Crisis and Batman RIP were such a mess! And he's now doing it to Dick Grayson! Grant, go back to Marvel and write X-men! You're doing a better there than at DC.


Anonymous said...

^ I absolutely agree on Morrisson's continuing mess in DC.
And I place the blame squarely on Dan Dud-o (Dido) for allowing Morrisson to take over the year's biggest DC event (return of bruce wayne) after the dump he took on the final crisis and R.I.P series!

I mean you've got to be quite a dud not to expect another failure in the making. :(

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